Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still Getting There

Well I was just a little over zealous Smile I was able to get a ton of work done but I am not finished with the Palo Duro Album.  While I am having fun with this album I am just about ready to be done.

Here is what I was able to finish during my marathon day.

DSC_0004 DSC_0005







Did you notice that there is not a lot of Journaling on these layouts?  Since most of this album is scenic photos I have decided to add the “letters” I wrote to myself during this week.   I just put the letters in regular page protectors and added some scrapbooking touches to each page.  The letters are acting as the peak into our week.    For some of the day trips I used the info I collected from the internet to use as the journaling.


Do not forget that TONIGHT is CROP NIGHT!

Where: My home

When: 6pm – until ?

Bring your own project and supplies and lets play. 

I have a feeling the paper is going to be flying!  Smile

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Caved!

Ok, so here was the plan.  I was not going to place a personal CTMH order this month because I have everything I need except for the new

Z1686 Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection 

Cricut Collection

(Click here to buy your collection)

But as I was looking around my room I noticed a few supplies I was getting low on so I was going to place an order just for those items.


After checking the totals I noticed that the “few supplies” was about the same cost as the Cricut collection soooo I ordered the collection early and will order the supplies in October. 

I can not wait for my cartridge to get here!  I really want to play!

So much for not ordering this month! Smile

I might just finish today

I am in the mood to play. I have 2 seasons of Grey’s to watch, several books on my iPod to keep me going and a free day to play.

I can always get the car inspected tomorrow Smile

Since I have ALL day with no other obstacles I might be able to finish the Palo Duro Vacation album that I have been working on.  As  soon as that is finished I really need to get started on the Family  2009 album.

I have plenty of material ready to go for future scrapping here is the list:

Family 2010

Family 2009

Kaela 8th grade 2010 -2011

Kaela’s Summer Cruise with the Grandparents 2010

Those are just the projects that are completely ready to scrap.  The photos are processed and developed, the journaling is done, the memorabilia is matched up with the photos / subjects.  But my motto is that as long as I am organized and the journaling is done, then I am never behind. 

Every January I print the previous years photos all at once, get the journaling and organized and stored for future scrapping.

Ok here goes,

go make coffee, clean kitchen really quickly and come back and scrap!

ready … set …. GO!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to Normal

First of all, thank you for being with me during the great computer melt down.  First I lost the photos drive, then my Windows machine started acting goofy therefore I lost all confidence in that machine.  The Perry’s purchased the Smokin’ Mac Pro desktop but then had the task of not only setting it up but also learning another operating system. 

Thank you to my fellow CTMH sisters for explaining how to Parallel the Mac machine and the Windows system together so that I can still Blog.  Did you know that there is NO decent blogging software for the MAC?  Nope… none!

Then the Windows hard drive that we placed into the Mac decided it wanted to be “read only” and would not let me add photos to it.  Yep I am talking about the brand new “photos” drive that we had to buy when the last one crashed.  Mike had to reformat the drive and now it works too.

Why did we go with Mac?  Mike has a Mac Book Pro  that he has had for years and he drags that thing everywhere, it takes a beating and still looks and acts like it is brand new out of the box.  Mike also has never had any virus attacks on his Mac, all of the other machines in the house have gotten sick but not his! 

That is why I have turned my life upside down to get a better machine.

I did not mind spending little time upfront to get a great machine in the long run

So now that everything in My Scraproom is back to normal here is what I have been working on in the meantime.

  The Palo Duro album is shaping up, and with the new family member in the house (Cricut) I have been trying new layouts and techniques.

I am still learning but have fun in the process.











Some of the layouts were created during the August Crop Night.  We had 2 Cricut Machines going and paper flying everywhere.  Kaela even joined the fun when I needed help trying to learn all about my Cricut Expression.

Leave it to a teen to just look at a machine and understand it.

So what will you be doing on September 24th? 

I am going to be having a grand time at Crop Night! 

Busy Weekend!

Ah, the joys of birthday weekends… Kaela (4th) and I (8th) both had our birthdays this past week but with Labor Day we had to hold off on the family dinner / party until this weekend. 

Kaela decided that this year was the year to get me back for the cupcake mishap during her 9th birthday party concerning me and a certain cupcake in the face.  She just turned 15,

Me thinks this kid can hold a grudge!


How was I supposed to know she would get so hacked off?


Yea, well remind me not to hack her off again,

because this is what happened today:



Sorry about the quality of the photos Mike had to be quick with the cell phone since the camera is around my neck.  I never saw it coming!  Smile

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Get your Thanksgiving cards ready to go.

I love this mat!

I do a ton of painting with Glitz Glitter Gel  and working with sticky tools.  I found this mat at a local scrapbook store and when I saw it I had a huge "DUH" moment :-)

Spat Mat

You can get it here: Spat Mat I just place what ever I want to glitter gel on the mat, play and make the biggest mess that I want and then when the glitter gel is dry the image lifts right up.  The clean up is super easy… a small scraper gently lift the dry glitter glue right off the mat.  

No more using wax paper for me!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Still Getting the MAC Up To Speed!

I am still making artwork and taking photos but I have not found a decent blog writer that will let me post you tube links for the MAC.  So until then this might be the only post until I can find a solution.

Also my "Photo Drive" needs to be formatted for the MAC, so I am unable to save any of the photos on the computer until then.

Yea this process is painful but once we get this machine fully set up it will ROCK :-)

Remember that that CROP NIGHT is September 24, 2011 at 6:00pm.

I can not wait to see you there!