Friday, May 30, 2014

Starting the 10th Grade Album......

Now I do not fell so behind.
I know Kaela is going to be in 12th grade next year but I am starting her 10 grade album so that means that I am not as behind has I was last year. 

 Following the "Jenny" logic.  

No really - Kaela is excited that I am getting started on this album but she knows that the chance of having all of her high school memories scrapped before she walks across the stage is going to be darn near impossible.  As it stands now, I have even stopped working on the "family" albums just so I could try get her school albums done before her 5 year high school reunion. 

Here is my starting point.

I have all of her memorabilia and I think all of the photos sorted by month.  I normally journal before I start scrapping but for some of the layouts I am going to have her journal and I will add the journalling to the layout - she just does not know it yet.  

I will also be double checking myself with Picasa to make sure I am not forgetting to add an event or random photo that she wanted.   

I guess if I am going to get this album done I need to get started.


Christmas & Mother's Day

I have been in a little card making mood this week.  But I need to slow down in that department because I am running out of room to display all of the cards.  After my last craft fair I bought two more card display stands so now I am up to four display's.

And all four are FULL!  I have been having so much fun making the cards I forgot that I need to sell them too.  (hee hee) 

Anyhoo - here are two more that I made yesterday.


I found this card design in an old CTMH catalog the patter is from Originals: Clean and Classy.  I have a really hard time letting go of my christmas stamps so the stamp image on the card is retired.  
The colors used are
Bitty sparkles just add that small touch of stars

Mother's Day

A tale of two cards

Last month I posted a 6 x 6 Mother's day card that I was making for my personal use with the mother's in my life. 

I thought it turned out absolutely fantastic and it should since I scrap lifted it directly from the current CTMH catalog.  But the 6 x 6 size means that postage was more than normal. The original card is using the Ballon Ride papers.

So I set out to make a smaller, normal card size to sell.
The smaller card is using the retired Babycakes papers.

I was going to distress the Sunset cardstock just a bit but forgot to do it on the first card then decided that I really liked it not distressed.

Colors used:
Colonial White DMC Thread
Babycakes B&T paper
Bitty Pearls for a added touch 
(Awe Man - I did not think of it at the time but I could have used Bitty Pearls and made her a pearl necklace. Oh Well.)

Now I just need to clean up my cardmaking mess in my scraproom.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Snarky Cards?

I have a customer who asked me to make her a set of "snarky cards".  I had to really think about how to do this because CTMH does not make "snarky stamps" we have the pun fun stamps but this client wanted something a little different.

After thinking it over all day and doing some research I found some stamps outside CTMH that was more what this client was looking for.  My challenge was to use CTMH papers and cardstock with Contraband "snarky stamps"

Once again I found that Pinterest, blogs, and my reference books came to the rescue design wise.

Wanna see?

Sip Faced:

The original design came from Jeanette Lyton's personal blog Color Me Monday: I Love The Winter Weather December 27, 2010

Jeanette's design used a winter snowman stamp but the colors are the same. 

Change Is A Good Thing:

The original design for this card came from Wendy Johnson and it was published in the Paper Crafts Magazine: Best of Stamp It! Cards

I changed the colors and images, embossing folder, but the bones of the cards are just as Wendy Johnson designed it.  It is such a fun card design that I knew it would work well with this snarky card. 

Maybe stepping out of my comfort zone is not a bad thing once in a while.

Father's Day Cards

I had a very productive day!

Not only was I able to finish the Father's Day card that I was working on but I also helped Kaela get ready for the only school banquet she was off work for and was able to attend.  

I can not remember what the function is, I want to say the culinary program but I think that is wrong.  Kaela's boyfriend Jarrett is a very busy boy so there is no telling what banquet this is for tonight.  

Before Jarrett came to pick her up I was able to get Kaela outside for a couple of photos - out of all of them this one is my favorite!

This one just makes me laugh, Kaela is so over the camera and just wishes I would let them leave already.  One day she will understand and love that I took these photos.  

Oh - the cards ... you are really here to see the cards!

So last year I made a single card just for Mike and I liked it so much that I made 10 more this year but changed up the paper.  

The original: from last year

I remember that I blogged about this card so the design details should be around this time last year on the blog.   The papers are the stamps are all retired.

The Update:

same design, same stamps - different papers - different look  

Just by changing the papers the card looks brighter and to me the stamps "pop" more.    The papers used are from the Timberline paper pack Item Number: X7182B

I  have 8 of these cards made and ready to go.

 They are $2.00 each plus tax and shipping.
If you would like to purchase one or more use the Paypal link and I will get your card in the mail to you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


It has been a beautiful weekend at Bonham State Park. 
 We have a half a day tomorrow so just a little more time.  

