Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kaela: 9th Grade - Finished

I am feeling very accomplished today. 
Today I finished Kaela's Freshman year of high school album!  

When I started working on this album I remember thinking that I did not have very many "photos" to work with and that I may end up combining all 4 years of high school into one album.  That is not a bad thing but I wanted her to have as many photos of high school as possible because those memories fade with time.

What I did not realize is that Kaela was also photographing her artwork.  I was able to go in and print the artwork and scrap it too.  This made me a very happy mommy.  All of her original art is too big for a 12 x 12 album and if it is a art show entry it is framed and on the wall already.  So this was a great option to get a few of her pieces in the book.

I was in my scraproom one day and looked over on the floor and Kaela had all of her stuff spread out, her tunes in her ears and was just working on her drawings as quite as a mouse.  

She starts off with the concept on paper in the form of a sketch, then she uploads the sketch to her laptop and works digital from there.  The art is a little dark in the photo but these are anime wolf creatures that she was playing around with.

The very last page of the album is her spring photo.  We did not have any photos in April or May so the school year in the album will end in March.  

For some reason I just can not make a "small" album.  

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