Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shopping Day

Yesterday was a slow and easy day.

 We started our time off at the General Store checking email and sending  blog posts. Then we walked around the Grand Canyon Village and did a little shopping.  I am very happy I started going back to Curves when I did because the walking this time has been much easier and my legs have only hurt for a few minutes each morning. 

I was able to get a “I hiked the canyon” sticker and I also found a mule sticker for Mike.  We do not like putting stickers on our cars but the RV seems to be fair game.  It will be kind of like a moving scrapbook of stickers on the back wall.
I told Mike I would like to go to all 58 of the National Parks as a bucket list.  I found a book and it seems we have already been to 6 parks.
Mammoth Cave (before kids)
Hot Springs
Carlsbad Caverns
Petrified Forest
Grand Canyon
Glacier Bay 

There are a couple more that I have to check past scrapbooks to see if we were there.   We are only counting parks we have been to together.  It makes me want to start over and go back just for the bumper stickers (hee hee).  Note to self: look online to see if I can order the stickers for the parks we have already been too.

In other news:
I have been trying to keep a distance from the CTMH convention information but could not stand myself and logged into the site and read all of the exciting news. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love going to convention but this year as an entire family we decided to come to the Grand Canyon so it was my decision not to attend but having limited internet access has really helped me not go crazy that I am not at Disneyland.

Back to the news:
Five new colors – Thistle, Glacier, Flaxen, Canary, and Pixie.  I have not seen the colors yet but I know the names.  :-)
Cricut Cartridge – Artfully Sent
New Card Kits
New Embossing Folders

That is really all I know for now.   My pre-release catalog will be waiting for me when I get home.  Then I will be able to sit down with a cup of coffee and study the new catalog. 

One nice bonus about a house sitter is I know the catalogs  will not be outside in the cold feeling unloved.  :-)

As a reminder:  The catalog goes LIVE August 1, 2014.  I will no longer be mailing out catalogs.  You are now able to add a single catalog to your online order.  We have never been able to offer that option to customers and I am so excited about it. Why?  Well for a couple of reasons.

1.  You will no longer have to wait on the media mail option that I have used in the past to get your catalog in the mail. The Media Mail can take up to 2 weeks to deliver your catalog once I mailed it.  YOU will no longer be at the mercy of the consultant and when she can make a post office run.
2.  By ordering your catalog online alone or with an order it comes directly from corporate and normally by Fed Ex so not only will you have a fun box of goodies to play with but a beautiful catalog in a very timely fashion.

If you attend Crop Night then you will get your catalog free that night.
July 19, 2014
Time to close this post for now.  I do not want to over stay my welcome in the coffee shop I am getting WiFi from and there is only so much I can drink.
I think today will be a lazy day, My kindle is calling.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pink Jeep Tours

Yesterday we took the Purple line (bus) into town to check out the sights.  
 The first place we stopped was the Imax theater.  Inside the lobby was the desk for the Pink Jeep Tours (Jenny wants). 

No joke 45 minutes and a $65 lunch of pizza we found ourselves on a 3 hour pink jeep going to see the sights. 

If you go to many “tourist destinations” you will find some sort of tour package some where.  In  Vegas a couple of years ago we did the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.  This time we did the Pink Jeeps – the tours are well worth the money because they get you into places you can not go on your own. 

Larry was a great tour guide and we were able to get some fabulous photos from spots we have not been before.  He also gave us some tips on restaurants to stay away from if we did not want to be in the bathroom the rest of the trip.  Very thankful for that.  I know I am doing most of the cooking but I left room for eating out too.

Larry even took my camera to take a cute photo of all of us in the jeep.

After the tour we went back to the campsite to meet up with Bob & Barbara (in laws) they are stealing the kids for the weekend and taking them to Flagstaff to see more family and we went to the Arizona Room for a steak dinner (prime rib in my case) worth writing home about.  It was that good.  But I am not sure I will have another half glass of wine with dinner again this trip.  After the bus dropped us off at the front of the Trailer Village, Mom and I started giggling so hard that we were having a hard time walking and poor Mike could barely keep us standing – that is what happens when I drink a HALF glass of wine.  Mom did did not have anything to drink she was just giggly.

  I think it was time for bed for all of us. 

1 RV 3 Teenagers

It has been a jam packed week here in the Grand Canyon.  The only person in our group with any cell service is Merrick and we have to go to General Store for Wi-Fi but who wants to stay in doors when you are at the Grand Canyon.

Tuesday we decided to take a walk down to the visitor center to start taking the bus system all over the park.  We took a short cut down the middle of the residential area of Trailer Village and ran right into this beauty.

By the way this photo was taken at the beginning of the walk…
 do I look like a tourist?

The walk was longer than Mom could almost handle so after lunch  I took her and Devon back to the camper for a rest and Mike and the girls stayed on the orange line and saw the sights.

On the way back to the camper Mike took this picture of the cutest little elk you ever did see.

