Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bonham State Park

Well what started off in the planning stages as a full family holiday weekend at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose, Texas turned into just the Mike and I at Bonham State Park in Bonham, Texas.  


Last Thanksgiving while we were at Johnson Branch we took the time to plan out all of our camping dates for the year.  I was one day into retirement and we did not want "life" to get way to busy and fill up all of our weekends before we had a chance to go camping.  We thought that Memorial weekend was a perfect weekend to drive to Glenrose with the family since we have the extra day.  Kaela loves to walk the dry river bed and look for dinosaur tracks and this year she would have her camera and be old enough to do some exploring on her own.  Mom has never been to Glenrose so we thought she would like to come with us.

Fast forward:  Mike received an email from Texas State Parks stating that DVSP would not have any electricity was out and would be during our stay.  Mike wanted to just "boondock it" -stay on the generator or just not have any power but um no.   I will be without power if we have no other choice but if we have any say I want at the bare minimum a water and electric site.  So I moved our reservations over to Bonham.  

So at this point we still have a party of 4 coming camping.  Then we find out that Kaela is working all weekend and a double on Sunday.  Ok minus 1.  Then Mom just could not stand the thought of leaving Kaela at home or bunking with a friend.  Ok minus 2.  Then Mom thought that since she was going to home anyways that she would just keep the puppies with her.  Now we are even minus the dogs!  This is a rarity!  Mike and I camping ALONE with no dogs too? 

 Whoo  hoooooo! 

We checked in at about 7:30 last night and it took all of 10 minutes to set up the RV then we sat by the fire and waited for our leftover spaghetti dinner to heat up.  I normally just grab leftovers from the fridge for the first night camping because it is a easy just heat and eat meal when we are starving  but somehow it is almost always spaghetti. It is starting to become a family joke.

The park is full and I love that it is all families.  Kids were on  the swings last night with flashlights and catching fireflies.  By 11:00 pm all of the campers were tucked in their beds.

We woke up this morning to light rain so our walk around the lake with the camera will have to wait.   

I had a few inside "honey-do" items for Mike to work on so we are getting those done. 
When we first bought the RV I printed out some of our favorite camping trips that we had in the pop-up to hang in the new RV.  I have had the photos for a while but was just able to find frames light enough to use in the camper with command strips.  Mike helped me decorate this morning.

The other inside project is that there was not towel rack in the bathroom and it was driving me crazy.  So Mike installed a simple towel bar for me.  I am happy.

  I also as you can see brought my laptop camping for the very first time.  We have had a no computer in the camper since the first camping trip to DVSP.  Mike had to work "a little bit" that weekend and since he could not get signal in the park we spent about 4 hours in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.  Not fun!  

Times change and since the project that allows me to stay home is Mike's second job I relaxed the no laptop rule for the weekends that we need to go camping but he also needs to get some research done.  I have no problem sitting by the fire reading a book while he does research.  But when I want to float in the lake he will have to take a break and come float with me.  That is the deal. 

Since it is raining I am working on this blog post and Mike is sitting across from me researching a "math paper".  It is all Greek to me but he loves it. 
 It works for us.

If the rain stops we want to walk around the lake and I will get some photos posted for you. Until then I think it is time I get a book and read.

Have a great weekend - Stay safe.

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