Sunday, August 30, 2020

Wow it has been awhile

Hi! It has been awhile since I have written an actual blog post other than just posting from YouTube but I have a bit of updating to do.

As you may have noticed if you are in the facebook group I recently started down the Diamond Painting rabbit hole.  Diamond Painting will not take the place of scrapbooking but it is a nice yet different creative outlet when I just need something to do with my hands but my paper crafting mojo is lacking.  Hopefully I will have a way to bounce between hobbies without having to totally put away one project because I want to play with another. 

Dumpling should also be big enough soon that I can Diamond Paint without fear of him eating the drills and other things tiny kittens get into. 

I also (finally) have a set up to be able to do live streaming on YouTube.  At the moment life is too crazy to be able to schedule the streams but when I get a change I will jump into live and if you are able to join at that time - Great but if not then the replay will always be there for you when you are available. 

I like the format of live streaming because it is what it is - without editing.  You get the real me - um's and all along with an accurate timeplate of how long it takes for me to complete a layout.   I still have about 8 videos that I need to edit but I have not been able to sit down and get those finished just yet.  


After a long pause in construction so that my husband could complete the writing of his book, I am happy to say that construction is about to begin again.

We have some touch up painting to finish in the room and the the building of the desk can begin.  Mike wants to construct the same type of desk I am currently using just bigger.  My current desk has been fantastic for about 15 years and if we could move it out of this room and into the new one I would already be in my new space.  But it was literally built in my current scraproom and will not move without being torn apart.  Build a new bigger desk it is!  

Holy Cow!  We went to not one but two Ikea locations yesterday to get the rest of the furniture parts that I needed.   I was pooped when we finally made it home and then today was a marathon shopping trip at Lowes.   I have a retreat that I am attending next weeked and will have my truck with me so we needed to get all of the supplies today for Mike to be able to start working without me.

 Mission Accomplished. 

I am so stinking excited for my new scraproom that I can barely contain myself.

Thank you for sticking with me through all of the up's and down's and everything in between.  

Keep watching for that scraproom tour.