Saturday, August 31, 2013

Christmas Cards & Baby Showers

It has been a busy week. 

Last Saturday was Crop Night and because of scheduling issues it was only Amy and I at crop.  That has not happened in a long time but it was also nice to have one on one time with Amy. 

During my time at crop I was able to finish the last of the cards that I needed to make for the First United Methodist Church Fall Bazaar. 

Fall Bazaar

Saturday October  26, 2013

First United Methodist Church

601 Greenville Ave

Allen, Texas 75002

9am – 4pm

Driving DirectionsAllen is 30 miles north of Dallas off Hwy. 75 N. (Central Expressway).  Take the Bethany exit in Allen, drive east to the 2nd stoplight (Greenville Ave), turn north or left.  FUMC is the 3rd church on the right (green roof).

This year I will be showing example of CTMH’s beautiful products, selling some retired stamps (cheap), giving away catalogs and best of all selling hand made greeting cards. 

I have spent the last couple of months working on nothing but greeting cards just for this Fall Bazaar.  Come out to not only visit my booth but bring cash and get your Christmas shopping DONE at the many other booths that will be there also.   It is a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon if I do say so myself!

Once I finished my last set of cards that I need for the Fall Bazaar I moved on to getting my own Christmas cards started.   This year I am using the

Workshops On The Go® Frosted Cardmaking Kit

$24.95 G1063


I am making enough cards for about 30 people so I bough enough extra paper to make this card workshop stretch to 30 cards.  A few of the cards will have different embellishments but that is ok with me.  Not all of the cards are going to the same address so they can look slightly different and it will keep it interesting for me to work on.

Tonight I was in the process of cleaning up my scraproom when a friend at work texted me that she would like me to make about 15 baby shower invitations for her.

Oh goody this means I can play with a new stamp!


B Is For Baby

$17.95 D1561


I am also going to be using the flip side of

Babycakes Paper Packet

$9.95 X7173B


I love how the Slate patterned paper looks with Blush cardstock.  Why yes she is having a baby girl as her first grandchild.   Her only requirements were to keep it simple and I know how to do that!

So tonight when I should be sleeping because we are having my daughter 17th birthday party tomorrow I am playing with my stamps and cardstock because I am to excited to sleep!

These are going to be some beautiful invitations.

Friday, August 23, 2013

What’s New In Stamps?

Cricut Stamp Sets

Have you ever wanted a list of CTMH stamps that go with our Cricut Carts?

Well look what I found!


I just noticed that this list does not include the new ARTBOOKING cart.  I guess I will be looking at the catalog to find those and list them for you. 

Stay Tuned…..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Accomplished A Little

It felt so good being back in the scraproom today.  After a couple of downstairs chores I was able to move upstairs and spend quality time just creating.

Here is what my list looks like after today:

- journal 2012 photos and organize (nope not yet)

- unpack this months personal order! (done)

- get Christmas card supplies together for Crop Night (Saturday August 24) (done)

- Start working on the last couple of card designs for the Craft Fair in October (started)

- Order some photos to decorate the RV (done)

I starting the cutting of the new cards but this batch is taking longer because I am making 24 cards.  These will be sold at the Vendor fair in October.


What I have been doing for the past two weeks? 

Well it seems we bought a new RV on accident.  Yes I said on accident.  We went to the dealership just to check out floor plans and get away from the house for a few hours.

I thought that there was no way we could get into any trouble since the C- Class RV’s that we wanted to look at were wayyyyy out of our price range!


Leave it to the dealer to call our bluff and find the perfect RV for us in a price that we could afford today.  By the time we thought we would be able to buy a unit like this one…. this one will be paid off!   After about 5 minutes of thought we said goodbye to our much loved 10 year old pop – up camper and hello to “River” as Kaela named her.

Oh and for those of you who do not know… Camping is my second hobby.  It is the one that I do with the family and get a ton of photos from to scrapbook.  See it fits hand in hand.  

What do the puppies think?


Radar loves the new couch that he thinks is his.


Tinkerbell thinks we are crazy and wasted our money.  She would much prefer to stay home.


My husband is very happy! 

And Yes I can scrapbook inside the camper.

The dining table is big enough Smile

We may even be able to fit in some winter camping now that we will not freeze our behinds off.  We will see about that one.

Tomorrow Kaela and I have a day of beauty planned then I will come home and play in the scraproom some more.  I really want to get the Thanksgiving cards done this weekend.

But now it is time for bed.

See you in the morning.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Super Busy Month!

Hi Gang!

I know that I have not blogged this much this month but if it makes you feel any better – this is the first time I have even been in my scraproom since my last blog.  It has been such a busy month!

I have a day planned for me on Thursday and have several projects planned that I want o tackle. 

- journal 2012 photos and organize

- unpack this months personal order!

- get Christmas card supplies together for Crop Night (Saturday August 24)

- Start working on the last couple of card designs for the Craft Fair in October

- Order some photos to decorate the RV

Did you catch that I have not even had time to open my own personal order box this month?  Maybe I have a fever? 

Yes you read that right! 

I am going to start working on my Christmas cards this month. 


I will be using the :

Workshops On The Go® Frosted Card making Kit 

($24.95 G1063) Here is a link to purchase your own ( Frosted Card Kit )

Sorry to make this post so short but it is time for me to get dressed for work. 

See you on Thursday!

Stay tuned….

Thursday, August 1, 2013


I have a day all to myself.  I have already finished laundry. The chili is all ready to pop into the crock pot later and the puppies are at the vet getting their teeth clean. 

Do I :

Play with all of the new scrapbooking supplies from the catalog that goes live today.



Play with my new Oreck vacuum


I have to pick the puppies up at 6:00 so I have plenty of time. 

Scrapbooking Won!!!

CTMH Fall / Winter Catalog is LIVE!!!

"Good morning, Ladies!  Guess what? 

Close To My Heart has a brand new Idea Book and product line that is live TODAY!  Check it out! Click the "Cover of the Catalog" link on the side of the page.

Or if you just want to hop right into shopping Click the “shopping cart” that is on the right side of this page.

The best thing to do from here is click on the 'New Products' link to see everything sorted by item type.  There is SO much, including the new "Artbooking" Cricut cartridge, new papers and matching complements, new stamp sets, new creatable jewelry, and so much more.  And this month, with a $50 order, you'll get the August Stamp of the Month set FREE with your order (a savings of $17.95). 

I'm here to help with questions and needs.  Thank you for supporting me and my CTMH business.  I love serving you".