Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Aid Needed!

For years I have had this little bitty first aid kit in my scrap room that I tossed in a drawer after a field trip one year.  Today I had to use it!  I am not for certain what happen but I was working on a layout and looked down and my hand was bleeding…. I am missing a chunk out of the top of my right hand.

I grabbed my little kit that has been in my way for years, fixed my hand and now I can get back to scrapping.

  P.S.  No blood was found on the layout! (yea)

Springin' Up Flowers

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  • Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Will I Get Overwhelmed?

    You have seen the photos that I printed for 2010,  now here is just the

    “Palo Duro Vacation” photos. 

    I have no idea how many there are because I gave up trying to count, but I think this vacation is going to take an album all it’s own.

    DSC_0011 DSC_0014

    So with so many photos do you think I will overwhelmed?

    Nope… because I have a secret weapon:

    How To BooksCTMH has 4 wonderful “how to books” that I consider my scrapbooking cookbooks.  I love that I can have a handful of photos and I will always find the right look for the layout I am trying to create. 

    Do you want your own copies of these fabulous books?  Place your order online today (see shopping cart on the right) and they will be at your door.

    I love being able to shop in my jammies!

    So I am kinda behind…. 839 new photos!

    So what do you do when you develop 839 photos at one time?  Get very organized!  I was able to finally upload my 2010 photos that need to be scrapped to Snapfish, I have been trying since January and it has failed several times.  I finally just did batches of 20 photos over an entire night and was able to get done.

    Now comes the fun part…. sorting and getting my journaling  done.  I sort all my photos and journal the memories at one time then keep them organized.  That way when I am ready to scrap these photos I can be creative without having to stop and write the story.

    DSC_0006 DSC_0007 I use vellum to journal with so it will always match the layout.  These photos are just our events for 2010, you can not even see the “Palo Duro” photos. 

    Now on to finish getting organized.

    Hey Mom, here it is….


    I hope you love your new checkbook cover.

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Hope for Japan 2011 – Charitable Fundraiser

    Our hearts go out to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and like so many of you, we’re eager to help.

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    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Sophia Workshop Tomorrow Night

    I just wanted to send out a reminder that the Sophia workshop will be FRIDAY Night.   I just sent my photos to Walgreens for printing and I am getting my cutting done so there will be an example ready for you.


    The layout that we will be creating will use 2 (5x7) photos and 6 (2x2) photos.  It will be just a little bit pink without going over the top. 

    I can not wait to showcase the photos of Kaela singing at the Allen Americans Ice Hockey game.

    The cards that are shown in the workshop guide are super cute so I am going to get those done today too.  I can not wait to see you tomorrow (Friday) night.  I think you are going to love these layouts.

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Are you in need of a Crop Night?

    Well then you are in luck!

    Workshop (Friday Night)

    Here is all of the information you need if you would like to attend:

    * All of the workshops are held in my home from 7pm to 9pm

    (1504 High Country Lane Allen, Tx 75002)

    * The “class time” is free.

    * The workshop dates are on the right sidebar of this blog.

    * To pre-order your supplies for class just click the workshop artwork on the right sidebar.  There is a link that will lead you directly to the workshop page on my website.  The cost of the supplies are 29.95 plus tax, S & H.

    Let’s Crop Together (Saturday Night)

    You are invited to join me once a month for a CROP!  Many of you have expressed an interest in getting together just to play. I have room in my home for 6 of us to get together for some girl time. This will be just like a standard crop that you are used to:

    • From 6 p.m. to Midnight
    • You can bring any supplies you want
    • Work on your own projects
    • FREE
    • Come and go as needed for your family

    * You decided what classes you would like to attend, just send me a quick email so that I can get a headcount

    Saturday, March 19, 2011

    Over – Stuffed … Ya Think!

    I remember telling Kaela that I would have to combine her 7th and 8th grade years into one album therefore making a “Middle School” album because I was not going to have the kind of school access I did when she was in elementary school.

