Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Studio J FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions about Studio J™

  1. What is Studio J™ design software?
    Studio J™ is free online scrapbooking design software brought to you by Close To My Heart. Studio J helps you easily create two-page layouts using our foundational scrapbook patterns, exclusive color palette, and themed designs all delivered in 12" × 12" custom prints ready for your albums. It’s a snap!
  2. What makes scrapbooking with Studio J unique?
    Studio scrapbooking is a whole new experience not offered by anyone else, because it follows the Close To My Heart philosophy: Faster. Simpler. Easier.® Studio J uses the same great papers, patterns, colors, and embellishments as classic Close To My Heart scrapbooking, making studio scrapbooking extremely intuitive and super fun! Timeless patterns and artistically placed default accents allow you to finish a page in minutes, while customization options give you the flexibility to make your layouts unique. All the layout patterns are created by Jeanette Lynton, founder and CEO of Close To My Heart—you may recognize some of them from her classic how-to books. These patterns make scrapbooking faster, simpler, and easier than ever before. You’ll be amazed how effortlessly and beautifully you preserve your memories with Studio J!
  3. Do I need to download any software to my computer to use Studio J?
    Not at all! You only need a web browser that supports Adobe Flash and an Internet connection, and then you simply log in to this MyCTMH® website to get started. Feel free to design to your heart’s content—you are not required to buy anything or provide any personal information to get started!
  4. Can I save what I am working on and come back to it later?
    You bet! You can create a customer account that allows you to save and return to a project in progress at a later time. Your active projects will be saved for up to 90 days, giving you plenty of time to work on them. You extend that timeline for your active projects by 90 days each time you make a purchase, and your purchased projects will remain archived for one full year after purchase. We’ll email you when your active projects are set to expire so you can be sure to purchase them before they are deleted.
  5. If I already have a profile with my Consultant’s MyCTMH site, can I use the same account?
    Yes. Your account works for both MyCTMH and Studio J shopping.
  6. Do I need a printer that can print 12" × 12" pages to use Studio J?
    No. Your Studio J layouts are not available for you to print from a home computer. In fact, we take care of the printing for you. When you purchase your designed layouts, we print and ship them quickly and directly to you using only top-quality silver-halide processing and archival papers.
  7. What kind of printing or processing is used when I purchase Studio J layouts?
    Studio J layouts are processed, not printed, using a silver-halide process considered the highest standard in the photo developing industry. Unlike printed papers or images you might print from a home photo printer, the silver-halide process yields “100-year+ quality” that has long been tested and used by the top photo labs in the world. We use the same papers and equipment used by leading labs to produce long-lasting photo prints, so you know your layout will be reproduced with high fidelity and will last throughout the years.
  8. What are the shipping policies for Studio J?
    Basic Shipping
    Close To My Heart products are shipped to the continental United States by United Parcel Service (UPS), to the non-continental US by United States Postal Service Priority Mail, and to Canada by Landmark. Note that UPS does not deliver orders to post office boxes. Studio J layouts ship in a protected box that can hold from 1 to 20 two-page layouts. Standard shipping/handling per box is priced as follows:

    Destination / Shipping Method / Price

    Continental US
    UPS Ground
    $7.95 US

    Non-continental US
    USPS Priority Mail
    $9.95 US

    USPS Priority Mail
    $11.95 US

    Special Shipping Options
    Studio J customers have two special shipping options through UPS for faster delivery time in the continental United States. These options are not available for destinations outside the continental United States. Selecting a special UPS shipping option will not affect the in-house turnaround time of your order (typically 2 to 4 business days).
    UPS or Landmark will notify you by email when an order is shipped to the continental United States or Canada so that you may track the delivery of the order. Studio J orders shipped by USPS do not have tracking numbers.
    Please keep in mind that our special shipping options are guaranteed by the carrier, and Close To My Heart is not responsible for shipping delays after the order has left the warehouse. The special shipping options are:

    • UPS Next-Day Air Saver: This option guarantees delivery the next business day after your order leaves the corporate office. The shipping and handling fee for next-day air is $21.95.
    • UPS Second-Day Air: This option guarantees delivery 2 business days after your order leaves the corporate office. The shipping and handling fee for second-day air is $12.95.

