Thursday, May 1, 2014


I thought I was retired? I thought that meant that I could sit around all day and do nothing but play all day? !

  What it really means is that I have been busier than ever. Smile

I am so thankful that I am now able to stay home.  Over a year ago we made the commitment to become debt – free.  My husbands company was sponsoring the Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom classes and did they ever change our life!  Not only was I able to retire early from the hospital because we paid off so many bills that we thought was “normal” to have but now we are debt –free except for the house and RV payment each month.  

I wish I could get rid of the cable bill each month but without cable we do not have any reception (darn it)

We bought the RV just before Mike took the classes and when he came home and said “DAVE” says to sell what you can not pay off in 18 months except for your house. I told Mike that was were Dave and I were just going to have to agree to disagree.  The RV is the main family entertainment for us!  We did buy it used and was able to get a screaming deal on it so I am happy knowing that we will get is paid off in less time than the terms of the note. 

If you are at a point of feeling like you are over your head in bills or just need to get control of your financial life I would suggest you find a local Dave Ramsey class in your town.  YOU will not regret it. 

Now why did I just go into this long rant about Dave Ramsey and being debt free?  Because of the hard work we did as a family and because I am now able to stay home means that I am also available when our parents need to run errands or doctor appointments.  I consider that a blessing all by itself! 

Oh and we do get camping squeezed in there.

Camping season just opened here in Texas and we did go camping last weekend at Eisenhower State Park in Denison, Texas.  ESP was the first state park we ever stayed at when we bought the pop-up but we quickly found that it was not suitable for “summer” camping and the Perry family. 

So we love to camp there in the cooler months.




The park was very full last weekend and our fire pit was almost in someone else’s campsite but we made it work.  Mike was able to play with his fire while getting some reading done and Mom brought her needle work to tempt the birds with. 


I cooked for the first time ever inside!  Mike had to light the stove for me because cooking on gas scares me silly.  We were not sure that the pasta would cook very well over the fire so the stove was the best option. 


Mike made the rest of the meal outside over the fire and it was one of the best camping meals we have ever had!  The garlic bread was awesome and the pasta was out of this world!


But the downside of that fantastic meal was the dishes. Smile 

Where was my dishwasher when I needed it?


Radar even found the perfect spot for himself the build a nest of blankets.  In the pop-up he would just climb up in the king size bunks and stay out of the way of the falling mommy.  In this camper he can not get on the bed by himself and the bed is in the back of the camper and away from the action.  He has been having trouble finding his “spot” but this trip he hit the jackpot.  Nothing like a happy pug.

Life is beautiful!

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