Friday, January 29, 2010

Sponge Dauber Storage

How come when I start a “Research Project” I end up spending money? While viewing other blogs I learned that you can keep one sponge dauber with your coordinating stamp pad so that when you need to use that color for lets say edging you have a sponge dauber ready for use.  The consultant that gave me this idea (I forgot her name) kept her daubers in with her stamp pad storage. 

I am not able to do this because of the rack that I have my stamp pads in, so Mike and I were trying to find a way to have one dauber per each stamp pad color that I own and have it readily available for use.  While brainstorming Mike was talking about a peg board with post sticking out at an angle…. Duh a spool rack!  So I Googled “spool rack” and came to my rescue again.

Yes, I know that you can wash them but that wears them out and I always make a mess in the process.

Mini Spool rack

This rack holds 60 spools but since CTMH comes out with new colors every couple of years I wanted to be able to expand so I ordered 2 of these.  At $15.00 each Mike said he could not build it any cheaper.  Mike will be able to mount it on the wall for me and I will be able to label each spot so that I know what color is being used.  Now back to research…..

Studying ways to build a crop space

I am starting to research ways to build my crop space and once again I find myself referring to the book I used to design my original scrap space in 2004.


How to organize your scrapspace book

If you are interested this book is still sold at


I forgot all of the wonderful information that this book has that is still relevant.   We all still have printed photos from the “before digital” time, we have negatives, and some of us even have slides.  It is proving to be a great refresher course on photo storage.  Speaking of Storage, now we have to worry about Digital Photo Storage.

Here is a quick re-fresher on why it is a good idea to do back-up’s from the book.

Top 8 Reasons To Do A Backup

  • Power Surges
  • Hard Drive Crashes
  • Human Error (hello a blonde lives here)
  • Hackers
  • Theft
  • Natural Disasters
  • Magnetic Interface
  • Electronic Viruses (been there done that)

So while I continue my research / design on my new Crop Space, I think  I will have Mike work on a back- up.

I am having a ton of fun but I also have to remember to go to bed tonight, I have a Crop Night planned for tomorrow!  YEA!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I’m Still Here

I am in the process of sending 342 photos to Snapfish for printing.  As soon as they come in I will be able to start scrappin again…..

Until then, this weekend is CROP NIGHT / January 30, 2010 at 6:00

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Veranda Workshop Cards Are Complete

After running errands this morning I was finally able to sit down and finish the Veranda Workshop Cards.  Having the workshop pre-cut worked like a charm and I was able to put 5 cards together very quickly.  The workshop makes 6 cards but my lunch fell on the last card. 


It may have taken me a couple of days to complete this workshop, I love the effect.  Now I have 5 cards ready to go, that will be one less trip to the “card store” and because I make them myself they are full of love. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Couple More Checkbook Covers

I was playing on Saturday morning and came up with these additional checkbook covers.  I think Kaela and my mom are going to be very happy.  Kaela will be using hers for her savings account.



If you are coming Crop on the 30th you will be getting a clear checkbook cover and cutting directions to make your own.  Please RSVP that you are coming to crop so that I can save a seat for you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Checkbook Cover

This one is for my Mother in Law… she is doing the Dave Ramsey thing and loves Frogs so why not combine the two.


And here is the backside



The same color where used on the frog as the one I made for Mikes cover.  I hope she will like this one too. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jenny’s “Color Me Monday” on Friday?

Well that did not take too long. I did an Google search for the measurements of the checkbook covers and being a blonde I started to laugh when I read to “use the clear checkbook cover for your template”  Ok, now I am starting to feel stupid! 


The colors are:

  • Cocoa Cardstock (Basic color family)
  • Crystal Blue Cardstock (Winter Cozy color family)
  • Garden Green Cardstock (Autumn Garden color family)
  • Hollyhock (Autumn Garden color family)
  • Exclusive Inks Cocoa stamp pad
  • Black embroidery thread
  • “Diamond” Stickles

Kaela is standing behind me telling me that the hiking boot sticker does not match the Hollyhock or the Crystal Blue, but this is Mike’s checkbook cover and I did not want to go toooo girly.  He wears hiking boots everyday and this just fit to me.   

I have not placed the finished artwork into the cover yet because the stickles are still wet.

  I think he will love it, and since tomorrow is 24 years since I started spending his money somehow this little gift is perfect for the 24th anniversary of our first date. 

Checkbook Covers

If you go to the Jeanette R. Lynton blog (on the sidebar) you will find a weekly blog post called “Color Me Monday”  She pairs colors that you would not expect, gives examples, and challenges you to make your own projects with these same colors.

Most consultants post their artwork on the CTMH Boards, I always say that I am going to try every  color combination but I never seem to sit down and get it done.   Well last week I completed a Mojo Monday card and submitted it to the contest so this week I will try a “Color Me Monday” combo.

