Monday, May 23, 2016

Getting Ready For Convention

Kaela laughs at me because I am getting excited that we only have 30 days until the CTMH Consultant Convention!!!!

And if you know me, then you know that I already have packing on the brain.  The supply list for convention was emailed to us Friday night just after I left to go camping for the weekend with my husband.  I quickly saved it to the convention folder while we were still on the road so that I would not accidentally delete the email (yes I have done that before) and put it away for a great weekend of camping. 

But now that I am home - it is time to start the game plan.

Here are the supplies that I will be taking with me to convention, there are no new items in this list so I can share it with you. 



Y1009    2" × 3½" My Acrylix® Block
Stamp Pads      
Z2105    Black Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
Z2649    Peacock Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
Z2652    Poppy Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
Z2648    Sapphire Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
Z2653    Pomegranate Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad
Z3132    Watercolor Paints             
Z3188    Paintbrush Set
Z697      Sponge
Z534      Micro-tip Scissors
1778      My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner
Z1782    My Acrylix® Stamp Scrubber
Journaling Pen
Paper Trimmer
Z2060    Thin 3-D Foam Tape


First up is the watercolors, brushes and ruler.  I have a skinny packing cube that is perfect for the watercolors.  I am buying a smaller paper trimmer tomorrow that will be just used for travel and I think it will fit in this packing cube with the watercolors.  I put the watercolors in a foam envelope that I found in the packing / moving section of Wal-Mart.

Next up is the basic kit of scrapbooking tools.

In this photo you can see:

foam tape
pain reliever (white tube)
reading glasses
wet wipes 
spray bottle
hand towel (old)
portable trash can (pink)
my basic kit (in the clear case) 

The basic kit is just the items that I consider essential to scrapping and that I use every time I play. Scissors, adhesive, blades for the trimmer, sponge for distressing, edge distress, craft knife, paper piercer (pokey stick) and a journaling pen.

I am not going to take my stamp scrubber with me for this trip because I found that during the rush of class I only have time to give the stamp a wipe then it is time to move on to the next technique.   If the ink will not come off the stamp I will spray it with a little water and dry with the old hand towel.   Once I am home I will give the stamps a proper cleaning.  Also last time I traveled by air with my double scrubber TSA thought it was bullets and searched my bags.  The bristles looked like bullets when it was sitting sideways in my bag!  I would rather not scare anyone again.

So my stamp pads will go in the back then my basic kit will sit on the bottom of the bag.  I am not sure what company this organizer came from because I found it at a garage sale this year for $2. SCORE!

Once I have the inks and basic kit in then I fill in the spaces with the other supplies until it is all snug and safe for travel.  I will come home with stamp sets and such, I just slip an extra packing cube in my bag to bring those items home in safely. 

What good is a scrapbooking convention without adhesive?  This is 12 re-fills and 1 extra adhesive body.  A few years ago I packed all kinds of refills and no body to put the refills in.  Thank goodness the convention was in Dallas that year, Mike brought be another adhesive body but I had to wait for him to finish work for the day first.  I was so thankful and I have never made that mistake again.

So this is everything except for the trimmer that I will buy tomorrow.  I am checking my luggage just to make getting through security easier, you know craft knife and scissors - TSA hate those things.  

Just in case you are wondering... almost all of these supplies are extra's so I can keep on playing even being packed for convention. 

On a side note: We are getting ready to move Mom into our home for good.  Kaela will be going to East Texas soon to finish cleaning and staging the house and then it goes on the market.  

If you try to reach me and I do not respond, I might be in East Texas and I do not have cell signal in the woods.  Hang tight - leave me a message or an email and  I will touch base as soon as I am back in town.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Paper Is Flying With Happy Times

I am not sure if you have heard but MAY is National Scrapbooking Month.  Have you ordered your Happy Times paper packet yet?  No?  Well let me just show you what I am currently working on and learning so I can teach you.  PS: you may want to order that paper pack so you can make these cards too....

My "Grandmother Upline" developed a card workshop that only uses half of the paper packet to make.  I will be assembling these cards this week but I need to be uber organized with the cuts.

Here is the supply list for the workshop:
CC1063 Happy Times Paper Packet 
 CC1064 Happy Times Stamp Set
 M1051 Make A Wish Stamp Set 
 1 Sheet White Daisy Cardstock X254
 White Cards & Envelopes Z3189 
White & Gold Ribbon 
 Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems
 Z2012 Sequins Gold Assortment
  Z2089 Micro Glue Dots
 Z2060 Thin 3-D Foam Tape
 Z2653 Pomegranate Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad
 Z2650 Fern Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 
Z2643 Canary Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 
 Z2196 Smoothie Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad 
Z1999 - 1” Circle Punch (Optional) 
 Z1851 Scallop Punch (Optional) 

So I took 12 quart size baggies and labeled each with a card number 1 - 12.  As I am cutting each sheet of paper I can slip it into the baggie that fits the card number.  So a paper cut for card 3 goes in the card 3 bag.

