Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Everything is up to date

Well it took a good nights sleep, coffee, and some help from my CTMH sisters but my Close To My Heart calendar is up to date and ready to go.  It is amazing how when you forget one little step how nothing works :-)

Sneak Peak Time:  The stamp of the month artwork is up for the next 4 months.  To check it out press the Close To My Heart button to the right and go to “ Calendar”

Also the 2010 Idea Book / Catalog is in the mail for those of you who placed an order with me during the last year.  If you would like a free catalog all you have to do is place an order for scrapbooking supplies. You can even shop in your jammies!

I will be working the next couple of nights at the hospital so I will take a moment now to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Be safe and happy.Spring Idea Book 2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going Green

No matter how hard we try to use every little piece of paper for our scrapbooking, we will have some unusable scraps.  In the past I have told myself that I would have one trash can for trash and one can just for paper so I could recycle that paper.

  Today I made it just a little easier for me to keep that goal.



If this recycle can does not help me stay on track with trying to recycle my paper scraps then I am afraid that nothing will. 

Will I be able to keep this resolution?

Celebrate National Papercrafting Month with Felicity!

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1. Purchase it at full retail price for $34.95 (CC1008)

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3. Place an order of $125.00 or more in full - priced CTMH products and receive one FELICITY collection for free!  (CC1008B)

Campaign Dates: December 15, 2009 to January 31, 2010

YEA! This is just in time for the new SPRING Idea book / Catalog


I am having a major blonde moment!

Tonight is the night I set aside for getting my 2009 CTMH  tax information in order (check that one off the list), and getting my CTMH calendar up to date with the Crop Dates for the year and artwork for the next 4 stamp of the month specials. 

I was able to get all of the images downloaded without any trouble and I am able to enter the information into the calendar but I am having trouble getting the images to show up in the calendar (ugh) ! I really do not want to have to ask Mike to come up here to help…. he just finished spending 3 hours getting the scanner to work on my new computer, I really do not want to ask for more…… BUT I may have to :-(

Send PRAYERS that I can get this to work all by myself…..time to try again.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I need a little scrapbooking time

I am still in the middle of my work rotation and will have family at my house for about another week but I needed to be in the scrap room for just a minute.  Here are a couple more layouts.



Kaela is working on her first book report


Kaela & Mike at her last Father / Daughter dance last year.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A White Christmas in Texas

I have lived in Texas since 1986, and this is the first year we have had snow for Christmas!  We went to my in-laws house (Lewisville House) for Christmas Eve and all of the babies had a blast playing in the snow that was falling.  Now for those of you who do not know anything about Texas, this is a ton of snow for us :-)


When I woke up this morning it was still on the ground so it is truly my first  White Christmas.


P1000216 P1000224 P1000225 P1000231 P1000240

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mikes Moment

Mike tells the world every time I have even the slightest of accomplishment so if you will pardon me for just a moment I have to gush about him.  

These magazine covers represent every article he has written that has gotten published.  He finally has them framed and on the wall.  I love the way they turned out and the wall color just makes them pop.

If I have not told you lately… Mike I am so proud of you and I can not wait for you to fill up that wall! 




A couple of weeks ago I was on vacation, it was the kind of vacation were I had no plans except to scrapbook all week long.  Well as it turned out I was a total night owl (as usual) while I did sleep ALL day, I also managed to get some scrapbooking done at night. 


Here are a couple of the layouts I was able to finish during that week off.  The photos were taken in March 09 during a warm spring day.  The family wanted to take a walk but I was already dressed for work.  I grabbed the and while they played I was able to get some great shots.


DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004


I am so happy with how these layouts turned out.  Just another Faster, Simpler, Easier layout thanks to the Reflections Scrapbook Program.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What a night!

Tonight Stryper came to Dallas!   Mike and I have been Stryper fans since we were in high school, this year is the 25th Anniversary of Stryper as a band so you better believe I had to be there.  I do not have the pictures ready yet but I will be posting a couple ASAP along with the layouts I make from this special night.


Now it is time to go downstairs for some coffee and chocolate pie.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little organization

I have been in a cleaning and organizing mood the last couple of weeks.  After living on the CTMH message boards I found some options I just could not live without.  I can not remember the names of the ladies I borrowed these ideas from but they are NOT my original ideas.  I am just happy there is someone out there with fantastic ideas that work so great in my room.

Here are a few that I have completed and The Perry Family has a major project we will begin working on very soon…. (a larger crop room in the old game room) shhhhhh, you did not hear that from me yet.

These file carts live under my desk to my right so I just have to reach down and pick out the color that I need.  PERFECT!

