Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prep Time

This is just a small sneak peak into my prep time for the workshop last Friday.  It is not often that I stop working just to take photos of the work in progress.   Sometimes it seems that when you look at “other peoples” work or rooms online it all seems bright and shiny.

Here is the messy and not so shiny part of of getting a class together and the thought process. 


I have all of my workshop supplies in these drawers to keep them separate from my regular stash until AFTER the class.  I do not want to use up my supplies until we have a chance to play together.

DSC_0002  Doing all of the pre-cutting and pre-stamping before the class.  I have to “do” 2 sets.  One for examples and one to do doing the workshop with you. Even with doing double the work I still have plenty of paper after class to do my layouts.  I love that the new Work Shop on the Go gives me a chance to show you layouts and cards with plenty of supply leftover to play with. 

Here is all of the information you need if you would like to attend:

* All of the workshops are held in my home from 7pm to 9pm

(1504 High Country Lane Allen, Tx 75002)

* The “class time” is free.

* The workshop dates are on the right sidebar of this blog.

* To pre-order your supplies for class just click the workshop artwork on the right sidebar.  There is a link that will lead you directly to the workshop page on my website.  The cost of the supplies are 29.95 plus tax, S & H.

* You decided what classes you would like to attend, just send me a quick email so that I can get a headcount.

Graduation Announcements

I have finally finished working on the graduation announcements for my niece Cassandra.  I am very proud of her and was more than happy to make these for her.  


DSC_0004 I want to come up with a design that is a simple, & elegant, yet an announcement that fit her style. 

So with supplies out of Aunt Jenny’s scrapbooking stash I think we (her mom and I) created an announcement she will be proud of.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb Crop Cancellation

It is with deep, deep regret that I have to cancel tomorrows CROP NIGHT.  My brain is telling me that it is just allergies but my body wants to go back to bed.  Since we tend to crop from 6pm to about 3am I am going to wimp out and stay in bed.  You guys know that I would rather do anything but cancel because I love seeing you but I would hate to get everyone here then poop out (remember when I gave blood).

The next Crop Night is March 26, 2011

I will see you there!



Best Stamps on the Block

Get a free My Acrylix® block when you buy My Acrylix® stamps!

March CC 2011

AT CLOSE TO MY HEART, WE KNOW WE’VE GOT THE BEST CLEAR stamps and blocks—and we’ll prove it! Throughout March, when you buy your favorite My Acrylix® stamps, we’ll give you a free My Acrylix block.

Not only will you have the best stamps on the block, you’ll have the best block, too! Just purchase $25 in stamps and you can choose from two of our most versatile block sizes: 3" × 3" (Y1006) or 2" × 6½" (Y1010).

*Offer valid March 1–31, 2011. Limit one free My Acrylix® block per order per customer. Qualifying stamp purchases include A-, B-, C-, D-, and E-size stamp sets, including Stamp of the Month sets purchased at full price or at a discount. K-size stamp sets, Stamp of the Month sets earned for free, and Workshops on the Go™ kits are excluded. Close To My Heart reserves the right to substitue a block of a similar size or price.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Working Working, but to Artwork :-(

I have been slaving away doing Graduation announcements for my niece Cassandra.  As soon as I get them to a semi – finished state I will be able to take photos of them to show you.

I am also going to take some time this week to go to my TEAM TRAINING Saturday morning.  YEA… it has been so long since I have gotten together with my CTMH sister to pass around ideas and just spend time. 

I can not not wait!

Here is our week:

Friday 2-25-2011 WORKSHOP NIGHT 7pm to 9pm

      “SweetHeart” is the paper we will be using and this month it is CARDS!

Saturday 2-26-2011 – I am gong to TEAM Training from 10 am to 4 pm

Saturday 2-26-2011 6pm to whenever – CROP NIGHT! 

I love being this busy when I means I get to spend time with you. I can not wait to see you this week.  Be safe and have fun.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spray Pen …. What?