    Note: UPS has fees for any changes of address that are made to a package after they have already picked up the package. Customers requesting this change will be charged $10.
  9. What kind of receipt do I receive when I place my order?
    When you place your order, your web browser will direct you to a printable receipt page. You will not receive an email receipt at this time; however, if you are shipping to the continental United States or Canada, you will receive an email notification sent from UPS or Landmark when the order is shipped.
  10. Can I combine classic and Studio J orders?
    Studio J orders cannot be combined with any other type of order. Studio J layouts are processed and shipped separately from all other Close To My Heart products, with the exception of Memory Protectors® included with certain qualifying orders.
  11. What if I don’t like my layouts when I receive them?
    All Studio J products are backed by the Close To My Heart guarantee, but user error is not covered by this guarantee. When you are ready to purchase your layouts, you will be asked to look at them again and give final approval. Projects that print as shown on the approval screen will not be eligible for returns. When there is a manufacturer’s defect, however, we will be happy to replace your layout. See the MyCTMH and Studio J terms and conditions for more information on our return policy

The Beginnings of a Crop Room

We are in the process of claiming the “game room” from Kaela and turning it into a “Crop Room” for my crop nights.  This is a very raw room no paint, still removing stuff from the walls and getting the broken book shelves removed.  But we are making progress!  I just got home from work and decided to lug 4 tables up the stairs alone and see to the layout of the room. 

For those of you who know CTMH colors we are going to paint this room Garden Green and Vineyard Berry.  I also want to incorporate a “Swap Corner”  for those supplies that need a new home.  I am still pondering the total make up of the room but here it is so far….



It is getting closer!!!!

If we start getting more than 6 ladies at a time I may have to add a “bring your own table” to the invite… :-)  Ahhhh to dream and wish!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Studio J is here!

I am on my way to work but I did not want this day to pass before letting you know that STUDIO J is here!  I will send out a FAQ tomorrow but if you are ready to play now you can access Studio J from the CTMH button on the right.  There is a Studio J tab in the  MyCTMH shopping website. 

Now it is time for me to go…. no playing for Jenny tonight :-(


Monday, April 26, 2010

A Quick Reminder

Are you excited?  Did you remember that the new Summer 2010 Catalog goes LIVE on MAY 1, 2010? Well if not here is a gentle reminder….


The Summer Catalog goes LIVE on MAY 1, 2010.  That is this SATURDAY!  YEA!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hoarding Paper Packs

I was just sitting here scrapbooking and listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable Podcast when I noticed that not only have I started scrapbooking layouts again (I have been in a card making mood for a couple of weeks) but that the paper I am using is perfect!

As a consultant I need to demo the current paper packs but I have a problem doing so because I am always afraid I am going to “use up” paper before the perfect picture comes along for that pack. 

Case Point:

We started playing ROCK BAND in 2008, I have photos of different rock band moments from that year but I had not scrapped 2008 photos until now.  Guess what paper pack fits?  “YOU ROCK”  now if I had scrapped these photos in 2008 I would not have had this paper, and would it look as good?


Does this make me a hoarder?   I mean I use all of the paper eventually…..

Crying at 2:00 in the morning

I was checking my emails, blogs ect since this is a night off for me, and guess what I found: 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Confessions and Contests!

