Friday, May 2, 2014

Branson Is Finished

Do you know what the last layouts of the Branson trip means? It means that I am almost finished with Kaela's 9th grade album! 
Ok I better not get too ahead of myself here I still have to finish the rest of the album but this is a big one for me. 
 I have been working on this album for a long time and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

These pages are from Silver Dollar City.
It was lots of shows, food, and laughter.

It was a chilly day and we were going to be outside for most of it.  
The fun part was that I rented a wheelchair for the day and it was up to the girls to push me around.  
They would groan going up the hills then we would die laughing and almost run over people on the way back down on the other side of the hills.  Without the chair I would have never lasted all day in the park.
The next layouts are from the bus trip back to Allen, Texas.  During the trip to Branson you could tell we were three buses filled with choir kids with all of the singing.

On the way home the bus was as quite as it could get. 
 These kids were TIRED!

If you are wondering where the journalling is... I kept all of the pamphlets and such and the ones that are not scrapped are in the back of the album.

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