Mike needed to let is brain rest and I just love camping so it worked out for the both of us.  Mike had a chance to play with fire and I could read by the fire and try not to fall asleep.  We found one great reason to love this RV.  In the past we have always had to go to the bathroom/shower house to take a shower or other business and if it was a BUSY and FULL park you might as well forget getting into one of the showers - they are just never empty.  There have been many camping trips where we just look at each other and say:  It is only two days... we can shower when we get home" and then suck it up and deal.  Now that we have a full bathroom and shower on this RV I / We do to have to fight to get a shower anymore.
  We have our own private oasis in our camper.  

Mike parents dropped by the campsite today to have dinner with us.  Mike and his Dad walked around the lake (I forgot to send the camera) and Barbara and I enjoyed watching a group of people set up camp.  Half the fun of camping is watching how someone else sets up.  

Dinner was fantastic.  I made a pork roast in the crock pot and corn on the cob over the fire, baked beans and broccoli rounded out the mix.  After dinner I pre-made a chicken and pasta salad for lunch tomorrow so I did not have to try and cook then pack up to leave.  Paper plates and forks and we are done.  

Every night we put away are gear to ward off any chance of theft, we have never had a problem but why make it easy - but tonight we are expecting rain so it was especially important.  We went outside to start are nightly putting away of things when we saw this sunset:

Then as I was walking to take more pictures I looked over my shoulder and saw how pretty the headquarters building looked in the sunset.

I have several photos of this building at home and every time I take a new I think that it is my favorite... But I really think this one is my favorite!

And then....

I started walking back to the camper and saw Mike finishing the nightly chores and shot this...

I am always excited to get our camping trip started and sad when it comes to a close.  This trip will be no different.

I hope everyone had a safe weekend.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dinner By Fire

Ah the day draws to a close.

The rain stopped by mid-morning so we were able to have hot dogs over the fire for lunch.  Then came time to just sit and read for a bit.  

I love to sit by the fire and read just as much as I love to help Mike make our meals in the dutch oven but this fire made me sleepy. 
 I went inside for a little nap.

After I woke up the day warmed up enough to try and get into the lake for the first time this season.  I bought a new float this year and was wanting to try it out.

(this is NOT Mike or me) :-)

It is the new Swimways dual float.  No more tying our two float together or trying to hold hands just to stay together on the lake.  All that was missing was our little anchor but she was at home working this weekend.  Kaela used to swim under the floats and get in the little opening at our feet and be our little anchor so we did not float to far out or as she called us "her island".  I have been using this brand of float for over 10 years and they are worth the money, anyhoo back to the lake.... it was a little on the chilly side but we stayed in and our floats worked like a dream.  
We swam for a bit then it was time to make dinner.  When cooking outdoors in a dutch oven you start cooking a little earlier than you plan to eat because you have to get the coals ready.  Tonight's menu was:  stuffed peppers,  cornbread and broccoli.   It was gooood!  Clean up was a breeze and then it was time for more sitting by the fire and reading.  We read so long today that both our Kindles batteries died.  We are having a wonderful weekend.

It is 11:30 pm now so I think it is time for bed.  Stay safe everyone.

Bonham State Park

Well what started off in the planning stages as a full family holiday weekend at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose, Texas turned into just the Mike and I at Bonham State Park in Bonham, Texas.  


Last Thanksgiving while we were at Johnson Branch we took the time to plan out all of our camping dates for the year.  I was one day into retirement and we did not want "life" to get way to busy and fill up all of our weekends before we had a chance to go camping.  We thought that Memorial weekend was a perfect weekend to drive to Glenrose with the family since we have the extra day.  Kaela loves to walk the dry river bed and look for dinosaur tracks and this year she would have her camera and be old enough to do some exploring on her own.  Mom has never been to Glenrose so we thought she would like to come with us.

Fast forward:  Mike received an email from Texas State Parks stating that DVSP would not have any electricity was out and would be during our stay.  Mike wanted to just "boondock it" -stay on the generator or just not have any power but um no.   I will be without power if we have no other choice but if we have any say I want at the bare minimum a water and electric site.  So I moved our reservations over to Bonham.  

So at this point we still have a party of 4 coming camping.  Then we find out that Kaela is working all weekend and a double on Sunday.  Ok minus 1.  Then Mom just could not stand the thought of leaving Kaela at home or bunking with a friend.  Ok minus 2.  Then Mom thought that since she was going to home anyways that she would just keep the puppies with her.  Now we are even minus the dogs!  This is a rarity!  Mike and I camping ALONE with no dogs too? 

 Whoo  hoooooo! 

