Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dreamin’ Nature Walk

I have a bunch of beautiful photos that my mother in law took during their trip to Georgia.  My in-laws took the kids on a 5 day cruise then a road trip to Georgia to visit family.  I love Barbara’s photos but I can not scrap all of them – but I have found a way to scrap most of them. Smile

I used the Dreamin’ paper pack from a couple of catalogs ago but it fits so well with theses photos and the Burlap Ribbon featured in the current catalog. 



The burlap was super easy to trim in half with my paper trimmer.  It cut like butter!  Then I used the red line tape to make sure it stayed where I want it.

I was not on this trip so I have no idea how to journal the experience.  For this layout I went to the state park website and pulled the info for the trail.  then I printed it on vellum.   I am also using the brochures that Barbara always brings home from the trips for me. 

I love that she brings as much info as she can find so that I can have plenty of reference material for me to use while scrapping.  

Project Life–CTMH Style

I think that I have card making out of my system for a little while and it is time to get back to the art of SCRAPBOOKING.  I get into the mood for cards then back over to pages and so forth so never fear if you see more of one or the other.

I am still working on Kaela’s 8 grade album and now I am glad that I waited to finish it because I have a grand idea. 

8th grade was the starting year that I do not have many photos from school because frankly I am not at the school as much as I was when she was in elementary school so I am having to find different ways to scrap what I do have. 

For her 8th grade year I am combining her summer cruise along with the school year because frankly if I did not do this the school year would be maybe 3 pages.  REALLY.   So the cruise photos are going to be traditional scrapbook pages, some of which I have already posted on the blog.  I am just about finished with the cruise so I am making headway.  The school year I am going to do in a Project Life style using CTMH products.  

Here is an example I pulled from Ali Edwards site:

Ali Edwards


There is a whole system of Project Life that you can buy from Becky Higgins and when my niece Cassandra graduated from high school I made her a BH project life shell for her gift that she could just pop her photos in and do some journaling and have her high school years done. 

But instead of buying the system from BH – I just bought the page protectors and I am going to use my CTMH products to fill in the spaces. 

Here is the cover page of a sister consultant that really inspired me to try this.


(Michelle Battitori)

I can not give the link to the FB page for CTMH Project Life because it is a closed site and just for consultants.

I have been watching Ali Edwards do Project Life for a couple of years and have always loved it.  For some reason it never clicked that this could be done with CTMH products.

I can not wait to get started.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chantilly Sneak Peek

I will be putting the Spring  / Summer 2013 in the mail tomorrow.  If you have placed an order in the last year from me you will be getting a FREE catalog soon. 

Since we are sooo close to the launch date of Feb 1, 2013 for the new catalog I thought it would be ok to show a sneak peek. 

I found this card on Pinterest and thought it would fit the Chantilly paper pack perfectly.  I would tell you who the original artist is but I can not find the original pinner to give them credit.


I love the softness of it.  Here is what I used.

Chantilly paper pack

Slate cardstock

Buttercup cardstock

White Daisy Cardstock

CTMH corner rounder

CTMH circle punch

Use any sentiment you choose – I needed a thank you but the original card was a birthday card.  This was a very fast card to put together.  I hope you give it a try.

As a reminder that CROP NIGHT is tomorrow night and today is the last day to add your order to Cheryl Childers online party.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Monogram Cards

I just finished what I thought was going to be a long process, but it turned out to be fairly quick.  Back in November the Corporate office of CTMH put out a video featuring Monogram stamps.  One of the examples was a monogram card that just seemed perfect. 

Every year at Christmas I try to do something for my Crop Girls that come faithfully every month.  I wanted to give these for Christmas gifts but ran out of time.  I will be handing them out at the January 26th Crop Night.


The top 3 sets are for people at work and the bottom 5 are for my crop ladies.  I made a set of 6 for each lady.  Here is a close up:


The colors used are:





Smokey Plum

Holly Hock


So with half a sheet of cardstock per set, not even a half a sheet of background paper, a pack of 50 cards and envelopes,  stamps, a bit of ribbon, and sparkles I was able to make a personal set of note cards for each of my dear friends.

I hope they will love them as much as I do.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Was Thinking….

I am sitting here working on the rest of the cards that I scrap lifted (Who’s Your Valentine from last post) well anyway I was thinking that I do a ton of scrap lifting and you might wonder why?

A.  I have to try and re-create what I find inspiring.

B.  Every time I scrap lift a page or a card I learn something new from the original artist.  Every time!

C.  I consider scrap lifting the highest honor I can give and I am working on remembering to give proper credit to the original artist. (Pinterest is helping me with this)

I know that I am not the most talented scrapbooker out there but I have fun every time I sit down to play.  That is why I started scrapbooking – to persevere my family memories and photos and also to have some fun while I am doing it. 

