Friday, July 30, 2010

Approved to Retire at end of 2010

I normally do not post the end of the year “retired list” this early but many of you are planners and list makers just like me.  This years list is HUGE which only means one thing… we have some amazing fun coming down the pike for 2011! 

Here is the link for the retired list: 2010 Retired list

So pour over the list with your catalogs, if you see any items on here that you still want/ need I would get them ordered soon because they will soon start being a “while supplies last item.

Remember you can always place an order online here:

Shop For Retired Items

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Using up older papers

While I am waiting for a copy of the new CTMH Fall / Winter 2010 catalog I decided that it is time to use some older papers and making cards is the perfect project for using up paper.

I normally make cards for an event such as birthdays, I have never just make a card for a “just because” reason.  Once and am done working on this set I am going to mail them to my brother.









I have a few more designs that I am working on just you get the gist.  Now back to card making 101.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lurking on Twitter

Well my CTMH family is still in Washington DC at the Close To My Heart 2010 Convention but a few of my sister consultants are taking pity on those of us who had to stay home for various reasons.

I have been lurking on Twitter and the CTMH message boards for updates for 3 days now and I have managed to piece together my list of supplies that I must have (like right now)!  

There are 8 new Summer colors coming in this year and 8 Summer colors getting retired, here is the list.





Cotton Candy





***Getting Retired as supplies last***

Clover Meadow



Star Spangled Banner


Citrus Leaf




If you need:

Stamp Pads




In any of these colors I would place an order very quickly because once they are gone they will be gone! This is all I am allowed to leak at the moment.  I can not wait for the new Catalog / Idea Book can you? 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

CTMH Convention … I am still home

Many of you know that I was jazzed about going to the CTMH convention in Washington DC this year, but we lost our fence last year and all of the convention money was used to replace my fence.  While we have a wonderful, sturdy fence I am still sitting here at home while all of my CTMH sisters are in DC having a wonderful time and hearing about all of the fabulous new products.  (so sad)  Kaela is determined that we will go next year “no matter what”! She is bummed too because she has always wanted to go to DC.


There is Twitter!  I am lurking in Twitter this week waiting on news from up north, so far I am very excited about what is to come. While I can not tell you much just yet I can give a sneak peak at one item…..

That is it… ponder what you see and let me know your guesses!


I have just 2 more layouts to finish for the Family 2008 album but here is the second half for you to see.


DSC_0002  This is the first time I used the Moon Doggie paper from last year.  I bought a ton of it to put away because we will be going to Hawaii in 2015 and this paper pack screams islands to me, so I will use it for that vacation.  But I also ordered one more pack and I am so glad I did.  I love it!


Contraband warning !!!  But I had too, it fit the theme of the day.

  Forgive me?  





DSC_0007 Can you tell my family LOVES Halloween?


DSC_0009  I took the picture of the live turkey while at the CTMH Convention 08. How many times have you needed a really nice picture of a live turkey?


DSC_0011The Great Fudge Cook-off!  

DSC_0012Mom is not going to like this photo of her, but I do.  Now if I could get her to write down more of her recipes then I could make a family recipe scrapbook too. (hint) 

So I am still working on Christmas morning but for all intensive purposes the Family 2008 Album is done!  Man I glad because now I do not feel so behind.   I would like to get Kaela’s 7th grade album done before she starts 8th grade but I do not think that is going to happen just yet.  I am still working 4 days a week (12 hour shifts) this summer so my scrappin time has been shortened just a little.  But on the bright side that does mean more scrapbooking money!

CROP REMINDER: July 17, 2010 see you there! 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I guess I missed the party?

I made it, my work week is done (YEA) I spent yesterday mostly in bed getting caught up on some much needed sleep.  When I woke up around 3:00 this morning I found this in the floor just outside my scrap and crop rooms.

DSC_0002 It looks like Kaela and her critters fell out in the floor after a party :-) I just stepped over her after getting this shot and started playing in my scraproom, she did not budge until Daddy woke her up to go jogging with him at 6:30 am.  I did ask her why she was in the floor…

she said

“ I have no idea, it was comfy?”