Thursday, December 29, 2011

Retiring Accessories 2011

I finally have my little catalog in my hands, you know the NEW Spring / Summer 2012 catalog…. Ok all of us Consultants have the catties now and we are having a blast peeking, planning and getting them ready to mail to you.

As the 2011 catalog season nears closing I wanted to put out a list of ACCESSORIES that will be leaving.  If you see anything on this list you want or need place your order soon – very soon.

Use you 2011 Fall / Winter Catalog for a reference

pg 124
Colonial White Ribbon collection - Z1126 - $7.95
Cranberry grosgrain ribbon - Z1103 - $6.95
Cocoa grosgrain ribbon - Z1100 - $6.95
Colonial White grosgrain ribbon - Z1102 - $6.95
White Daisy grosgrain ribbon - Z270 - $6.95
Wings Level 2 Assortment - Z1398 - $4.95

pg 125
Embroidery Floss - Red/Pink - Z1092 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Green - Z1094 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Blue/Purple - Z1093 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Neutral - Z1096 - $3.25
Waxy Flax - Cranberry - Z1086 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Sorbet - Z1249 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Juniper - Z1248 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Crystal Blue - Z1247 - $3.95

pg 126
Designer Brads - Colonial White - Z1274 - $3.95
Designer Brads - Pewter - Z1146 - $3.95

pg 127
Mini Medley - Antiqued Copper - Z1275 - $4.95
Mini Medley - Colonial White - Z1276 - $4.95
Foundry Metal - Bookplates - Z1147 - $3.50
Soft Set Eyelets - Black and White Daisy - Z1228 - $3.95
Soft Set Eyelets - Chocolate and Colonial White - Z1229 - $3.95

pg 128
Midnight Felt Shapes - Z1462 - $3.95
Harvest Charms - Z1633 - $4.95
Holiday Packets - Z1486 - $4.95
Top Coats Icing Overlays - Z1468 - $4.95
Lucky Level 2 Assortment - Z1356 - $4.95
Lucky Level 2 Journaling Spots - Z1359 - $3.95
Bliss Level 2 Assortment - Z1355 - $5.95
Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment - Z1386 - $4.95
Fanfare Level 2 Assortment - Z1400 - $4.95
Spring Blossom - Z1266 - $7.95
White Daisy Variety Pack - Z1300 - $5.95

pg 129
Cardstock - Black 8-1/2 x 11 - X1412 - $5.50
Cardstock - Colonial White 8-1/2 x 11 - X1411 - $6.75
Cardstock - White Daisy 8-1/2 x 11 - 1320 - $6.75
Color Ready Alphabets - Oxford - X5749 - $3.95
Color Ready Alphabets - Hodge Podge - X1406 - $3.95

pg 130
Dimensional Elements - On Target - Z1226 - $5.95
Dimensional Elements - Flurry - Z1225 - $4.95

pg 131
My Creations - Board Book - Z1310 - $6.95
My Creations - Journal - Z1268 - $7.95
My Creations - Memory Showcase 9x9 - Z1198 - $5.95

pg 132
Rubber Brayer - Z616 - $12.95

pg 133
Soft Set Eyelet Tool - Z1208 - $14.95
Eyelet Tool Replacement Punches - Z1245 - $2.95

I also need to send an shout out to Kathleen Caldwell Stoppelmoor for making the list for us.  Have fun!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Some of the CTMH Consultants have their catalogs already (not me) and they have listed some of the new product.  I am only going to talk about one.


While we did not get all 60 colors back we did get 6 more colors that we can buy in the 24 packs.  I will highlight them in red

grey wool
vanilla cream
desert sand
sweet leaf
creme brulee
outdoor denim

Now I do not have my catalogs yet so I have not been able to see for myself but she said that they might coordinate with the Level 2 Paper Packs.   As soon as I know I will gladly pass on this information to you. 

Here is to keeping our fingers crossed!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Madness

This is the time of the year when my blogging slacks off.  My family is on vacation for the last 2 weeks of the year and I will be the only fool working.  Sometimes it is hard to work in a hospital esp. this time of year.

CTMH Corp is getting ready to ship the Spring 2012 Idea Books!

They will go live for you Feb. 1, 2012.

I get a them in January to give me time to get them ready for the mail.  What do you need to do to continue to get yours free?

Place at least one order a year.

  Have you placed your order yet? 


DSC_0316 (2)

You will not want to miss out on all of the new products featured in the Spring 2012 Idea Books. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Phone is BACK!

