Thursday, May 29, 2014

Father's Day Cards

I had a very productive day!

Not only was I able to finish the Father's Day card that I was working on but I also helped Kaela get ready for the only school banquet she was off work for and was able to attend.  

I can not remember what the function is, I want to say the culinary program but I think that is wrong.  Kaela's boyfriend Jarrett is a very busy boy so there is no telling what banquet this is for tonight.  

Before Jarrett came to pick her up I was able to get Kaela outside for a couple of photos - out of all of them this one is my favorite!

This one just makes me laugh, Kaela is so over the camera and just wishes I would let them leave already.  One day she will understand and love that I took these photos.  

Oh - the cards ... you are really here to see the cards!

So last year I made a single card just for Mike and I liked it so much that I made 10 more this year but changed up the paper.  

The original: from last year

I remember that I blogged about this card so the design details should be around this time last year on the blog.   The papers are the stamps are all retired.

The Update:

same design, same stamps - different papers - different look  

Just by changing the papers the card looks brighter and to me the stamps "pop" more.    The papers used are from the Timberline paper pack Item Number: X7182B

I  have 8 of these cards made and ready to go.

 They are $2.00 each plus tax and shipping.
If you would like to purchase one or more use the Paypal link and I will get your card in the mail to you.

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