I ran out of room along the edge of my desk so I have two baggies on my printer.  Once I have all of the paper cut then all I will have to do is take each baggie and follow the directions for each card.

As soon as I finish putting the cards together I will take a photo and let you see. If you like it let me know and we can set up a time for a class. 

These special paper packets tend to sell out so order yours soon.

Order Yours Today!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Random Stamping

There are special nights that my entire family squeezes themselves into my scraproom just so we can all be together if I am feeling crafty.  One of those nights was last week just before Kaela has to go back to UNT one last time this year  for finals week.   She was cracking the books, Mike was working on his computer chasing a software bug and I was looking at Pinterest for card ideas.

While I was scrolling a card with a random stamped background caught my eye.  The style of the card is not one that I wanted to play with but the random stamping just screamed for me to play.  So I did. 

Now you may remember seeing a peek of this card because I did a blog post about all of the fussy cutting that I needed to do.  But the FUN part was taking one sheet of White Daisy cardstock and just placing stamps where every they landed.  Then I cut that sheet into the card size that was needed.  From there the rest of the card just fell together in my mind.

Stamps Used:
Springtime Wishes C1641
Funny Blossoms B1452
SOTM: It's The Little Things S1411

Color and Inks Used:
White Daisy 
Buttercup (retired)
Sorbet (retired)

White Daisy

White Shimmer Trim 
Bitty Sparkles

It felt like it took a week to fussy cut the flowers but I was cutting 22 or 24, my fingers fell off at around 12.  I am so glad I took the time to go old school while I was cutting the flowers and did not try to find a cricut cut flower.  Sometimes it is nice to hone skills that we once used all of the time in our scrapbooking hobbies.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beloved Bouquet

One night when I was having trouble sleeping I was on facebook and found the prettiest card - so I scrap-lifted it!  

The card is made with the stamp set Beloved Bouquet (S1601) and it is was a Stamp of the Month.  
The original Artist is Kathy Burrows - 
Thank you Kathy for this beautiful card idea.

Colors Used:

Inks - Pixie, Slate & Fern
Cardstock - White Daisy, Pixie & Slate

The original card had the Slate baby's breath flowers embossed but since I was making these cards night only in the middle of the night but also at a crop I decided not to emboss and just stamp.   

This card is heavy on stamping and inking but it has the "wow" factor for sure.  Just put on your "getting inky" clothes and have fun making this card, I know I did. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It Is Called An Idea Book For A Great Reason

Edit:  I started this blog post yesterday and had to stop to take my 16 year old pug to an emergency vet visit.  He was downstairs howling and he sounded like he was in pain.  After some unpleasant business by the Vet it was determined that Radar (said pug) ate bunny poop from the wild bunnies that get in our backyard and now had an infection and swelling in his rear end.  We have been medicating and cooking a dog version of the BRAT diet to make his tummy rest and "going" less painful.   Today he also got a bath, so he now thinks that his world sucks!  He is sleeping well for the first time so I snuck to the scraproom to try and get some work done.  On the bright side: Since I was downstairs all day because he did not want to be alone laundry is done, the floors are mopped, and I made a killer dinner, along with then cleaning the kitchen.  So today has been productive but not creative productive like my original plan.  Thank goodness I love that little pug! 

Back to the original blog post: 

Every catalog cycle I make a note, literally of what cards and layouts that are featured in the Idea Book that I love and want to re-create.  
This Idea Book was no exception.  

Miss You (page 31)

The original card is 3x3 so I upsized it to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.

The original also had the dot stamped in White Daisy ink but I did not have the patience for the ink to dry.  It takes longer for white daisy ink to dry than our other ink pads. So I did a tone on tone with Flaxen cardstock and Flaxen ink.

Supplies Used:

D1668 My Acrylix® Charming Cascades
 X5771 Flaxen Cardstock
X5752 Juniper Cardstock
X5779 Poppy Cardstock

Z2105 Black Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z2163 White Daisy Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z1263 Bitty Sparkles

I used a black pen to hand draw the lines on the Poppy flag. 

This card was super simple to put together but gets the point across.  It makes me wish Kaela was going off to Girl Scout camp again just so I could send it to her.

The next card from the catalog is a Thank You card.

Thank you (page 107) 
41/4 x 5 1/2

My card has the same design but I used different papers and stamps.  I still used the La Vie En Rose papers just the reverse side.   I will list both the original stamps used and the ones that I used.

Supplies Used:

E1033 My Acrylix® Inked Alphabet
 A1182 My Acrylix® Etched Alphabet 
S1411 It's the Little Things (stamp I used)
C1625 A Thousand Thanks (stamp I used)
D1663 My Acrylix® Floral Banners 
X7201B La Vie En Rose Paper Packet 
Z2105 Black Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z2641 Glacier Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z2123 Goldrush Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z2642 Flaxen Exclusive InksTM Pad
 Z2012 Sequins Gold Assortment Z3086 
Aqua Shimmer Trim 
Z1263 Bitty Sparkles (I added these)

I was looking for a card that did not have too much bulk because sending cards via USPS is getting expensive if they are bumpy.