When everyone was back at the camper the girls felt the need to decorate “the nest” while Mike and I tried to figure out how to cook since we are not allowed to cook with charcoal due to high fire danger.  BTW did I happen to mention that I brought 100 pounds of charcoal because that is the method we love to cook with while camping.  Wish I had known before we got here that there was a fire and charcoal ban and before anyone says did you ask… I called several times to check conditions before we left and no one mentioned a fire or charcoal ban. 

Wednesday:  I was ready to tackle the Trail of Time.  The South Rim trail from start to finish I think is 13 miles but Mike found the Trail of Time that was only 2 miles from bus stop to bus stop (does he know me or what). 
 What a beautiful walk! 

 For this hike we packed plenty of water and I made sandwiches and snacks to take breaks along the way.   This is when we found out the wildlife can speak English.  Mike wanted to take a water and snack break and said the word “ granola bar” and this guy popped out of the bushes.

This little guy almost crawled in my lap asking for food but he also appeared to be snap trained and backed off when I snapped.  Kaela thought that was cool.

Now I am going to go to the camp store and buy that sticker that says “ I hiked the Grand Canyon”  I know it is supposed to be for the people that go below the rim but hey I hiked 2 miles on a Grand Canyon trail and that is a big deal for me.  That sticker is going on the back of the RV! 

Thursday: Laundry day! 
 You can not travel with 6 people and not have laundry at some point.  I was uber organized about this venture.  Each kid has their own laundry bag, I have a cart that stays on the camper and about $60 in quarters.  Thank goodness I packed my own laundry supplies because there were about 30 teenagers in the laundry / shower mat trying to get their laundry done and get showers too and  no ADULT in the place to corral these kids.  

Why do I mention this?  Because they were on a 23 day road trip and did NOT know how to do laundry!  I was finally able to snag a couple of washing machines and after finally getting one dryer  I was able to get my 7 loads of laundry done.  But I had to guard that dryer with my mothers life.

It took longer than it should have at a large laundry mat to get our laundry done but afterwards we decided that since it looked like weather was coming in it was a good stay in the camper and do nothing.

The rest of the day was just a rest and watch movies kind of day.

We are loving this vacation so far.   

Hitting The Road

After a year of planning the the time has come for the Great Grand Canyon road trip.  Well let’s re-phrase that… it has been a couple of years in planning but only the last year that it was set in stone. 

It was during out road trip out west to the CTMH convention at Disneyland that the first little hatchling of  a plan started.  Convention that year was wonderful and we were making our way back to Texas via Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  We only planned a couple of days per stop because we had to get home and back to work. 

I was sitting on the back steps of RV after making our hotel reservations so I did some research and found Trailer Village – the only RV park in GC.  The full hook-ups are one $45 a night as opposed to the hotel at $100 a night.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Menu Board

I was wasting time on Pinterest one day and decided to look up a menu board.  I have been taking my weekly eMeals recipes and taping them to a cupboard door but I was not happy just having my menu’s flapping in the wind looking like they had  no home. 
I saw a couple of menu boards that were made just like my picture frame whiteboards and knew I could make one of those.

Kaela was not using her white board that I made her 5 years ago so I stole the frame from her room.  I used the Buzz and Bumble retired paper pack.   For the first version I made  I cut out all of the words on my Cricut using Sunset cardstock but after I hung the finished menu board on the door of my pantry I decided that I just did not like the words so I re-did them using Sunset DMC thread and stitched them. 
 I love it now!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Retiring List

It is almost time for a new CTMH Catalog and with every new catalog comes a new retired items list.

We have 5 colors that will be retiring so if you do not have these colors I would place your order very soon - they will sell out!

