Friday, April 27, 2012

Still Catching up

We made it home from Branson Sunday night and I think I was awake about 2 hours before I hit the bed.  I was beyond tired!  I went back to work Monday and Tuesday and by going back to work I learned a valuable lesson… next time I chaperone a trip with Kaela again I am just going to take the next week off from work.  We had a wonderful time but we had activities from 8:00 am to Midnight each night for 4 days. 


This is 6 in the morning all loaded up and ready to hit the road!



First stop – South Eastern Oklahoma University.  We were treated to breakfast, a campus tour and then it was time to perform.


This was about 9 in the morning and they do not look like they are ready to sing but once we woke everyone up …. they sang Smile 


So we make it into Branson, a little later than expected still doable.  All 3 buses of kids are starving and before we can get to dinner one of the buses has a breakdown.  It did not take long to get it fixed and we were back on the road.


One of the best dinners I have ever had!  LAMBERTS! Yes we took pictures of our plates because the food was not there long Smile 


Once everyone was fed it was time to go play with the Go-Carts.  I have no idea where we were but they waited for us…. we were 2 hours late getting there and had a complete blast!  You can not tell the kids had been awake since 4 am! 



Is now a good time to tell you that Kaela does not have a drivers license?



Here comes Barbara around the bend!  Grandma was kicking butt.


The next day we were off to Branson Landing for a little shopping. After shopping it was back to the hotel for some pool time before time to get dressed for the Dixie Stampede. 



Grandma Barbara got them all jacked up on sugar Smile Yes my little friends that is a lot of fudge.  Between bites of fudge they would start singing to the radio that was playing.  I just sat back and made a memory.


After swimming it was time to get dressed for the Dixie Stampede.  We were not allowed to take pictures in the building, but we had fun outside the building.




After the dinner show we had some time to go back to the hotel for more swimming before lights out.  Barbara had time to take photos our room.


I had no idea she took this photo, but if this me on the first day then I am in trouble.  We still have Silvery Dollar City to go! The pool did me in.


They are awake and ready to go.  It is Silver Dollar City time.


I have the best mother in law in the world!  She was brave enough to go on this trip with me and we had a blast.


It was a cold and wet day we enjoyed having a hot lunch to warm us up. 


An old friend and a new friend


A little chat time before the bus started moving.


Time for dinner again.  It was hard getting good pictures inside but it was great food and a great show.

As with all things our trip had to come to an end. Sunday morning bright and early we were back on the bus Allen Bound.


This is how Kaela entertained herself most of the trip but:


When you have a friend in need you lend a back. Smile

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Branson Bound

We have to be on the school bus at 5:45 this morning but before getting my butt in gear I need to take a few minutes for myself in my scrap room. 

We are packed, laundry is done, groceries are in the fridge, lawn is mowed, and the house keepers come in today so I think I have done everything I could think of to leave my husband alone for a few days.  I came home from work yesterday morning and finished the last minute chores because I knew if I went to sleep I would not sleep tonight.  I fell into bed at 9:00 last night and woke up just a few minutes ago (2:30 am), That is a good long sleep for me.  I will wake –up Kaela and Barbara at 4:00 am and our adventure will begin.

Do you think Branson can handle the Allen High School  Choir?

We shall see  Smile

I promised to post the artwork that I have been working on the last couple of weeks.  I have only had a few minutes here or there because the end of the school year is just as killer on the parents as it is on the kids.  I am almost finished with the Family 2009 album, here is part of December:







I am not finished with this pack of photos so the journaling will be added on another layout.  Lisa’s Party pictures really were hard for me to scrap because I wanted to show the fun of the party and she had bright colors but it was also during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season so those colors were in the photo too.  To me the layout needs something but I am not sure what so I am going to go ahead and put it in the album and one day it will hit me about what this layout needs – then I can make the changes.  Until then I am good.  The only layouts I did not include where my Stryper concert layouts.  I used non-CTMH papers and since this is a CTMH blog…. It is rare that I use product that is not CTMH anymore but when I saw the paper I thought – “Yep this screams rock concert!”