Want a new and cool technique?  Watch this.

You have to watch this!!!!

Kraft Borders…. OMG!  After I saw this video I had to order some for myself.  How cool are these….

When you are finished watching this video, you can order them from my website.  My shopping cart is on the right sidebar.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Food, Fun, Layouts?

Last Saturday was Crop Night. Along with a great night with friends we were all able to start and finish an amazing amount of layouts.

Yes there was food, fun, laughter but we all seem to be focused on getting on work done too.  Here are the layouts that I was able to complete.







I did not finish as many as the girls did, but in my defense I had a ton of hand sewing on these pages. I was very thankful that my journaling was already finished.

So, does this make you want to come to the next Crop Night? 

February 26, 2011

Send me a quick email if you would like to join us and I will save you a seat.


Here is the fun that I missed. Wonder what the ducks are doing today?

Recent Orders…

If you have placed an order within the last 4 days…. NEVER FEAR!  Your order has been shipped, I even made your Thank You card BUT I can not get to the mail box to get your card mailed. :-)

  Fed Ex is sending emails that shipping may be delayed due to weather conditions.

First we have the worst ice storm in Texas since 1996 now we have snow.  I chickened out  left my truck at the hospital for 4 days so  poor Mike was doing all of the driving back and forth because I had to be there.  I went in today to renew my CPR certification - Mike dropped me off and it took me 1 1/2 hours to drive 14 miles back home! As I type this it is 18 degrees outside!  School has been cancelled for the 4 days.

I have lived in Texas for 25 years and that has never happened!

I hope everyone is safe and warm, Kaela and I have been getting some unexpected Mother – Daughter time and we love it.

Mike seems to be the only one that can walk on this stuff so I think I will pick him for the bread and milk run tomorrow.

See you soon.

Snow Day 2011

It is our 4th day of ice and snow, oh and by the way this is TEXAS!  I have lived here 25 years and have never seen a lake freeze over, ok I did not see it but Mike and Kaela did.  I am not going to be sticking my nose out the door until I have to go back to work tomorrow. 

Here is the fun the family has been having.

P1010127Unhappy Radar!

P1010132Mike has not done this since he was a kid. 

The following photos are from Bethany Lake Park.  There was still way too much ice for me to be able to walk around so the family had all of the fun.

P1010133Getting ready to take out small children

P1010135    P1010136You can not skate on it.

But is sure is PRETTY!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring / Summer 2011 is LIVE

Now that the new Spring / Summer 2011 CTMH Catalog is live I would like to showcase the beautiful papers you will be able to buy: These are in the same order as the catalog.


2011SS_Level3_SophiaColors used are:

Blush – Goldrush – Hollyhock – Pear

We will be using Sophia on workshop night March 25,2011



2011SS_Level3_Bliss Colors used are:

Bamboo – Chocolate – Grey Flannel – Vanilla Cream

We will be using Bliss on workshop night May 20, 2011


2011SS_Level3_Miracle Colors used are:

Bamboo – Crystal Blue – Heavenly Blue – Sweet Leaf



2011SS_Level3_SweetheartColors used are:

Baby Pink – Black – Cotton Candy – Tulip

We will be using Sweetheart on workshop night February 25, 2011



2011SS_Level3_WingsColors used are:

Black – Juniper – Sweet leaf – Vineyard Berry



2011SS_Level3_MayberryColors used are:

Cocoa – Honey – Olive – Smoothie

We will be using Mayberry on workshop night July 29, 2011 



2011SS_Level3_LuckyColors used are:

Desert Sand – Olive – Outdoor Denim – Sunset

We will be using Lucky on workshop night April 22, 2011


2011SS_Level3_FanfareColors used are:

Cranberry – Pacifica – Sky – Sunny Yellow

We will be using Fanfare  on workshop night June 17, 2011

Be sure to check your catalog for coordinating Stamps and Accessories to make your scrapbook pages and cards stand out and be noticed.