We checked in at about 7:30 last night and it took all of 10 minutes to set up the RV then we sat by the fire and waited for our leftover spaghetti dinner to heat up.  I normally just grab leftovers from the fridge for the first night camping because it is a easy just heat and eat meal when we are starving  but somehow it is almost always spaghetti. It is starting to become a family joke.

The park is full and I love that it is all families.  Kids were on  the swings last night with flashlights and catching fireflies.  By 11:00 pm all of the campers were tucked in their beds.

We woke up this morning to light rain so our walk around the lake with the camera will have to wait.   

I had a few inside "honey-do" items for Mike to work on so we are getting those done. 
When we first bought the RV I printed out some of our favorite camping trips that we had in the pop-up to hang in the new RV.  I have had the photos for a while but was just able to find frames light enough to use in the camper with command strips.  Mike helped me decorate this morning.

The other inside project is that there was not towel rack in the bathroom and it was driving me crazy.  So Mike installed a simple towel bar for me.  I am happy.

  I also as you can see brought my laptop camping for the very first time.  We have had a no computer in the camper since the first camping trip to DVSP.  Mike had to work "a little bit" that weekend and since he could not get signal in the park we spent about 4 hours in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.  Not fun!  

Times change and since the project that allows me to stay home is Mike's second job I relaxed the no laptop rule for the weekends that we need to go camping but he also needs to get some research done.  I have no problem sitting by the fire reading a book while he does research.  But when I want to float in the lake he will have to take a break and come float with me.  That is the deal. 

Since it is raining I am working on this blog post and Mike is sitting across from me researching a "math paper".  It is all Greek to me but he loves it. 
 It works for us.

If the rain stops we want to walk around the lake and I will get some photos posted for you. Until then I think it is time I get a book and read.

Have a great weekend - Stay safe.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kaela: 9th Grade - Finished

I am feeling very accomplished today. 
Today I finished Kaela's Freshman year of high school album!  

When I started working on this album I remember thinking that I did not have very many "photos" to work with and that I may end up combining all 4 years of high school into one album.  That is not a bad thing but I wanted her to have as many photos of high school as possible because those memories fade with time.

What I did not realize is that Kaela was also photographing her artwork.  I was able to go in and print the artwork and scrap it too.  This made me a very happy mommy.  All of her original art is too big for a 12 x 12 album and if it is a art show entry it is framed and on the wall already.  So this was a great option to get a few of her pieces in the book.

I was in my scraproom one day and looked over on the floor and Kaela had all of her stuff spread out, her tunes in her ears and was just working on her drawings as quite as a mouse.  

She starts off with the concept on paper in the form of a sketch, then she uploads the sketch to her laptop and works digital from there.  The art is a little dark in the photo but these are anime wolf creatures that she was playing around with.

The very last page of the album is her spring photo.  We did not have any photos in April or May so the school year in the album will end in March.  

For some reason I just can not make a "small" album.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Scrapbooking Donation Box

Quick Reminder

This Saturday, May 17, 2014 is Crop Night. 

I wanted to send out a reminder that if you are coming to crop  and have any scrapbooking items to donation to Children's Hospital Plano I will have a box ready for you.

The box I have been filling is just about ready to go over.  I do not mind dropping any supplies off that you would like to donate.

I can not wait to see you on Saturday!

Blog Re-Vamp

After 5 years and 603 blog post I thought today would be a good day to re-vamp the My Scraproom Blog.  With a ton of help from my hubby we did a total re-design.  

Ok all kidding aside yes there have been a lot of blog posts and I am sure you have read them all but what really started this revamp journey was that I wanted to change the background of my blog and that opened a whole can of techno - geeky problems.

Since the beginning of my blog we have been using Drupal since I wanted to have one name for everyone to remember.. "My Scraproom".  Back then the friendly format to use was Blogger but they did not support the name I wanted or have the features that I needed.

Fast forward 5 years and Blogger has out run Drupal and I can now I can even use the name that I want and that you know and love.
What is even better is that I have access to new features and I can even turn the comments section back on!

So while the look is different it is me... Jenny and yes you are on the right blog... My Scraproom. 
 I hope you enjoy the new look.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workshop Club

Are you interested in a Scrapbooking Club?

Here are the details

Products used each month:

1 Workshop Kit $29.95
1 Coordinating Compliments (stickease) $4.95

Total: 34.90 add Tax and Shipping and it is less than $50.00 a month.

That sound expensive but wait!

If 6 ladies sign up for the club and order every month then each month the group will choose the next "hostess".  

Follow me here:

34.90 each person
x     6 ladies 
$ 209.40 order

 That will give the hostess  $25.00 in free product (Hostess Rewards) 

Now what will we be doing with this workshop each month? 

 We will do 2 (2page) layouts that you will be able to complete that night.  If I can I will squeeze  a card design in there too.  

