Thursday, May 26, 2011

Play Time - May

Last Saturday was Crop Night at my house and while it seemed we wanted to talk and eat more than scrapbook I did manage to get a few layouts done.  Tiffani always gets about 20 layouts done so compared to her I was a slug Smile

If you look closely you will see Mike about to sit on a cactus while he tried to get some shots for me.  I was scared I would fall in the cactus so he went in for me and took some wonderful photos.   The next photos show the damage a strong storm did to out little camper. Sad smile     If we were tied of the horse flies having us for lunch then we hung out in the camper for a while.

Now you might ask why it took me all night to do just 4 layouts?  Well besides the conversation, laughter and food I was in a spelling error mood is seems. I could not get “Stormy Days” spelled right and I thought Amy was going to fall out of her chair laughing… mainly because I made sure that I had it spelled right BEOFRE I started to sew!

See you can even make memories during Crop Night!





An Elephant Never Forgets and Neither Do Scrapbooks

I was reading all of my blogs the other day and came across this wonderful post from a fellow consultant.  I loved it so much that I need to post it on my site too just for you to read.  I hope Barbra does not mind.

Monday, April 11, 2011

An Elephant Never Forgets and Neither Do Scrapbooks

Your history is important. The history of your family is important. If you are a scrapbooker you are THE historian for your family. Over this past month my family have been watching the HBO miniseries on John Adams. As direct descendants of his we were especially thrilled to see how he and the other founding fathers started this great country. It made me appreciate history even more and wish that someone had made scrapbooks going all the way back to the beginnings of our country. I sure would have loved to see the lives of each generation of the Adams family laid out in a scrapbook of photos and journaling.

We are lucky because now we can write down that history for our descendants in not only an accurate way but also using our creativity to make it beautiful too. Don't ever estimate the importance of scrapbooking. Preserving the memories of your family is one of the best gifts you'll ever give them. Don't worry if you are "behind" or if your pages aren't quite perfect. Don't be concerned about not having the right embellishment or that you can't remember the exact date the photo was taken. Those trivial items won't even be noticed by the generations after you. What they will notice is that you took the time to share your life and the lives of your family members in a way that would last for years. They'll notice that you cared enough to make sure that they would know who you and your family were, how you lived, what you ate, how you played.

No matter how much or how few pages you've done so far, pat yourself on the back and KNOW that it' so much more than a hobby, you are truly capturing memories.

Posted by Barbra Otten at 6:50 AM

7 Supplies We All Need!

Now these supplies are what I consider important and your list may be different but without these my scrapbooking days would be very short.

1. Adhesive -  Without Adhesive nothing will stick to your pages Smile  Your adhesive needs to hold heavy paper but be removable if you change your mind on placement.   I would also recommend Glue Dots for holding embellishments such as buttons.

2. Solid Cardstock  - If you are on a tight budget and have to choose, you can do so much with just cardstock!  I also love to use it has a beautiful base for Pattern Paper or as we call it at CTMH (B&T paper or Level 2 Paper Packet)

3.  Pattern Papers -  or Level 2 Paper Packs (B&T for short) What a way to kick start the look of your layouts.  These paper packs are what made me become a consultant.  I love them! 

4. Reflections™ Scrapbook Program -  Do you think you are not “creative” or that your pages are “not good enough”.  You WILL love this book.  To me it like a cookbook of scrapbooking and my “go to” when my brain just will not put a layout together  Each layout pattern comes complete with a shaded blueprint, detailed assembly instructions, companion layout guides, photo options, and creative techniques sure to make your memories come to life. You can get even more layouts by just rotating the layout pattern.  Gotta Love That!

5.  Trimmer -  Trust me… do not try to cut your photos with scissors.  Just buy a trimmer and get your cuts straight the first time.  

6. Scissors -  You will need (2) pairs of these.  One pair will be for paper,  smaller cuts, and embellishments and other pair will be just for ribbon.  Do not use your paper scissors to cut ribbon because the paper will dull your scissors and shred your ribbons. In fact tie a string or a ribbon around your “ribbon scissors” so you so not get them confused.  I have had to replace many pairs of scissors before I learned this trick. 

7. Albums -  You need somewhere to place all those pretty pages you are making. 

There are many other supplies that Close To My Heart sells to make your pages stand out and be noticed but these are a few “go to” items.  Do you have these supplies and still need help? Come to one of my Workshop Nights.  With these kits we will learn new techniques and you will love your pages.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emergency Postponement of May 20 Workshop

I signed up to chaperone a choir event this Friday thinking we would be home by 3:30.... WRONG!  Kaela just gave me the schedule for that day and we have to be at the school at 6:30 am and and will be returning at 6:00 pm. Then Kaela has her 8th grade prom the same night!
So I will still have the workshop but it will be on a different date.


I will keep you updated.

See you Saturday!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Still Here

What a weird 2 weeks it has been.  I hurt my back doing laundry (yes laundry) Radar has been sick and making multiple trips to the Vet and now Mike is sick, oh and we have a new puppy!   My back is feeling better but I have to take some time to tend to Mike.

It is not often he is sick and if he misses work I know he is sick.  

So with Mike and Radar doing some major snoozing, I will try to get back into the scrap room tomorrow and see what I can create.

  Now if I could just get Tinkerbelle to do her business outside…..