Congrats to EVERYONE who posted a comment confessing a favorite embarrassing goof. I have literally laughed out loud reading them--from the slips, falls, malaprops, mistaken mothers, and missed footing, each story has provided hilarious entertainment and a singular lesson: we can turn "mishap" into "happy" when we learn to forgive ourselves and laugh. I thank you for making me laugh this week. It's been a real delight.
I want to give a special shout-out to Jennifer Perry, a Consultant whose comment really touched me. Jennifer, your comment made my fall onstage at Convention completely worth it! Knowing that there was someone in the audience that day who took courage or strength from my goof gives me great peace. I'm going to make sure that you receive a Zippidee Workshop on the Go Kit as my thanks.
And, as my thanks for EVERYONE'S wonderful stories, I've randomly drawn 10 other names to win our fabulous new "Zippidee" Workshop On The Go kit--it's a perfect way to capture the happy haps and mishaps of life! If you're one of our winners (you too, Jennifer), please send an e-mail with your contact information to and I'll mail your kit off right away!
-Jennifer Perry - April 14, 2010 @ 9:35PM
-Lois Lane - April 14, 2010 @ 3:56PM
-Paperpickles - April 14, 2010 @ 6:25PM
-Kara - April 15, 2010 @ 12:30PM
-Mindy Kamholz - April 15, 2010 @ 12:53AM
-lollybgirl - April 16, 2010 @ 10:34AM
-Hanna Ahn - April 17, 2010 @ 11:08PM
-Kate Charvez - April 17, 2010 @ 8:35AM
-Laraine - April 18, 2010 @ 2:31PM
-Anonymous-Karen Parker - April 19, 2010 @ 9:33PM
-Stamp You Art Out - April 19, 2010 @ 3:31PM

Posted by Jeanette Lynton at 11:46 AM 2 comments

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If you want to back track and find the whole story please check out Jeanette Lynton’s blog link that is always on the right side of my blog.  I am going to get another hankie….

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Almost Time

It is almost time for me to get the Summer 2010 Catalogs in the mail to you.  If you have not received a catalog from me recently you have

1. Not placed an order with me for a year

2. Moved and I did not get a new address from you

So as you can see, getting a free catalog is easy!  Just call me or shop on the web and I will get a new catalog in your hands for FREE! 





There are only 3 days until the MIRACLE SCRAPBOOKING KIT GOES LIVE… you do not want to miss out.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have I lost my mind?

Tuesday before going to work I was checking out the CTMH Consultant Message Boards and while I was there I noticed a conversation about “Organizing Your Stamps”.  There were tons of comments about the physical storage of stamp sets but then another consultant mentioned  about how she organizes her STAMP IMAGES.  What?

My sister consultant listed

as the place to go to find out how she organizes her stamp images.  Well you know me…. of to blog land I go.  WOW!

I am not going to go into huge detail here because you can check out Patter’s Blog and get the instruction from her better than I can try to explain, but not only is this process fun but I am wondering why I did not think of this? 

Yes it is labor intensive if you have a ton of stamps like me BUT if you are just starting out then it would be an easy project to start so that you always know what stamps you have and cut  down on duplicate purchases. 

The other advantage : you find stamps you forgot you had.  I was thinking I had no “baby” stamps to make cards with but I have a ton of baby images I had forgotten about.

Back to stamping images, see you soon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CTMH Summer Idea Book & Catalog 2010

I have the catalogs at my house and I am getting them ready to go in the mail during the last week in April.  As you know CTMH consultants get the catalogs a month before you do so that we can prepare for workshops or upcoming gatherings.  While checking out the catalog ourselves here are the price reductions we have noticed, get you pen ready:

Item old price   /  new price
Snapease 9x9 $4.95 $1.95
Snapease 6x6 $3.95 $1.95
Black Ribbon Round $9.95 $7.95
Ricrac Ribbon Round $9.95 $7.95
Heavenly Blue RR $7.95 $5.95
Sorbet Ribbon Round $7.95 $5.95
Cranberry Grosgrain $6.95 $4.95
White Just Blooms $7.95 $5.95
Summer Posies $8.95 $5.95
Metal Tags - Flowers $4.50 $2.95
Voice Recorder $14.95 $11.95
Autumn Garden MM $7.95 $5.95
Holiday Mini Medley $7.95 $5.95
Spring Blossom MM $7.95 $5.95
Winter Cozy MM $7.95 $5.95
Rustic Edge Anchors $5.95 $4.50
Kraft Mini Album $3.95 $2.50
Artboard $10.95 $5.95
Black cs 8 1/2x11 $6.75 $5.50
Font CD 1&2 $15.95 $9.95 (This was on MY WISH LIST)
Ribbon Organizer $22.95 $16.95
Paper Org. 12x12 $10.95 $7.95
Paper Org. 8 1/2x11 $7.95 $5.95

