Friday, October 29, 2010

Juniper Pizza Cards

Ok, I had to try again to make the belly band for the pizza box for the 3x3 cards.  Since I am having trouble with the paper belly bands I found a solution that worked great for me… RIBBON BELLY BANDS. 

It took a little longer to make these cards because I could not stop sneezing but once my nose was back to normal I began to play.


DSC_0002 The box did not take me as long to make this time because I highlighted the measurements so I could see them easier (duh), you think I would have done that the first time I made a box.  But I made these boxes all by myself with no measuring help from Mike. 

So here is what I used:

Paper: Perfect Day paper pack (half a sheet)

Juniper cardstock (pulled 2 sheets but did not use it all)

Colonial White Cardstock (almost 1 sheet)

Stamp Set: A little Thanks (D1444)

Ink: Cocoa

Buttons: Craft Buttons “Basic” (Z1206)

Tulip Thread (DMC 3832)

Contraband: Ribbon & Martha Stewart punch

Coffee & Kleenex for Jenny :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pizza Box Cards

Here is my mornings work, I had more fun this morning working on these cards.  I had to go back and watch the video again but only to make the pizza box cuts again.



The only part that really messed me up was the belly band.  After 3 tries I finally gave up and improvised. :-)

I love the way they turned out.

Give it a try!  

3x3 Thank You with Pizza Box

I found a project this week that I want to try.  Vicki Wizniuk is a sister Consultant with CTMH and she posted these cute little 3x3 Thank you cards inside a “pizza box”.  She also referenced this Ustream video.  The Artist in the video is a SU consultant but she made the instructions so easy that even I could understand them. 

Of course I am making mine with CTMH stamps and papers.

Grab a pen and paper because you care going to want to take notes and make these for yourself. 

Have fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Craft Fair Friends….

Did I meet you at a recent craft fair?

Are you interested in getting your catalogs for FREE?

Here is what you do:




That is it.

There are several ways to place an order:

1. Online (see shopping basket at to the right)

2. Email me with your order (

3. Attend a Free Crop Night  or Workshop Class and place your order in person.

4. Just call me.  (But this is the hardest way since I work nights).

I mail catalogs based on orders so as long as your address is correct on your  shipping label then you will be getting your catalogs free for one year.

  Starting 2011 there will be 2 catalogs a year for a value close to $10.00 for FREE!

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Busy, Busy.

Oh my goodness it has been a very busy week and weekend.

Kaela had a couple of choir events that called for the Mom/ Dad taxi tag team to be enforced. I thought my days of sitting in a High School cafeteria was over when I finished High School, but nope it has started all over again. She has a another choir event Monday but Dad is going to taxi this one, I have to be at the hospital but that is ok because I do not miss many and she understands that sometimes it is not possible to go to work late.

So after I finished my 3 nights at the hospital it was time for me to get organized for the craft fair that I was in today.  I always pack for craft shows a couple of days early because there is nothing worse than forgetting something important and being far from home.  This fair however was in my town and it was a blast! 

I used Kaela’s 6th grade album as my “demo” album and it caused a ton of people to stop because they saw their child or a friend in my scrapbook.  I love working craft shows in my hometown for another reason too, I love feeling a part of the community and in Allen it is so easy to be a part of this great town.

After getting packed and ready to go for the First United Methodist Church Fall Craft Fair it was time for me to get my Workshop Lesson Plans organized.


Since I plan my workshops 4 to 6 months in advance I needed a place to keep all those ideas and plans.  Inside is just a page protector for each month and I will add tabs a little later.  I would love to keep all of my plans in here because you can change the orientation of the layout and get a whole new page.

Tonight I am working on Birthday invitations for a friend at work. 


All of the stamping, sewing and cutting are done I am just sitting here watching a movie and putting them together.  But while I am doing this, Callie the calico cat is trying to take off with my ribbon SOOOO I had to come up with a way to keep my ribbon from running down the hall with the cat. 


DSC_0021 I am still able to roll the ribbon of the roll but it is just stiff enough that she can not unroll it like she likes to unroll the toilet paper.

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah … foiled again kitty cat!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Fruit of My Labor

This is the weekend that I wanted to get the demo’s done for our up coming workshops.  These cards are from the “alternate” section of the CTMH Website so you will still have the entire workshop guide to use at home and plenty of paper to play with. We will be making scrapbook layouts during workshop time and try to have time to make these after the layouts are done.  But just incase you will have the instructions to take home for these designs too.

October Workshop





I used:

Very little paper out of the Hooligans Level 2 Paper

The accents pack that comes in the workshop

Opaques Licorice Adhesive Gems

A mixture of Clear Embossing Powder with Prisma Glitter on the Monster

 November Workshop





I used:

Very little paper out of the Olivia  Level 2 Paper

The stamp that comes in the workshop

The accents pack that comes in the workshop

My Stickease “Olivia”


And for those of you that are interested how the vintage photo from CVS turned out on the layout, here is a sneak peek at the November Workshop Project.


