Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dinner By Fire

Ah the day draws to a close.

The rain stopped by mid-morning so we were able to have hot dogs over the fire for lunch.  Then came time to just sit and read for a bit.  

I love to sit by the fire and read just as much as I love to help Mike make our meals in the dutch oven but this fire made me sleepy. 
 I went inside for a little nap.

After I woke up the day warmed up enough to try and get into the lake for the first time this season.  I bought a new float this year and was wanting to try it out.

(this is NOT Mike or me) :-)

It is the new Swimways dual float.  No more tying our two float together or trying to hold hands just to stay together on the lake.  All that was missing was our little anchor but she was at home working this weekend.  Kaela used to swim under the floats and get in the little opening at our feet and be our little anchor so we did not float to far out or as she called us "her island".  I have been using this brand of float for over 10 years and they are worth the money, anyhoo back to the lake.... it was a little on the chilly side but we stayed in and our floats worked like a dream.  
We swam for a bit then it was time to make dinner.  When cooking outdoors in a dutch oven you start cooking a little earlier than you plan to eat because you have to get the coals ready.  Tonight's menu was:  stuffed peppers,  cornbread and broccoli.   It was gooood!  Clean up was a breeze and then it was time for more sitting by the fire and reading.  We read so long today that both our Kindles batteries died.  We are having a wonderful weekend.

It is 11:30 pm now so I think it is time for bed.  Stay safe everyone.

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