Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stepping Up Your Stamping

Here is another sneak peek at the beautiful artwork to go LIVE in only 6 days!

Convention Projects 2012

One of the reasons I love going to convention is not only the business classes but also the art classes. This year I decided to concentrate on the business classes so I brought all of the art home to work on.  

Since we only have a couple of days before the CTMH Fall / Winter 2012 goes live  - I can now post the artwork I have been working on with the new products.

For some reason my camera lens is blurry, I think I may need a new one.

The first class they had or “make and take” was featuring the Flirty paper pack.  This is such a funky, vibrant paper pack and I loved using it.



I used the Flirty paper pack (X7160B) and the Love Blooms Stamp (C1511) on page 50 – 51 of the new catalog.

Next up is a page that I am going to use as the first page of Kaela’s 9th grade album because it sums up her whole year Smile

This is a page that uses all cardstock and one stamp set. Again we are using the Love Blooms stamp. Tell me what you think?


Cardstock, inks, buttons, stamps, sparkles, ribbon and Dimensional  elements really made this page pop out. 

Oh my darling – Oh my darling – oh my darling Clementine.  Oh how I love you …. Clementine paper pack (X7156B)



The stamp set (stars shine bright)  that was used on this page is the stamp we received during the CTMH Awards dinner and it will not be sold in the catalog.   BUT… I seem to have an extra one because Mike was my guest at the dinner.  The first person to place an order on my website before July 31 will be the lucky winner!  Hurry I only have one extra stamp set and there are only 5 days left in this month!

Lets move on to CARDS!

Meet my new FAVORITE stamp set – Pun Fun (C1505)




I had a little trouble getting the sparkle ribbon to stay in a straight line but I have trouble keeping me in a straight line so it fits. Smile 



This is my first try at a mini album and I was having so much fun talking with the ladies that I was not paying attention to what I was doing so you only get to see the front cover.  The Mini Album featured the Avonlea paper pack (X7155B)  This paper pack is so versatile that I did not realize I was using it until I came back home and was looking in the catalog again. 

I ordered another blank mini album (Z1791) so that I can try this project again and this time do it right! 

There is a Card Workshop that features the Avonlea paper that is on my list for next month.  The stamp in this workshop is worth it alone but the cards are beautiful!

WOTG_AvonleaCards (1)

Last but not least is Kaela working on the Canvas Journal


The picture of this Journal did not come out so you will just have to come to Crop this Saturday to see it first hand.

So a couple of items to remember:

If you want a chance at the EXCLUSIVE STAMP SET – be the first to place an order on my website by July 31st.

Crop Night is this Saturday (July 28th) at 6:00 pm.

Be there or be square!  Smile

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Calling all “Room Mothers”

I am so excited!  There is a workshop in the new Idea Book that has never been done before… a Cricut Workshop on the Go that features a Level 2 paper pack “Spellbound”.   Now you can plan the perfect party using your Cricut Artiste cartridge.

When I saw this workshop my first thought was those class Halloween parties.  It will now be stinking easy to pull a class party off and be the talk of the lunch line.  Smile 

Talk about being the “cool Mom!”

 Cricut WOTG_Spellbound 

This is the only workshop on the go that requires The Cricut Artiste Collection Cartridge.

Create a Halloween party for 8, including:

  • Treat Bags
  • Cupcake Picks & Liners
  • Soda Wrappers
  • A Banner

The Spellbound Kit includes:

1- My Reflections Spellbound Paper Pack

1- My Acrylix Spellbound Cricut Workshop Stamp Set (C-size)

1 – Sunset Bakers Twine (10 yards)

1 – Foundry Pin Clips

6- Jump Rings (for banner)

1 – Instructional Brochure

For more information on this workshop please refer to page 14 of the New Fall / Winter Idea Book & Catalog.

If you are on my mailing list I will be putting the idea books in the mail next week.   The Idea Book / Catalog goes live August 1, 2012

If you are not on my mailing list and would like a catalog mailed to your home please email me at with your home address and phone number.  I do not “cold call” my customers but like to have your number for shipping questions.

If you are coming to Crop Night July 28th let me know so I can have your catalog here waiting for you a couple of days early.

See you soon.

Cricut Artiste Collection

You asked for it!

Introducing the second Cricut Cartridge from CTMH the Artiste Collection.


