Friday, May 30, 2014

Starting the 10th Grade Album......

Now I do not fell so behind.
I know Kaela is going to be in 12th grade next year but I am starting her 10 grade album so that means that I am not as behind has I was last year. 

 Following the "Jenny" logic.  

No really - Kaela is excited that I am getting started on this album but she knows that the chance of having all of her high school memories scrapped before she walks across the stage is going to be darn near impossible.  As it stands now, I have even stopped working on the "family" albums just so I could try get her school albums done before her 5 year high school reunion. 

Here is my starting point.

I have all of her memorabilia and I think all of the photos sorted by month.  I normally journal before I start scrapping but for some of the layouts I am going to have her journal and I will add the journalling to the layout - she just does not know it yet.  

I will also be double checking myself with Picasa to make sure I am not forgetting to add an event or random photo that she wanted.   

I guess if I am going to get this album done I need to get started.


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