Sunday, May 4, 2014

National Scrapbooking Day

Yesterday was National Scrapbooking day.  If I had been organized enough I would have scheduled a crop and had fun with all of you ladies but since I had a major blonde moment I played with my papers by myself.
I did not get massive amounts of layouts done but I am very happy with the 3 double page layouts I was able to finish. 
These layouts were made using the “Tommy” papers.  They are now retired but I am so glad I kept some of the paper because this layout needed them.

Does anyone remember the “Lucky” papers?  I do not have anymore of that paper but I did have this one completed layout that is the example from a workshop I held.  The colors worked great with the photos and 90% of the layout was already complete!  Smile
These last two are from the “Skylark” papers and yes they are current!  Smile
I would have been finished with them early in the day but the need for stitching came out again.  I love the colors in this pack of paper!
So what does this make me?
Scrapbooking Queen
(hee hee)
I know that many of you were at local crops yesterday.  What did you create?

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