Man I really want to play right now but there is not way I am going to get a project started only to have to stop for the next 4 days.  I am off Sunday night so that will have to do for now. 

Until Sunday – have a safe rest of the week.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Busy Week

This is a big week for Kaela and her High School Choir.  They have been working hard all year and even won Sweepstake's (the best you can do) in their UIL Choir contest this week! They having been planning a choir trip all year and it is almost here. 

Ladies, we are heading to Branson Missouri with the

ENTIRE Allen High School Choir. 


Mike likes to call them The Allen Uberchoir  Smile

If you think the choir is big you should see the marching band…..

750 members!

AnyHoo – I am not getting into this mess alone.  I am taking my mother in law (Barbara) along with me to help chaperone this group.  The two of us will have 16 teenage girls for 4 days. 

Can you just say a little prayer that we live to come home?

Speaking of UIL

Here is Kaela and her score for her solo performance a couple of weeks ago.


Perfect Score!

Scrapbooking you say?  It is getting closer to the end of the year, I spend more time taking photos than scrapping them during the last 2 months of the school year. 

Bear with me folks Smile

Rock the Block Delivered!

Remember a while back I was going to make a gift to send to my sister’s “little Princess” Miss Addi-tude herself?  Well the weather did not want o give an inch and I had to put some sort of protectant on the blocks to they would last a little while under tiny fingers.

I finally took a paper box from work, lined it with newsprint and sprayed the blocks  in there and left the room for an hour each side just so I would no inhale the fumes.  This took a could of days but I finally finished and dropped it in the mail last week.

Here is the photo that Bridget sent of Addilyn Grace and her rock the block puzzle.


Bridge said she was still playing with it late last night so I think she likes it. 

Mission Accomplished!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blonde Moment!

No photos because I camera is downstairs.

I want to get this down before I get distracted.

(oh shiny thing)!

Before you pop out Chip Board Numbers and before you cover your chip board numbers with Pretty Paper….

Make  sure that you are about to cover the RIGHT numbers!

I just spent an hour covering “2012” with pretty paper for a concert layout… only to look at the tickets once I was done and noticed that the date is “2009”! 

I know I am working on a 2009 album but BLONDE WORKING HERE Smile

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where am I?

I am still here but this week I am helping out at Kaela’s school with the UIL Choir performances.  Where was I last week? The upstairs air conditioner went out again so there was no scrapping for me until it was replaced.

I am so close to having the Family 2009 album finished that I can hardly stand myself but since I miss so much in the way of being home on holidays that I try to help at the school when I can. 

Sometimes life gets in the way of my obsession!  I do have some new artwork but I just need a minute to sit down and get it uploaded

I will try to post the art I was able to get done tomorrow night.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Good Friday and a safe Easter Weekend.

April Crop Night!

As you know I have a crop in my home once a month.  Starting this month I am starting something new that I hope will be exciting.  Each month I will choose a random crop attendee to be the crop hostess.  What does this mean to you? 

Well a couple of things...

1. If you attend crop it will improve your changes of being a hostess one month.

2. If you can not attend crop but want to help your fellow crafter, when you place your order online you can choose to have your order added to her "party".

    This will boost her sales thus allowing her to get even more free CTMH products.

3. In turn when it is your turn any orders placed on the website that are added to your order will boost your sales. 

I keep a record of who attends crop and when but it also will help of you send me an email of when you would like to attend so that I can plan events.  Why do you need to attend crop to be eligible for hostess benefits?  Well for one Crop is FUN! But I need to be able to see you in person to finalize your "party" and help you decide what free CTMH products you qualify for .

I will announce in the Monthly CTMH Newsletter that will be sent to your email address who the next Crop Hostess will be. This month (April) it is:

Amy Eichberger

Ladies - Check your wish lists, the stamp of the month is fantastic!


and you do not want to miss out on the

National Scrapbooking Month Special.