Scraps bucket for all 60 colorsDSC_0001


A close up of the tags


Solid cardstock storage in color families


Close up of the slots


My Favorite Stickles storage


Velcro dots make this job easier


All of my Sickles in a row


So while I have not been creating scrapbook pages, I have been trying to make my room just a little bit more user friendly.  As a side benefit not only have I been able to find supplies I thought I was out of but I have found myself using all those “paper scraps”.  I am having a ton of fun making cards from the smaller pieces of paper that is left over from larger scrapbook layouts. That is sure to make my scrapping allowance go just a little further.

Pick One

Have you ever had a day when you just could not pick just one?  I was scrolling around in Picasa and found this great picture of Kaela during her 6th grade field day.  I love that she just said heck with it and took one of each. 


Meet my constant Scrap Room companion


This little guy is Radar.  He seems to think that I am not allowed to go into My Scrap Room without him.  Radar tends to lay down directly behind my chair so that when I roll around I run over him every time.  You would think the self respecting pug  would find a new place to sit and watch.  Well I say he is with me all of the time, I just looked behind me and he is gone!  Well it is very late so I guess he gave up and went to bed.  Every now and then the cat will join us but most nights it is just me and him.  Being the second in command Radar  also gets the first look at all of the contents of the CTMH boxes that get delivered when I have new supplies coming in.  Radar loves the smell of new paper when you open the bag for the first time. 

A small peek at the madness in progress

This mess was created during an all nighters I pulled during Mother’s day.  I was feeling very creative and was just pumping out the pages.  Some items in this photos I love to have around while I scrap are the TV of course, my IPod, the computer, the  CTMH ” Reflections” how to book and a large Sonic drink.  

Mike was sitting to the left of me most of the night so I could play with my scrapbooks and spend time with my husband at the same time.  Sometimes it is just the little things.

My Card Kits for Crop Night

Crop night always seems to sneak up on me… I know I am the one that plans the night but I get so caught up in getting the house ready and setting up the crop area that I forget to plan a project for myself to do.  Because of this I tend to drag all of my stuff downstairs or spend half the night running back upstairs to get something I forgot.  So for January I have a plan… I made myself card kits!  I put in a sappy movie and just starting putting the elements together.  The large cutting and stamping are done so on Crop Night I have the detail trimming, assembly, and embellishments to place and bingo you have a card.










I think I have 4 different kits in this box so that should keep me busy for the night. Each kit is in a quart size zip top baggie with notes and a sample card or photos of what I plan to create.   I will take my card kit box downstairs along with my scrap bag and will be all set and able to visit with my friends at the same time.    This plan worked out great when I was mass producing my birthday cards for this year.

Be very careful when stamping all of those images when getting your kits ready, I did have an ER visit because of “scrappers pinky”!  It is a very long story but in short, try not to stamp for hours at a time or you will pay for it later, in actual pain or just a pain in your wallet.

Note to self:  Take breaks when stamping, no matter how much fun you are having!

About Me

I am Jennifer Perry, a fellow scrapbooker and Close to My Heart Consultant.
I discovered scrapbooking in 2001 and found CTMH in October 2005 and I am proud to say that CTMH is my full time career. What a fun way to spend my days! Because of CTMH my family and I have been on 4 vacations in conjunction with the yearly convention for consultants and I have meet many fabulous men and women that I now consider friends.

It is my goal to capture moments to share with my family and friends. Please let me help you do the same.

Feel free to contact me:
Cell: 214-334-4657

Dry Erase Boards

I found these frames in a local after market store and found them to be the perfect size for dry erase boards.  They are very simple to make.  Just pick your paper pack that you want to use and using the cardboard that comes on the back of the frame layout your design.  You may have some paper trimming to do on the sides or bottom depending on your frame.  Do not forget to put the glass back into the frame.  This is going to be your “dry erase” surface and can be used with any dry erase markers.

For Kaela’s Board I added stitching to the title to make it a little more custom make for her.  I also added her favorite photos on the bottom half.  It hangs just next to her desk for quick reminders about chores or upcoming assignments.  Both of these boards were made with the Level 2 Notebook paper. 

To change the photos or paper just take the frame apart and place new photos and papers to keep your board up to date and looking fresh.  I love this idea so much that I made one for my mother and as soon as I find the right kind of frame my mother in law will be getting one too.


For mine, I wanted it to be more of a note station.  We have it hanging just before you go out the door and it is perfect for the “hey do not forget list” or  notes between Kaela and myself.  Kaela loves being able to leave little love notes on for me when I wake up, today it is a Christmas Tree, a couple of days ago it said to “leave me alone” so you just never know what you are going to get with a 13 year old.