Check your past “wish lists” and see of anything is on there that you will need and place it on your May Wish List.  Prices start May 1, 2010. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let the Miracle begin

Today is April 15th and that means that Miracle scrapbooking kit is available today.   Spend just $60.00 on an order and get this kit for just $5.00.  If you spend $100.00 in April on an order you will get your Stamp of the month for FREE and the Miracle Kit for just $5.00. 

May CC

Miracle Kit Contents
5 – Colonial White Cardstock
1 – Bamboo Cardstock
1 – Floral B&T Duos® Paper
1 – Stripe B&T Duos® Paper
1 – Crystal Blue B&T Duos® Die-Cut
1 – Sweet Leaf B&T Duos® Die-Cut
1 – 6" × 12" My Stickease® Assortment
1 – 6" × 9" Irresistibles™ Chipboard Die-Cuts
1 – Mini-Medley Accents Colonial White Collection
12" Colonial White Waxy Flax
3 – 4" × 6" Memory Protectors® Flip Flaps™
2 – Sponge Wedges
1 –Brochure
Colors: Sweet Leaf, Olive, Crystal Blue, Bamboo

colors and ?oral patterns is miraculously easy to assemble with
no stamping required. The brochure will guide you through easily
creating two beautiful 2-page layouts.

There are several ways to snatch this fashionable Miracle kit at a
great discount or even FREE*:

•  Purchase the kit outright for $19.95* (CC1009).
•  Place a minimum order of $40 and purchase the kit for only
   $10* (CC1009A).

•  Place a minimum order of $60 and purchase the kit for only
   $5* (CC1009B).
•  Sign up as a new Consultant between May 1–31 and receive
   a kit FREE!
•  Host a Home Gathering between April 15–May 31 with minimum
   sales of $300 and receive a kit FREE!

Amaze yourself and your friends during National Scrapbooking
Month in May with gorgeous layouts you create using our Miracle

*   Tax and shipping/handling apply.

O?er valid April 15—May 31, 2010.

Limit of one discounted-price kit per order. Available for a limited time while supplies last. Qualifying minimum purchases do not include Studio J™ orders.

I have to cancel the April Crop

I am so sorry but my hospital schedule has changed one more time and I have to cancel the April crop.  BUT it will work out in the long run because after April I might not have to work any more Saturdays!  YEA!  Keep your fingers crossed.  See you in May.

Tip Time and maybe a sneak peek

I have in my little hands the



Now as I was browsing the catalog with a cup of coffee in my hand I realized that I have about $500.00 worth of products that I want just for myself.  (ooops, do not tell Mike)

Amy taught me and I am sure she will not mind if I pass this tip on to you, that there is a way to get everything you want and stay within budget. 

You can hold a Home Gathering or keep a shopping journal.

Here is how the Shopping Journal works.

Buy a pretty journal


Then on the write the months on the next 4 pages, a page for April, a page for May ect.  As you are looking at your cattie and drooling (come on you know you do) write down your “needs” on the current months page and your “wants” on the following months pages.  That way you always have a list of products you want for each catalog period and you will stay in budget. For April I spent about $150.00 and I still have products on my Wish pages for the next 3 months.  SPELLING DOES NOT COUNT!





This method will also help when you are not sure if you have already ordered a certain product because you can just check your past lists to see if you have.  Does that make sense to you… or do I need to go get coffee?  Try it and see if it will work for you.