    Well as you know I have finished scrappin all of her 7th grade pages (they are all posted on this blog) but I had a little trouble getting all of them into the album.  I had to call Kaela in (yes she is still awake) to help hold pages while I was working.

    I have been scrapbooking since 2002 and you would think by now I would have a handle on how big my albums are.  Is there such a thing as

    Over Stuffers Anonymous?


    DSC_0002 Kaela will never be able to say she does not remember school!

    Finally Finished!

    Kaela’s 7th grade album is finally finished


    she has not completed the 8th grade yet!

    (I admit I was worried)

    For some reason the color on these photos is a little wonky but I will but a supply list after each set of pages.

      It is dark and my flash as a mind of it’s own tonight.

    Contraband Alert:

    There are some supplies that where used that are not CTMH.  I have been spring cleaning and found some papers and embellishments that just fit the album and were begging to be used.

    I love the way I can combine my CTMH supplies and what little contraband I still have together and still get great pages.



    Supplies used:

    Imagine How To Book

    “Three Part Harmony” pages 44-45

    The pattern paper is not CTMH


    Outdoor Denim




    Note to Self: When using vellum to journal…

    let the vellum DRY before touching!

    Supplies used:

    Imagine How To Book

    “Medley” pages 34-35

    Pattern Paper not CTMH

    Stickers: Bo Bunny




    Citrus Leaf (retired)



    Supplies used:

    Imagine How To Book

    “Up The Tempo” pages 64-65

    Pattern Paper: Water Ripple (bought @ Sea World)

    Green Pattern paper is from the “Tinkerin paper pack” (CTMH)

    Stickers: Bo Bunny

    Embellishments: Go West


    Ocean (retired)

    Bubblegum (retired)


    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Batter Up!

    Sometimes doing some spring cleaning leads to some creative moments.  As I was getting a donation box ready I found some patterned paper that I bought years ago, I think before I was a consultant.

    I have no idea why I bought baseball paper since I only have a daughter but there it was, daring me to use it. 

    Then it hit me… I have baseball photos! Kaela and her choir went to a Frisco Roughriders game last year.  YEA!  I can use the papers!

    I am still cranking out layouts using CHERISH!


    DSC_0011  Yes, these pages were made to be side by side.

    Cherish: Elegant Context pages 16-17


    Do you love the way I sneak in a photos of her parents?

    DSC_0015 Cherish: Silver Screen pages 20 & 21


    DSC_0020 Cherish: Graphic Texture pages 60 & 61

    The pattern paper is not CTMH

    Cardstock: Star Spangled Blue (retired)


    I hand made all of the bats and baseballs

    We as a whole have never been “sports” people but for one night …

    we LOVED baseball!

    Do you like the layouts? Buy your copy of CHERISH online,  just click the shopping cart on the right sidebar.  I love having my Scrapbooking Cookbook!

    Finishing those “Skills for Living” layouts

    I think I have finally found the end of those “Skills for Living” photos and if Kaela ever says she wants to take this course again I will run out of the house screaming. 

    We have scrapped MULTIPLE cooking project photos and now we move on to the “Sugar Baby” week.

      As we (and I say we because it was a family project) were participating in this project Kaela and I made a killer presentation documenting the week for her to turn in for a grade.  I planned on using this presentation in her scrapbook but her teacher had other ideas and kept it after grading.

    There is no way to ever reproduce the original because Kaela was keeping a journal as she went but I have tried. 

    Every layout uses my CTMH Cherish book so you will be able to make these layouts at home too.


    As you can tell these are the “Being Pregnant” pages.


    Kaela was not impressed with the whole not being able to reach anything :-)

    Supplies used:

    Cherish pages: 44-45

    Papers: Rustic Trail (Retired)

    Stickers: Purchased long before I was a CTMH consultant


    DSC_0006   Here comes the fun part: caring for a baby


    Supplies Used:

    Cherish pages: 84-85

    Papers: Rustic Trail & Felicity Collection (both retired)

    Cardstock: Goldrush, Olive, Chocolate

    Ribbon: CTMH Black Collection

    Stickers: Too old to remember

    I am so happy that this class is over!