 The Idea Book did not let me down.

The final card that I scrap-lifted from the Idea Book is the Sweet Friend Card.

Sweet Friend (page 85)
4 1/4 x 5 1/2
Make It from Your HeartTM Vol. 2: Pattern 26

Supplies Used:

C1619 My Acrylix® So Many Smiles
1385 White Daisy Cardstock 
X5770 Glacier Cardstock 
X5780 Pomegranate Cardstock
 Z1375 Kraft Cardstock
Z3127 Paper Fundamentals Whimsy
 Z2193 Cotton Candy Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z2653 Pomegranate Exclusive InksTM Pad
 Z2123 Goldrush Exclusive InksTM Pad
 Z2641 Glacier Exclusive InksTM Pad 
Z2197 Pear Exclusive InksTM Pad
Z3091 Pink Enamel Gems
Z3171 Cricut
® Art Philosophy Collection

This card was a little more labor intensive but so worth it.  If you have a friend that just needs a day brightened then this is the card to do the trick.

I still have several cards in this Idea Book that I would love to recreate and the beauty of it is that I can do that when ever I want.  I have 10 years worth of Idea Books that I have kept just to be able to go backwards and make projects on a whim.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Restocking Handmade Cards

My favorite Craft Fair is coming up in October and I need to restock my handmade greeting card supply before then. 

 I have already finished four card sets and I will blog the details on those cards once we get Kaela moved out of the dorms this weekend.  

I am sitting here listening to a book and fussy cutting 22 flowers that I stamped for the latest card.

I never realized just how spoiled I have become to the Cricut until now.  My hand is out of shape for all of this fussy cutting but the cards are going to be so cute.

Random stamping:
Use any flower stamp you have on hand
Thank You image 

Stamp pads:

Blush (retired)
White Daisy

White Shimmer Trim (12 strips cut to 3 3/4 inches)
Poppy Cardstock (2)
White Daisy Cardstock (2)
Clear Sparkles (24)

I am making 12 cards with the above supplies. 

I random stamped a full sheet of White Daisy then cut that sheet to the size I needed for the card (3 3/4 x 2 1/2).  Poppy Base (5 1/4 x 3 3/4).  
Then I stamped 24 of the large flower image and fussy cut those, 
ok I am still cutting those but you get the picture.  

Sorry for the bad photo I am using my phone so I do not wake up the people in the house with all of the lights I use when photographing for the blog. 

Attach all of the components to the Poppy cardstock then attached the card front to a card base, 
I will be using a White Daisy card base.  

I can not believe how cute this card is.

I better get back to cutting or I might be here all night. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Scrapping

I spent the day being waited on by my family and part of that was being able to stay in my scraproom for as long as I wanted and THEY brought me what I needed from downstairs.  

Coffee, yep.  Homemade cookies, Kaela did it, and while Kaela made a fresh batch of sweet tea - she tuckered out before bringing it up too me and took a nap.  
We did venture out for lunch then I took a 3 hour nap! 

 It was wonderful! 

There is no need to explain who gave what card in this family - the card says it all!  If you remember I purchased a typewriter about a month ago - and told Mike that it was his gift to me for Mother's day - (works out better that way). 

I normally do not use CTMH stock photos to show you what I have been working on but since it is almost 3am and I was working on workshop layouts I will use the stock photos so that I do not wake up the family by lighting up the entire upstairs trying to get good photos of the layouts.


I finally was able to finish my personal pages for the Urban workshop that we worked on last month during class.  Tonight I had trouble with my stapler and it tore the paper just a bit.  Be careful and take it slow and you should be ok.  
Also on my personal pages I changed out the twine for stitching because Kaela said it did not look like a page I would do without the stitching. 


While I am not teaching this paper pack that is from the SE 2 catalog I really, really wanted to play with it.  But not everyone is into flamingo's and super summer papers. 

 I LOVE this paper!!!  

While I do not have many "beach" photos I think I can crop some of my camping / lake photos to make it look right. 

This entire workshop with cutting the papers took me a little over an hour to complete.  If you are bummed that we will not be using these papers in a class - order the kit and make it on your own. 

Calypso Workshop Your Way Kit

 You will be glad you did. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Stamp of the Month - Celebrate with Cake

Each month you can purchase a new D-size stamp set, available for that month only, for just $5
When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

I love the "hand drawn" look of this stamp, it is one that I will be adding to my collection!

RECOMMENDED BLOCKS: 1" × 1" (Y1000), 1" × 31⁄2" (Y1002), 2"× 2" (Y1003), 2" × 31⁄2" (Y1009)