Ivy Lane Compliments

Ivy Lane Workshop on the Go

Why am I using the Workshop Kits?

Because they give YOU the biggest bang for your scrapbooking $$

Each kit comes with a full pack of paper
An exclusive stamp set only found with the workshop

So using Ivy Lane as our example again. 

 If you to buy this product separately:

Ivy Lane Paper Packet $9.95
Compliments $4.95
Ivy Lane Assortments $5.95
Purple Glitter Gems $3.95
D-Size Stamp $ 17.95 
remember the stamp is exclusive to the workshop

$42.75 purchased separately
$34.90 as a workshop kit
Savings of: $7.85

To me that is like having a scrapbooking coupon! 

Now that I have you intrigued. 
Call your scrapping girlfriends and find out if they are interested in getting together to scrap in a club once a month then let me know what night works best for your and your group.
I will pick the first workshop just to get us started.

Ready - Set - Go!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Fab Collections That Save


No matter what type of crafter you are, now through July 31, you can have your pick of five brilliant bundles designed with you in mind!*
*While supplies last.


Stamping Basics Collection

Stamping Basics Shopping Link



$65.30         Z9980

Retail Value: $70.30 (YOU SAVE $5! )

This collection includes an:

Outdoor Denim Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2140),

New England Ivy Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2135),

Ruby Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2170),

Honey Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2162),

Smokey Plum Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2147),

My Acrylix™ Quick Cards—Japanese Blossom (A1155),

My Acrylix™ Quick Cards—Island Greetings (A1157),

My Acrylix™ Spritz Cleaner (1778),

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My Acrylix™ Organizer (Z1038).


Cardmaker's Quick Start

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My Acrylix™ Big Hug (D1584),

2" µ 2" My Acrylix™ Block (Y1003),

2" µ 3½" My Acrylix™ Block (Y1009),

White Card and Envelopes Value Pack (X254),

Pink Glitter Paper (Z1922),

Baker’s Twine Paradise Assortment (Z1702).


Stamping Scrapbooker's Delight

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stamping scrapper

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Essentials Toolkit

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Piercing Tool Kit (Z1114),

Sanding Kit (Z1294),

Bone Folder (Z1204),

Spray Pen (Z1380),

Create-a-Shade™ Pearl Paint (Z1039).

scrapbooking therapy

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Little Funny

I just found this on Pinterest and it made me laugh.

Ever feel like this?


Then it might be time for you to come to a crop night. 

The next crop is May 17, 2014 @ 6:00

Send me a quick email to RSVP and I will hold a seat for you.

Dolly Parton & Playtime

Working, Working, Working
I am having a grand time playing today.  All of my chores are finished and now I can spend time in my favorite room, listen to books and play with paper.   I did not mange to get out of bed this morning on time to get to Curves so I will need to do that this afternoon when they open again. 
Would you like to see some layouts?  Smile 
I am using the Skylark papers for this set of layouts. 
My photo placement was just a little off – it covers the stitching but I did not want to crop the photo. 
For this next layout I used the retired Florentine papers and pleasantly pleased how well they worked out for a layout at an amusement park. 
Is it just me?
Every time I see the words “looking back” Garth Brooks song The Dance starts playing in my head.  I think I listen to Garth a bit much.
I have a couple more layouts from the Silver Dollar City photos that I am thinking of using then the bus trip back home.  After that I a DONE with the Branson Choir Trip photos. That means that I am almost finished with Kaela’s 9th grade album.
I think?  Smile
"The Dance"
Looking back on the memory of
The dance we shared 'neath the stars above
For a moment all the world was right
How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye
And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd have had to miss the dance
Holding you I held everything
For a moment wasn't I a king
But if I'd only known how the king would fall
Hey who's to say you know I might have changed it all
And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd have had to miss the dance
Yes my life is better left to chance
I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance

Sunday, May 4, 2014

National Scrapbooking Day

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking day.  If I had been organized enough I would have scheduled a crop and had fun with all of you ladies but since I had a major blonde moment I played with my papers by myself.
I did not get massive amounts of layouts done but I am very happy with the 3 double page layouts I was able to finish. 
These layouts were made using the “Tommy” papers.  They are now retired but I am so glad I kept some of the paper because this layout needed them.

Does anyone remember the “Lucky” papers?  I do not have anymore of that paper but I did have this one completed layout that is the example from a workshop I held.  The colors worked great with the photos and 90% of the layout was already complete!  Smile
These last two are from the “Skylark” papers and yes they are current!  Smile
I would have been finished with them early in the day but the need for stitching came out again.  I love the colors in this pack of paper!
So what does this make me?
Scrapbooking Queen
(hee hee)
I know that many of you were at local crops yesterday.  What did you create?