Sunday, April 21, 2013

Buzz and Bumble

I am loving the flip side of the Buzz and Bumble papers!  It always amazes what you can get simply by flipping a piece of paper over.



I was holding off on doing these photos because I did not have any “western” or ‘Horse” themed papers but on a lark I pulled out Buzz and Bumble and it worked!

Now I need to finish the rest of the photos that are in this series of shots.

Talk to you soon.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trying Something New

It is a beautiful day today.  it is about 68 degrees and sunny so I thought that I would go outside and try and take some shots of the artwork I have been working on. 

There were a few pitfalls. 

1. Birds  (trying to keep their artwork off my artwork)

2. Wind (getting the layouts to stand up)

3. Too much sunlight

I let the dogs outside so the birds for the most part left us alone Smile  For the wind I tried to take the shots before the wind took over or hang on if I missed. And well the sunlight…. a little computer tweaking and that was fixed.


This is one of the layouts that kept blowing over so it is at an odd angle. 


This layout is what I get when I am scrapping and watching movies at the same time.


The wind wanted to take this layout apart.  It found one corner that was not glued down proper.  Me and Tombow have a date with this layout after I am done blogging.


Well I just realized that I forgot the other Glee Stickers on the first half of this layout.  Ok I need to fix that too. 


Here is the finished layout that I started this morning.  I love it!


This is the other half of the Wicked layout that I was worried about.  I think I am really happy about how it worked out. 

I may have to start taking more photos of my layouts outside when I can.  It makes my work look great. 


The first time we ever saw Wicked was in 2010.  Kaela kept coming home talking about wanting to see this play called WICKED and being the parents we are said no right off the bat.  She kept begging and we did some research then felt STUPID!  Smile

During this performance of Wicked I bought the Big Souvenir Book thinking that I could use it in some layouts.  You are not allowed to take photos during the show so you use what you can get your hands on.


I am still working on the layout but it is double matted with the black simmer paper then the Always B & T.  I am going to finish tying the black and red ribbon down the side then this page will be done.  The coordinating page with the playbill and ticket will be a little harder to get a page going but I will find something.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I Bought Something!

There is a trend out there that is just kicking my behind.  It is those cute 2-point flags!  I can never cut those out even and it drives me crazy.  So one night while cruising around Amazon I found this:

Ek Tools 54-30148 Large Tag Punch, 2-Point Flag



So once I had this handy new punch I was finally able to make a card that I found on Pinterest a while back.  As always I will show the original card and my card. 

So here is the original that was found on Pinterest:


Here is my card that I made based on the inspiration I found from the above image.


I love both cards and I am so happy that I am finally able to make those flags!  I am off to see what else I can find on Pinterest.

If you want to find me on Pinterest here is my link:

Jennifer Perry - Pinterest

Lost Layouts

I was having trouble sleeping last night so I decided that it was time to download the photos from both cameras and see what I had.  Well I have layouts that I took photos of and forgot to post. Opps.

I am still working on Kaela’s 8th grade album and she is almost in the 11th grade so she says I am behind.  Who Me?

This is the Sugarland concert that we could not wait to go to.  You said you have seen these photos?  Yes you have but you saw them for the Perry Family album and this is Kaela’s album that I am working on.

See one day she will leave my house for her own house.  She will be taking ALL of HER albums with her along with all of those fun memories so I make an album that stays at my house too.  No I do not make the layouts at the same time – sometimes there are years between when I make each layout depending on my mood or what I am working on.  That is why I am so fanatical about my photo organization.

Anywhoo – off subject…..





Also while downloading the photos off my camera I found a photo that Kaela took of me.  I had no idea she even had my camera but it appears that I am placing an order in my jammies while having my morning coffee.

This is scary stuff!


You can not say I did not warn you!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sign Up and Celebrate!

April is the month to sign up as a new Consultant because when you join the

Close To My Heart family, you’ll receive the April, May, June, and July Stamp

of the Month stamp sets for free!

Now that’s a reason to celebrate!


I have been a consultant since 2005.  I started just to earn enough money to support my scrapbooking habit.  I did not count on the wonderful friends I have made over the years or the places we have traveled as a family as one of the perks of joining this company at the time but I do now! 

I am going to let the experts at CTMH explain what being a consultant is… they can explain the in’s and out’s much better than I. 

I can tell you that I have never regretted joining this company – not one day. I consider it one of the blessings in my life.

Go get a cup of coffee – sit back and watch the experts and if you have any questions I am always a phone or in person away.

Be a Consultant: What is a direct sales company?

Be a Consultant: How do I earn money?

Be a Consultant: Is there training and support?

Be a Consultant: Is there an incentive program?

Be A Consultant: Am I required to build my own Team?