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Spring Cleaning – Give to a Charity

    About once a year I really clean out my stash.  We all do it, we buy a single sheet of scrapbook paper with all of the intentions of making it fit somewhere in a scrapbook we are making.  Time passes and you realize that you have had that sheet of paper for 3 years and still have not used it.  The sad thing is your child is not in 3rd grade anymore and you have already finished those pictures.  (admit it!)

    I have found a  children's hospital in CA that uses donated scrapbooking supplies to let patients  and families create a keepsake of the hospital journey.

    They are running extremely low on:


    Paper (8x8 and 12 x 12)

    Scissors (all kinds)

    Pens (all kinds)


    As you can see I am sending a couple of pretty good size boxes.



    If you are  interested in doing a little spring cleaning of your own and would like to donate scrapbooking supplies too here is the info:

    UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

    Kim Ong

    Child Life Department

    505 Parnassus Ave

    L181 Box 0210

    San Francisco, CA 94143-0210

    Kim.Ong@ucsfmedctr.or or (415)353-1203

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    March = Free Blocks!

    AT CLOSE TO MY HEART, WE KNOW WE’VE GOT THE BEST CLEAR stamps and blocks—and we’ll prove it! Throughout March, when you buy your favorite My Acrylix® stamps, we’ll give you a free My Acrylix block.

    Not only will you have the best stamps on the block, you’ll have the best block, too! Just purchase $25 in stamps and you can choose from two of our most versatile block sizes: 3" × 3" (Y1006) or 2" × 6½" (Y1010).

    *Offer valid March 1–31, 2011. Limit one free My Acrylix® block per order per customer. Qualifying stamp purchases include A-, B-, C-, D-, and E-size stamp sets, including Stamp of the Month sets purchased at full price or at a discount. K-size stamp sets, Stamp of the Month sets earned for free, and Workshops on the Go™ kits are excluded. Close To My Heart reserves the right to substitute a block of a similar size or price.

    March CC 2011

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011


    Remember that “Cherish” book that you have sitting on your shelf.  It is time to drag it out again and start pulling together beautiful layouts.  I own all 6 of the books that CTMH has put out and as each new book gets published I tend to forget the ones that I already own. 

    Kaela has a set of photos that I am trying to scrapbook and as you know my child does not “do pink”.  Given that I am always trying to find papers and layouts that reflect her sense of style.  While working on the Sugar Baby Project photos the normal “baby colors” just did not work,


    I have an old paper pack that fit perfectly!



    Supplies used:

    Cherish – Visual Texture pages 34-35

    Rustic Trail paper pack (very retired)

    Orange yarn that we used for hair

    black button brads

    DMC Thread – Ecru (Colonial White)

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    Up Next?

    You guess…..

    DSC_0005 This layout is going to take a while to complete, but I finally worked it in my head how to attach the hair.  I will show you the layout when I am done. 


    Juggling Act with Sweetheart


    DSC_0004  Yes you did read that right, these are the Sweetheart papers, flipped over! Kaela is not a girl that likes her pink but I have to sneak it in sometimes. The backside of the B & T is black so I was able to still get the pink that I wanted and the black that she wanted from the same paper pack.

    I referenced Magic again and used Juggling Act on page 110 to complete the right side of the layout. 

    Miracle & A School Project

    Mom’s scrappin supplies to the rescue, that was the theme to this homework.  We broke out my paints, and she used my die cut machine with cardstock to complete the project but now I had to find a layout to work with the photos.


    The main paper pack used is Miracle but I needed a pop of color to balance the red in the homework.

    DSC_0002 Showing off kids artwork has always been a challenge for me.  I was very grateful for Magic book.  I used the Backstage layout on page 28 to help me complete the layout.