The artwork that really hooked me was this checkbook cover….

Janette Checkbook Cover

I ordered some clear checkbook covers, and asked Mike if he would like a new cover.  Mike is always game, so I think I will get started and see what I come up with. I do not have cutting directions, so I expect some cutting boo boo’s.  I will post what I come up with.  While the paper is flying in My Scraproom check out Jeanette’s Blog and get some extra inspiration.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Part way there “Veranda Cards”

Sooo…..I was sitting here watching TV and not really wanting to start a project because I will not have time to finish before I have to go back to bed  (I work at the hospital tonight). 

I was thinking that if I made the cuts I would forget their orientation or sizes when I get to resume the project.  Well duh, I have these little bags that I bought from Hobby Lobby, why can’t I make the cuts and mark the bags, then when can get back to the cards I will be able to follow the CTMH pattern without any problems.


I was amazed when I was finished cutting the amount of paper I still had left from a Level 2 paper pack.  I have almost a complete pack of paper.  I messed  up a cut (watching TV instead of watching my cutting) so I had to use an extra sheet Vanilla Cream but I have no doubt that you will do just fine.





I think I will go back to watching Young & The Restless on TiVo and finish the cards when I get home form work.  BTW I forgot to tell you that this workshop makes 6 cards. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cardmaking with the Veranda Workshop

I love the changes that CTMH has made to the Workshop on the Go (WOTG).  They have made it even easier to make perfect layouts and cards with one kit and you get an exclusive stamp set made for this workshop only.   Today I am going to made the cards from the Veranda Workshop. 

I can not wait to get started.


The workshop even comes with instructions, so that even on the days we are feeling not so creative, it will look like we still have our Mojo going.  Nothing like a little help to get the creative juices going.



I am going to make this workshop today and post the photos later but did you know that you can buy the workshops and make them at home?

  Go to the shopping section of this site, once you are in the store click “Workshops on the Go”  Shopping in your jammies… Ah nothing better.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

On A Roll Now

Well now that I have figured out the process I like this Mojo Monday thing.  This sketch is from September 21, 2009 Mojo Monday blog. 


Am using CTMH Emporium Level 2 paper pack and black embossing powder. The Stamp used is The “Thank You”  Stamp (D1361)

I did it! Mojo Monday

I am very happy with how this turned out (doing my happy dance)!  This card was made using the “You Rock” Level 2 paper pack.


I normally have trouble with sketches that do not have cutting instructions but by using my scrap pieces I did not waste any paper when I messed up a measurement or a cut. 

This is what happens when you leave your comfort zone every once in a while.     Pardon me while the Pug and I do our happy dance.

Scrap Room 2010

For all of us who have scrap rooms we know that they are constantly changing.  Here is mine as of right now.  I have some de-cluttering to do but until the  crop area is finished (in the next room)  this will have to do.  Here goes:

Walking in from the door



Going around the room


Where I sit 90% of the time



From the closet looking out towards the door


Since I played ALL day it was time to clean up the mess. 

The way Mommy plays

It looks like a tornado as been thru my room


But in the process of catching up on watching The Young & the Restless I am also brushing up on some stills.  I am wearing more embossing powder than made it on my cards and the Pug as left the room but I am having fun today.  No laundry, no errands, no “TO DO” list … just playtime.



When is the last time you just had a play day?  What about January 30th?  Will I see you at the crop?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mojo Monday 120 Attempt

I have never tried to reproduce a Mojo Monday sketch but I have always found them interesting. My brain must be tired or I might not have my Scrappin Mojo tonight but here is what I have so far for my attempt at “Mojo Monday Sketch 120”

(no laughing)


Maybe when I get a little coffee in me it will start to come together (I hope)

Late night layout

I am just about finished with Kaela’s 6th grade album.  This is one of the last layouts for field day, being a late night layout by the light of the day I am left wondering:

  1. What is missing?
  2. What was I thinking?


The journaling will be on the second half of the layout, that is still not finished.  Maybe it will grow on me…

Monday, January 4, 2010


I am getting ready to place my personal January order and as I was going over my list I noticed I forgot something. Last time watched  Art & Soul on CTMH TV “Happy Highlights” I wrote down that I wanted to order the Posterboard Alphabet set (E1014) for myself.  Well as I was going back over my list today, I could not remember how I wanted to use this stamp.

So I re-watched “Happy Highlights”  Call me blonde but I realized that Art & Soul can be used as a reference library for techniques and it is available 24/7 and at your fingertips. 



So take a moment to watch another episode of Art & Soul to not only get the scrapping fever started again but also to re-fresh or learn some new skills.  As always you can reach Art & Soul through my website (press the CTMH button on the right) Just to to CTMH TV and enjoy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Photo from Crop Night

This a a shot from one of the last crop nights we had.  We make a mess but love every minute of our time together.


See you January 30th, 2010 at 6:00pm