Sunday, May 25, 2014


It has been a beautiful weekend at Bonham State Park. 
 We have a half a day tomorrow so just a little more time.  

Mike needed to let is brain rest and I just love camping so it worked out for the both of us.  Mike had a chance to play with fire and I could read by the fire and try not to fall asleep.  We found one great reason to love this RV.  In the past we have always had to go to the bathroom/shower house to take a shower or other business and if it was a BUSY and FULL park you might as well forget getting into one of the showers - they are just never empty.  There have been many camping trips where we just look at each other and say:  It is only two days... we can shower when we get home" and then suck it up and deal.  Now that we have a full bathroom and shower on this RV I / We do to have to fight to get a shower anymore.
  We have our own private oasis in our camper.  

Mike parents dropped by the campsite today to have dinner with us.  Mike and his Dad walked around the lake (I forgot to send the camera) and Barbara and I enjoyed watching a group of people set up camp.  Half the fun of camping is watching how someone else sets up.  

Dinner was fantastic.  I made a pork roast in the crock pot and corn on the cob over the fire, baked beans and broccoli rounded out the mix.  After dinner I pre-made a chicken and pasta salad for lunch tomorrow so I did not have to try and cook then pack up to leave.  Paper plates and forks and we are done.  

Every night we put away are gear to ward off any chance of theft, we have never had a problem but why make it easy - but tonight we are expecting rain so it was especially important.  We went outside to start are nightly putting away of things when we saw this sunset:

Then as I was walking to take more pictures I looked over my shoulder and saw how pretty the headquarters building looked in the sunset.

I have several photos of this building at home and every time I take a new I think that it is my favorite... But I really think this one is my favorite!

And then....

I started walking back to the camper and saw Mike finishing the nightly chores and shot this...

I am always excited to get our camping trip started and sad when it comes to a close.  This trip will be no different.

I hope everyone had a safe weekend.

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