  This new collection is over the top with 700 images featuring:

  • Themed Projects
  • Interactive Cards
  • Awards
  • Robots
  • Spooks
  • Weddings
  • Holidays
  • Cupcake liners
  • Invitations
  • Party favors

Putting together the 3-D items will be a snap with the project reference chart and separate step by step assembly book.  Look for the up-coming video on my online site to watch the Artiste creation process in living color

(click Ideas & Inspiration).

The Cricut Artiste Collection will be available to order

August 1, 2012


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is a happy day in this house… The 2012 Fall / Winter Idea Books came in yesterday and today the Bundles that I ordered while at the National CTMH Convention came home.


I placed all of the bundles on my dining table then ran upstairs to get the shot off the balcony.  This photo does not do any of the papers or the new colors any justice what so ever.  You will just have to take a look for yourself when you get your idea book OR order your own new products. 

There are 2 more paper packs that I did not buy and all of the WOTG.  Let’s just put it this way… you are looking at over $500 worth of goodies and I still have another $75 a month on my wish list for the next 6 months.  There is that much new stuff.  REALLY!!

Time for me to start putting all of this away.  Now can you see why I needed to re-organize and purge some products?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stand Still….

This is the video that Stacy Julian played during  her moving talk at  General Session.  I am not sure there was a dry eye in the house.  I loved the song so much that I just bought the CD.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coming Soon…

What a busy day.  Kaela had her wisdom teeth removed this morning so she is sleeping in the middle of the living room floor and after the stress of both of us crying before surgery – I have a feeling we will be in bed early tonight.    She was crying because she was scared and I can not let anyone cry alone.

A quick reminder that I am getting Idea Books ready for the mail.


If you would like your own copy – email me your address and I will be happy to send one to you too.



Personal Stock SALE!

After taking stock of what I have and what will be coming in day after tomorrow (I went crazy at convention). I realized that I am going to have to hold a sale. Surprised smile

I have been known to sale the occasional stamp set but I have never sold my personal stock.  Well ladies I have 14 colors that are  retired or about to retire that I am willing (NEED) to sale.

Here is the list:

Bubblegum – Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker, Sponge Dauber & DMC Floss

Petal - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker,  & DMC Floss

Orchid Bouquet - Cardstock, Ink Pad, DMC Floss

Hydrangea - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker, Sponge Dauber & DMC Floss

Spring Iris - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker,  & DMC Floss

Star Spangled Blue - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker,  & DMC Floss

Key Lime - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker, & DMC Floss

Clover Meadow - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker, Sponge Dauber & DMC Floss

Lilac Mist - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker,  & DMC Floss

Garnet - Cardstock, Ink Pad, & DMC Floss

Orange - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker,  & DMC Floss

Sunny Yellow – Cardstock , Ink Pad

Taffy - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker,  & DMC Floss

Watermelon - Cardstock, Ink Pad, Re-Inker, Sponge Dauber & DMC Floss

I will have these ready for the next CROP NIGHT July 28, 2012 @ 6p.m.  The Collection packs are $3  to $5 depending on what is in the packs.

The cardstock ranges from a few sheets to almost a full pack. 

Considering a stamp pad alone is $5.25 this is a awesome deal!

P.S.  If you are not local and would like in on the deal. Email me your address and what collection you would like to buy.  I can mail them to you but I will need your address and $5 for postage.  If the postage is less I will mail your change in your  box.

My email is jperry@myscraproom .net

My address to mail collection and postage money:

1504 High Country Lane

Allen, Texas 75002

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Say Goodbye to 24 Colors

I need to send a big thank you to Kristina Baldwin (CTMH Sister) who was tech savvy enough to add the stamp pads to the list.  I wanted to show you the colors but could not get it to work on my end. 

As far as I can tell all of these colors are open and ready to go on the website.  If you want any of these colors JULY 31st is the last day they will be available but they are starting to sell out so hurry.   

These colors are not part of the group that I am selling at crop. 



Garden Green


Spring Iris






Pansy Purple


Grey Wool


Grey Flannel


Vanilla Cream




Brown Bag


Baby Pink






Sunkiss Yellow


Key Lime


Heavenly Blue


Lilac Mist




Holiday Red


Vineyard Berry


Sunny Yellow


Dutch Blue




The entire collection is going to retire: 

Cardstock, Markers, Ink Pads, Re-inkers.

Convention 2012 In A Nutshell


Man o Man I had fun! 

But it is so nice to be home.  My head is spinning with thoughts and ideas along with lists of plenty of work to get done in the next 2 weeks.