I should have picked a photo that was 11 inches wide, but I still this this layout turned out GREAT!

DSC_0007Again, I had a “Jenny Moment” on the photo sizes but it never hurts to change a layout design if needed to cover a little oops!

Now I really can not wait to play!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank You!

To all of my customers: 

I just wanted to send a general thank you to all of my customers, some of you order once a year and some once a month and I love all of you!  But that is not what this message is about…. If you happen to get a “thank you” note in the mail and it does not seem to make sense …. spelling errors, forgotten words, please bear in mind I am writing these cards with one eye open normally and as soon as possible so that I do not forget to send them out.  I think is it very important to send thank you notes for every order you place and because of that I sometimes send cards while I am in the middle of a work rotation.  Well that and your consultant is a blonde! 

So if you get a quirky little note just remember I really am trying to say thank you but it came out as a brain fart!

I Am So Happy

I am preparing for the next two workshops, getting the demo layouts cut and what not.  This time I decided that I needed to go ahead and put photos on the example (yes this was my blonde moment).

For November we are using the Olivia papers and there is a photo of Mikes Grandparents on their wedding day that I NEEDED to use. 


I wanted to blow this photo up to 8 x 10 to use on the layout but CVS was telling me that it was not the correct resolution and not recommended for use.  I thought “well what the heck it is only a couple of dollars lets do it and see what happens”.  I just came home from picking up the photos and I can not tell any difference!  The photo was taken in the 1950’s and it looks great to me.   I have to give a shout out to Mark Perry.  He spent hours and hours scanning his parents photos and putting them on disk for us last year for Christmas.  I cherish these photos and love him for doing this for us. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a weekend!

I need to go back to work just to rest… Friday we had the Little Big Town / Sugarland concert.  Saturday we went had had Kaela’s hair done then Crop night and today we went to The Improv Comedy Club.  I need a nap and it is almost time for work.  :-)

P1000910 P1000911 P1000917 P1000930 Dad and Kaela “tweeting” between acts (to each other).


The Improv Comedy Club

     P1000980P1000988Yes this is Mike

P1000989   P1010032 Now it is Kaela’s turn

P1010033You can not see it but she is laughing so hard she can not do the trick.

P1010047P1010056 P1010053 

The photos are not the best in the world because the lighting was off but I am going to have fun scrapping these photos anyway.  It is not just the photos we scrap, it is also the memories!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumping out the Layouts

I have nothing to do today except play!  The house is clean, laundry is done, groceries are bought and put away, and the lawn is mowed. All is right with the world,  All of this was done YESTERDAY and that means……...      TODAY I GET TO PLAY!

I wanted to give myself a challenge… How many layouts can I do today without worrying about photos or embellies just yet.  So far I have 14 done and I started work at 10 am this morning and took a break for lunch. 

All layouts are from the Cherish How To Book


Cherish page 18

DSC_0003DSC_0004 Cherish page 24


DSC_0005DSC_0006       Cherish page 30


DSC_0007DSC_0008 Cherish page 36


DSC_0009 DSC_0010 Cherish page 42


DSC_0011 DSC_0012Cherish page 44


DSC_0013  DSC_0014 Cherish page 72

I try not to embellish too much before I put the photos in and I write the page numbers on the back of the layout just incase I can not remember my thought process at a later date.  All of these pages are going to be for Kaela’s 7th grade album so I wanted to keep them playful and I wanted them to fit her.  I think I have it.  Oh and before I forget the paper is from the         “YOU ROCK” collection.  I saw this paper pack and thought of my girl.

Back to listening to Nora Roberts on my IPod and cranking out the layouts.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hooligans Workshop Night

I am so excited... I found a workshop layout for the Hooligans workshop night that I think you will love.  I will also have the cutting guides for 3 cards you can make on your own but we will try to make those too depending on time.

  Here is your class shopping list.

Hooligans Workshop On The Go Kit $29.95
Hooligans Level 2 Assortment (optional)  $4.95

The Assortment pack will save you some stamping if you choose to use these.

I ordered the My Stickease (X7129C) $4.95

Just to open up my options for future artwork since I will have plenty of paper left over.

Remember with the workshop pack you get a full size Level 2 paper pack.  This mean more creative and artwork options for you later if you want too. 

Remember to place your order ASAP order to have your supplies on workshop night October 22, 2010.

See you there.

Mom is HERE!!!

My Mom has come into town for a visit and we are really just relaxing and having fun not really doing anything.  She was in a cooking mood so I let her loose in my kitchen and she went to town.  The fridge is full of yummy food that I always try to make but only my mother can.  

I made the mistake of taking a nap and now I am wide awake so I am sitting here in the scraproom trying to see if I have the “creative feeling” tonight.  I have “creative thoughts” running around in my head but you know what it is like when the thought is only half baked….. your artwork comes out wonky.

If I manage to get any art or scrappin done tonight I will post it but it might just be a flipping around a magazine and see what happens nights.