Yes, I now have a working phone!  We are still working out some tweaks and I am pretty sure I have all of my contact info still there but I have a way of communication again. 

It has been a very long week and I am glad I am back on the grid.  Smile

Monday, December 12, 2011

Still No Phone…

Remind me to NEVER wash my phone in the washing machine again!  Ok there is a long story here but I am still having issues with getting a new phone and getting it to WORK!  Please bear with me. 

The Perry house no longer has a land line so I am truly without a phone while we get this issue fixed.  If you need to get in touch with me please feel free to email me. 

PS: I never thought I would be this lost without a phone!  Smile

Friday, December 9, 2011

I just learned something!

My supply box for my personal December order came in today.  I have been  waiting for this box because I wanted the December Stamp of the Month.



I double checked my supplies to make sure I had everything on hand because I plan on making the Mad about You card.  I was not sure about the measurements so I checked to catalog because a lot of times the catalog will tell you what “How to Book” the card came out of and you get your cutting instructions from there.   Well the Stamp of the Month did not have that info but it did say to:

“Visit > Campaigns & Promotions for details.”

Here is what I found:

3" × 4 3/4" Mad About You Card

Originals: Diamond Duo® See this project »


To create this artwork, follow the helpful hints outlined below and the assembly instructions found on page 46 of our how-to book Originals™.

  • Use paper dimensions on page 46 of Originals to cut papers
  • Stamp sentiment with Black ink
  • Sponge edges of all papers with Black ink
  • Assemble card as shown on page 46 of Originals, using 3-D foam tape as desired
  • Embellish as desired

I had no idea you could get information on the Stamp of the Month projects from this section of the website and everyone has access to it! 

So this is new with this catalog or I am just really slow.  I am guessing it is the latter but that is ok Smile  I am going to go and make this card, then tape it to my husband's steering wheel so he will find it in the morning. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend.  Happy Scrapbooking

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Technical Difficulties (Phone)

Well it seems that a washing machine and a cell phone do not mix.

Yup, somehow I washed my cell phone! 

I will be getting a new phone today but everyone knows that it takes a couple of days to work the kinks out of a new phone.

Until then please email me jperry@myscraproom and I will get back to you a.s.a.p..  Thank you so much for not laughing Smile

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Curves & Grey’s

It seems with the COLD weather that has draped over Texas that all I feel like doing this week is getting my butt out to Curves then coming home and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

  (I still have 2 seasons to go before I am caught up)

Maybe all of the creative rush projects that I did before this month have my brain tired but I think I am going to take a creative break for the rest of the week and just watch my shows. 

I start a new work week on Sunday so it will be back to the grind at the hospital for me and for some reason the when I am at the hospital I always think up scrapping ideas, I think I will blame Dr. Olfson for that one!  Smile

See you next week and hopefully I will have some finished layouts I can show.   Have a happy and safe week.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Madness & Curves

It has been a couple of very busy weeks here in Scrap Room land.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving off from the hospital with the family.  Mom and I cooked a fabulous meal and after we had a Castle marathon.  Thanksgiving was the only holiday I had from the hospital this year and because I am working all of Christmas I had to get my butt in gear and get everything Christmas related done ASAP. 

So Black Friday we decorated the house and I was able to get all of the gifts wrapped and under the tree.  I had all of the Christmas cards made and ready to go before Halloween so those were off the list. 

Next came the end of the year bills that had to be done before I start the work marathon the last 2 weeks of December.  So this week I was able to get the Home Owners insurance paid, Property Taxed paid and paid the yearly HOA dues.  I am always so scared I am going to forget to pay one of these bills that I normally just get them done all at one time. 

I even found time to join Curves again!  I am at my all time highest weight and I do not like it one little bit!  It is pretty bad when my scrubs start getting tight!  So here is the plan, When I did Curves before and actually worked out 3 times a week I saw a difference and felt so much better, but when I slacked off and goofed off I did not get any payoff for the little effort that I put in.  This year because I want to loose about 40 pounds, If I am off work that day, I have to go to Curves BEFORE I am allowed to scrapbook!  If I want to sit on my rear and play I have to work out for 30 short little minutes first.  I am also doing this for me.  I am tired of not feeling pretty and feeling like I look like a slug.  I may never be 120 pounds again but I can look and feel better. 

Artwork?  You want to see Artwork? 

Ok here are the layouts that I completed before Thanksgiving but did not have time to post.