I am so happy that I am surrounded by such wonderful, creative and generous women that are part of the scrapbooking and card making world.

Thank you Ladies!

Who’s Your Valentine Card

While I was surfing the Consultant Side of the CTMH art boards I found the cutest card ever! There is the original…


It just struck me silly – so while I was playing I came up with this one.


I think she used the new mini pigment inks because I can not get the depth of color she has on the owls.   I love both of them! 

Chantilly Take 2

The the last post I posted this picture….


This is the photo of how the workshop is supposed to look and I had all intentions of finishing it to look just this way so that I could give you accurate times of completion and usage of supplies.

Then I got creative…..

Card 1:


This card follows the instructions to the letter. 

Card 2:


It follows directions close but I changed the stamp image in the left from arrows to dots. 

Card 3:


I had so much fun with this one.  The original card had the cake in a lagoon ink – but I have these pretty new markers I want to play with.  So I embossed the cake so that I could stay in the lines and plenty of color! 

Card 3 is my favorite!

Lesson learned:  CTMH gives you a great workshop to play with or basic bones to let your imagination fly.  On all 3 cards I did not make big changes but I did make the changes that made me happy.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chantilly Card Workshop

What a big bang for your buck!


Would you like a sneak peek into the new Spring / Summer 2013 Catalog?  Well here is the card workshop that I have been working on today and as usual the cards  are turning out beautiful! 

Each Workshop makes 15 cards (5 cards of 3 designs) and with 1 sheet if B&T paper and cardstock that I used from my scrap bin I will be able to finish all of the cards.  Why am I using my scrap bin you ask?  Well why cut a new sheet of cardstock when I have the size that I need already in the bin.

Not only did I have all the supplies needed to finish the cards but I also made a pocket calendar cover from leftovers and still have plenty left over to make more cards.  Smile 

I am sorry that I did not take a photo of the calendar but I was trying to get I it in the mail for Mom in a hurry. 

So what do you think of the sneak peak so far? What if I told you these cards were made with the back side of the papers?  The front is even prettier! 

I promise!

I will be mailing out the catalogs to all of my customers that have placed an order this year very soon.  If you have not placed an order in 2012 and would like a free catalog all you need to do is place an order before I mail out the catalogs.

You can order online, please add your order to our January Hostess party

Cheryl Childers


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration

Earlier this week I was surfing Pinterest and found the cutest thank you card that I just had to try. 


So I was looking at this card and thinking “what pack do I have that would do this card justice?”  Duh! The pack that I have been HORDING…. DOTTY FOR YOU.  This paper is so pretty that is has been hard to convince myself to cut it.  Smile  The above card broke the spell.

Here is my version made with DOTTY FOR YOU paper.


It is dark so my flash washed some of the color away but you can see how well it translated.   Opps I just realized that on this one I put all my dots close together….. Well out of the 6  I made there has to be a goof card Smile 

I still like it!

Now I am going to see what other cards I can find since I need to replenish my “Thank You stash”.  I love that I need more thank you cards!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Whooo's Your Valentine? National Papercrafting Month: January 2013

Embossed Resist Stamping

Alcohol Marker Update:

For those of you that are trying to order all of the Alcohol Markers


The unavailable list is getting smaller.  Here is what is still unavailable:

Unavailable List of Markers

Desert Sand
Gold rush

In fact I placed an order on Cheryl Childers party last night for myself and Kaela for the markers that we were still missing.  We sure have been having fun using the markers we have had up to this point.

You need to join the fun too!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slow Posting

So sorry for the slow posting but I can explain…..

Mike had a Company Christmas Party this year and being that I did not know anybody and it was a formal event I decided to put pink and while nails on.  While my hands looked very pretty I could not scrap to save my life!  I was puzzled as to why until I remember that the 10 years that I wore nails I was not a scrapper therefore I never learned to scrap with nails on?  Ever tried to pick up a button or a small piece of paper with nails that are not your own?  Impossible! 

But I have been productive…

Over Christmas it snowed




So for those 5 days I did nothing but stay in my jammies under the blankets.  Hey I am a Florida girl that moved to Texas.. What do I know about snow but that it is COLD!

Once the snow melted then I could move on to a project that I learned about while under my blankets surfing Pinterest.  Glass Etching! 

Here is the video that I found on Pinterest that explained it in “Jenny Terms”

And here are the photos of the canisters that I am trying to make for my little sister.  (shhhh she does not know that I am making them)


Overview of the mess in my class area


Ready to go on the jars


A little goes a long way with this stuff.


Now we wait.  I found out on the 4th jar on accident that 20 minutes is perfect.


I hope she will like them when I am done.'

I went today and had the fake nails removed so I will be able to play tonight. I am not sure that I will be a slave to fashion next year or not?