Why do I only have 2 weeks you ask? 

Well the new 2012 Idea Book is shipping to me as we speak so I need to get those processed and in the mail to you.  Then there is finishing all of of the artwork to show the Crop Ladies during Crop July 28, 2012 @ 6:00pm.

Kaela is having her wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning so along with her surgery I will have plenty to get done this week.

I am so glad I am still on VACATION!  Smile 


General Session started off with a bang with tons –0-fun and huge amounts of information.  My most important nugget is that we can get all of the colors of cardstock in bulk packs again!  (40 colors)

We have 24 colors that are retiring this catalog and 6 news ones coming in.  There will be 40 colors total!

  I will make a second blog post with a list of that colors are going.

The only colors that are going that you can buy in bulk in the current catalog are:

Grey Wool (5571)

Vanilla Cream (x 5646)

All of the other colors that you can currently buy in 24 packs of solid colors are staying. 

All of the Cardstock Shade Packs are going to RETIRE!


As we were leaving General Session we were given these cute and super functional backpack / shoulder bags that contained the NEW IDEA BOOK along with the supplies we needed to make our artwork to come home and show you.  That was one heavy bag!

Did I hear you say that you want one? 

Hmmmm there might be a way?

In August if you sign up to be a consultant not only is the price of the consultant kit dropping to $49.00 but in AUGUST as a new consultant you will get one of these totes for FREE!


The current price of the Consultant Kit is $99.00 so if you are sitting on the fence the price changes August 1, 2012.  Do not forget that you will also get this great tote if you sign up in August too!

It was time for our first Create and Take session.


It was elbow to elbow and wall to wall –paper flying fun!  Look real close and you might be able to see new product in this photo. 

Tebble and I were only able to stay for the first layout session because we wanted to dash over to a business class.  We needed more of the business classes that were offered.  Tebble and I both can do the art work at home to get ready to show you but the business classes are only once a year.


In the business class: Have Your Cake (and Eat It Too!)

We learned to understand how, what and why of all the new products is a piece of cake!  It was a session to learn all of the recipes for success but of course I walked away wanting to buy everything!  Smile

We went off to dinner with Idea books in hand and our convention notebooks ready to make more notes and lists.  One of the best things about convention is that even when you are “not in session” there are consultants in every corner willing to sit and have a meal while discussing ideas and business plans. 

These women are a wealth of knowledge and I could not write fast enough.


Now if you know me or you have been reading the blog for a while you know that I listen to the Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast and I really listen if Stacy Julian is on the panel. 

Stacy was the Keynote Speaker during the General Session on day 2!


Her personal stories of scrapbooking and family memories had us laughing or in tears all at the same time.  I did not take notes during her session because I just wanted to listen bug I should have… parts of the talk I really wanted to remember and thought I could – I guess this is a lesson on why we really should journal!


Monica Wihongi and Stacy Julian

Monica is the Vice President of Training/Events and CS at Close to My Heart and you know when she speaks you are going to have a great time along with great info.  Mike saw her for the first time during the Awards Dinner and thought she was “gorgeous”.  I would have to agree that she is both on the inside and outside. 

My second business class was: Bringing Studio J to the party!

It was taught by:  Brian Homan


He is just the sweetest guy ever but he is the resident NERD of CTMH. 


Can you see the MACBOOK PRO on stage just behind him?  I really wanted to hear this class because you know that Studio J is not my strongest point being a consultant.  While I love Digi Scrapping, it does not love me back! 

But given the spreadsheets and screenshots on the big screens along with the tone and speed of his “geek speak”  this poor man just put me to sleep.   BUT I was not the only one asleep… David (Janette’s husband) was in the back of the room asleep too!  Monica caught him and spilled the beans during the next days general session! Smile  I did not feel so bad after hearing David was sleeping too. 

Friday night was the Awards Dinner and I was so happy that after attending 2 convention dinners in the past alone that Mike was able to join me.


Yes I know that I look tired…. This seems to be “my look” lately.

The entertainment for the evening was the Texas Tenors.  I had no idea who these guys were but I do now!  Man can they SING!



So in my closing thoughts I will leave you with a photo from the hotel lobby.


If you really look you can see consultants sitting down enjoying each other and the new IDEA BOOK that will be going LIVE August 1, 2012. 

Now I bet you can not wait!

All photos were pulled from the CTMH Website or Monica’s personal FB page