Creme Brulee

Z1344 12 x12 Post Bound Album- Hollyhock

Z338 Euro Personal Paper Trimmer

Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit

1514 Tombow Adhesive

1515 Tombow Adhesive Refill

Z1311 Circle Punch 1 1/4

Z1789 Chalkboard 12" x 12" Sheet

Z1832 Spinner

Z1843 Irresistibles™ Frames

Z1844 Color-Ready Trinkets Wooden Shapes

Z1858 Irresistibles™ Hexagons

Z1863 Color-Ready Midtown Cork Shapes

X7170C Laughing Lola Complements Dimensional Elements

X7171C Sarita My Stickease® Assortment

X7172C ProPlayer My Stickease® Assortment

X7173C Babycakes  Complements Canvas Shapes

X7177C Skylark Dimensional Elements Complements

X7178C Ivy Lane My Stickease® Assortment

X7179C Ariana Dimensional Elements Complements

X7180C Balloon Ride Dimensional Elements Complements

X7181C Jubilee Dimensional Elements Complements

X7182C Timberline My Stickease® Assortment

X7183C Lollydoodle My Stickease® Assortment

Z1039 Create A Shade Pearl Paint

Z1825 Keyboard Kraft Alphabet

Z1835 Tiny Type Epoxy Alphabet

Z1961 Marquee Enamel Shapes–White

Z1891 Base & Bling Teal Jewels

Z1892 Base & Bling Black Jewels

Z1893 Base & Bling Red Jewels

Z1894 Base & Bling Pink Jewels

Z1895 Base & Bling Purple Jewels

Z1854 Laughing Lola Assortment

Z1869 Babycakes Assortment

Z1873 Sarita Assortment

Z1879 ProPlayer Assortment

Z3000 Skylark Assortment

Z3001 Ivy Lane Assortment

Z3002 Ariana Assortment

Z3003 Balloon Ride Assortment

Z3004 Jubilee Assortment

Z3005 Timberline Assortment

Z3006 Lollydoodle Assortment

Z1837 Mini-Medley Accents Wooden Collection

Z1702 Baker's Twine Paradise Assortment

Z1751 Harvest Baker's Twine

Z1760 Burlap Ribbon

Z1808 Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon

Z1826 Hollyhock Zipper Lace

Z1846 Ruby Chevron Ribbon

Z1867 Jute Ribbon

Z1917 Lagoon Zipper Lace

Z1817 Slate Polka-Dot Washi Tape

Z1850 Lagoon Houndstooth Washi Tape

Z1930 Chocolate Woodgrain Washi Tape

Z1911 Designed Décor Frame Kit

Z1874 Base & Bling Necklace

Z1875 Base & Bling Cuff

Z1876 Base & Bling Hair Clips

Z1877 Base & Bling Rings

Z1878 Base & Bling Headband

Z1195 My Creations Memory Showcase 6x6

Z1647 My Creations® Card Box

Z1797 My Creations® Bracket Frame

Z1868 My Creations® Kraft Ring Box

Z1870 My Creations® Kraft Pocket Album

X1404 TrueFitFolios(5)

Z1820 For Always Textiles
Z1885 Sarita Textiles
Z1970 Skylark Textiles
Z1971 Jubilee Textiles

Z1801 Alcohol Blending Marker
Z2400 Marker Set: Twilight
Z2401 Marker Set: Crystal Blue
Z2402 Marker Set: Sky
Z2403 Marker Set: Juniper
Z2404 Marker Set: Sweet Leaf
Z2405 Marker Set: Buttercup
Z2406 Marker Set: Creme Brulee
Z2407 Marker Set: Sorbet
Z2408 Marker Set: Blush
Z2409 Marker Set: Smoothie
Z2410 Marker Set: Gypsy
Z2411 Marker Set: Pacifica
Z2412 Marker Set: Lagoon
Z2413 Marker Set: Topiary
Z2414 Marker Set: Pear
Z2415 Marker Set: Honey
Z2416 Marker Set: Sunset
Z2417 Marker Set: Cotton Candy
Z2418 Marker Set: Hollyhock
Z2419 Marker Set: Cranberry
Z2420 Marker Set: Smokey Plum
Z2421 Marker Set: Outdoor Denim
Z2422 Marker Set: Indian Corn Blue
Z2423 Marker Set: Ponderosa Pine
Z2424 Marker Set: New England Ivy
Z2425 Marker Set: Olive
Z2426 Marker Set: Goldrush
Z2427 Marker Set: Autumn Terracotta
Z2428 Marker Set: Barn Red
Z2429 Marker Set: Ruby
Z2430 Marker Set: Black
Z2431 Marker Set: Slate
Z2432 Marker Set: Whisper

Z2206 Reinker Blush
Z2210 Reinker Buttercup
Z2260 Reinker Twilight
Z2267 Reinker Crème Brulee
Z2294 Reinker Sky  
Stamp Pads  
Z2106 Stamp Pad Blush
Z2110 Stamp Pad .Buttercup
Z2160 Stamp Pad Twilight
Z2167 Stamp Pad Crème Brulee
Z2194 Stamp Pad Sky  
2500 Whimsy Mini Pigment Set
Z4133 Marker Tower  

 Z1271 Cardstock12x12 Buttercup
X5640 Cardstock12x1 2Blush
X5666 Cardstock12x12 Twilight
X5754 Cardstock12x12 CremeBrulee
X5761 Cardstock 12x12 Sky  
X5936 Whimsy Cardstock Combo 

Paper Packs  
X7171B Sarita
X7172B ProPlayer
X7173B Babycakes
X7177B Skylark
X7178B Ivy Lane
X7179B Ariana
X7180B Balloon
X7181B Jubilee
X7182B Timberline
X7183B Lollydoodle

G1072 Workshops on the Go® Skylark
G1073 Workshops on the Go® Ivy Lane
G1074 Workshops on the Go® Ariana
G1075 Workshops on the Go® Balloon Ride
G1076 Workshops on the Go® Jubilee
G1077 Workshops on the Go® Timberline
G1078 Workshops on the Go® Lollydoodle

G1079 Workshops on the Go® Ivy Lane Cardmaking
G1080 Workshops on the Go® Lollydoodle Cardmaking 
A1143 Teddy Bear Birthday

A1130 Quick Cards-Bountiful Season

A1144 Birthday Cheer

A1145 Flowering Thanks

B1407 School Is Here

B1411 Greek Alphabet

B1425 Stitched with Love

B1426 Pick a Posy

C1473 Remarkable Wreath

C1510 Merry & Bright

C1524 Words of Comfort

C1555 Count Your Blessings

C1563 Cityscape

D1483 Glory To God

D1514 Just a Number

D1551 Swirls Around

D1557 Candyland

D1564 Maximum Power