Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting Ready for the CTMH Convention!

It is getting closer… CONVENTION TIME!  I can not wait, but before I can go to convention I need to take a second look at all of my paper packs and to a quick organization. 

When I am working with NEW paper packs I stick all stamps sets and embellishment that match any given paper pack with the paper.  Today I needed to put all of those extra stamps and embellies back in their proper places.

My room is in a constant state of change because I get bored if it stays the same too long.  This moving around of product also keeps my mind fresh as to what I already own, thus saving me money too.  But today I had to bring in help … Kaela was in charge of putting the stamps away and when I looked over I saw that she had 2 supervisors! 


You guys know Radar my wonder pug, he loves to be in the scraproom with me all night, but the little one in the drawer… that is Tinkerbelle and she is Kaela’s new baby, all 4 pounds of her.

The supervision must of helped because my stamps are all put away!

Where have I been?

If you are a follower of this blog then you know that I am fairly good at posting at least once a week.  So why has it been so long since a good post?

Computer was DEAD!

Some months ago I sang the praises of Carbonite as my back-up system.  Well it works great IF you have them backing up the correct hard drives! My computer in the scraproom has 2 hard drives.  One for normal stuff computers do and one just for my photos storage.  Guess which hard drive died…..? PHOTOS! Now, guess which hard drive was not backed up because I had the wrong letter attached to the drive with Carbonite?  PHOTOS!

This was not Carbonates fault… I made the mistake by not having Mike check to see if my account was set up correctly.  Thankfully he knew just what to do.  Enter the recovery company….. They were able to recover all of my data and put it on a new drive for me, the bad part is that it was a $1000.00 mistake.

This time I had Mike double check my account and all is well again. Here are photos are the repair.





Thank you Mikey!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Refreshing Relief (Really)

My life has been so busy lately that I have not even had time to scrap and if you know me you know that by now I am going through scrapping withdrawals!

Tuesday I came into my room just to sit for a minute.  Mind you I did not have time to play because I had to go to work but just sitting in the scraproom helped.

My Mother – In – Law (Sue) has to leave this morning to go back home so I have to stay up to be the alarm clock and because I have to work tomorrow night.  While I am waiting for 0500 I have been working on this layout. 

It started out simple enough… using a pattern from Reflections on page 22.  I wanted a clean and simple layout for the pool photos from our Palo Duro Trip.  This layout just keeps growing and growing… the more I work the more ideas I want to add! 

So enjoy the work in progress and I will be sure to take and post a photo of the completed artwork.


Monday, June 6, 2011


Well Summer is here so you would think life would get a little slower… WRONG!  My niece is graduating high school this week so we will have a ton of family in town for a couple of weeks.  My sister in law  is going to run out of beds at her house so I am going to have family at mine. 

What does this mean for you? Well….. changes for:

Workshop dates and the June Crop night.

Workshops:  We are still trying to have a Bliss make up since I was sick and we need to have Fanfare so

we will have both workshops on the same night! 

June 24, 2011 starting at 7pm until 9:30

Bliss Workshop (click to order)

Fanfare Workshop (click to order)

This gives you a little extra time to order the workshop and have it shipped to you  if you have not already done so. 

We will have enough time to finish both workshops so never fear Smile

Crop night: is being moved to JULY 2, 2011

Cassie is having her graduation party on June 18th and since I am working during her Graduation I was given instructions to be at the party.  Besides if I move the crop night to July 2nd you guys can help keep me grounded.  Convention will be the next week so I will be super excited and ready to GO!

Thank you so much for your understanding and I can not wait to see you!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sophia Card

My wonderful Director Janene Wawro came up with this fun and easy design, I just scraplifted it! I cut enough cardstock to make 8 cards of the same design in this put them together assembly style.  Quick and fun little cards just make my day!

Perfect Placement with Studio J

Newsprint Rub-Ons from Close To My Heart

I will have to put these on my next order!