Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thursday - Oslo, Norway

So sorry for the delay in getting back to the blog this week.  Sunday we were spending time with Mike's parents for Father's Day and Monday I was trying to navigate the DFW Airport to pick up Kaela.  She came home from Paris that day and I am so glad I left home 3 hours before her flight was due to land because traffic was horrible due to construction on the roads  and the airport is having major construction with parking and the terminals. I drove around for an hour just looking for parking.  I only had 20 minutes to spare before she landed... I am not joking! 

Where were we?  Oh It is now Thursday in Oslo and I have a pass to the conference to see Mike speak.  I have only been able to be in the audience one other time to hear his talks so we are very appreciative to the NDC organizers for letting me have access to a day pass.  

Mike found a central location that I could hang out and work on business  from home while he took the camera to document what was important to him.  A very excited Mike took these photos so some of them are not the best quality but we love him anyway.

As soon as it was time he took me to the room he was going to be speaking in.  I was trying to sneak the photos and not be disruptive to the process but I was about to burst my buttons I am so proud of him.

I have no idea what he is talking about but he is having a blast doing it!

Now a  little background...

Anytime I have trouble sleeping I ask Mike to "talk nerdy to me".  He will start telling me all about his day, or a bug that he was trying to fix in a program, or he will practice his next talk.  Knowing that his voice will put me right to sleep.  It is not that I am not interested in what he is saying but it is the cadence that he takes on when talking anything nerd that is just lights out for me.

So here we are during his talk and yep... I start yawning!

I cannot help it.  After 29 years together he has me trained to fall asleep when he starts talking like that. 
I felt so bad, here he is giving it his all and his wife is in the front row yawning her butt off.  It was not one of my best moments.   I managed to not fall asleep but it was touch and go there for a bit.  

On the way out from the room the attendees get a chance to vote on the speaker.  There are boxes in the hall that look like stop lights (red, yellow, green) Red if they did not like the speaker or did not get anything out of the talk, Yellow if they thought it was ok, and Green if they like it.  
Mike had mostly all Green with his votes, a couple Yellows and no Red.  
Not bad for a first time NDC Oslo speaker! 

After his talk I went back to the room to get us packed since we were leaving very early the next morning.  I wanted us to be able to enjoy the evening together.  Mike popped into other sessions to learn from other peers and loved all of the different view points.

The conference ended for the day at 8:30pm and we decided that we wanted to go for a walk and find a sit down restaurant to eat.  Remember when we were on the shrimp dinner boat that we got lost because we could not find the street signs?  
Here are the street signs..

And remember they are not in the same location on the buildings so you still stand there like a goof if you do not know where you are going just trying to find a sign,

I was able to get better photos of the Palace this time then it was off to find some dinner.

I was so happy to see a menu in English!  And the variety of food was fantastic. 

So you seat yourself, look at the menu, then go to the bar to place your order and pay.  They bring the food to your table.  At first we thought this was weird but loved it once we were ready to go and the bill was already paid.

Mike was so tired but also very hungry.  His last meal was about 11 hours before so I needed to get some food into him.  

I had pasta - he had fish soup - 

He was a happy man!

After our dinner we realized that it was close to 11pm so we started our walk back to the hotel.

Then I found the Parliament Building...

Here is another view of the park we kept walking past.

And the other end of Karl Johans Gate.

We left Noway bright and early Friday morning with plans to try and come back next year.

We have our fingers crossed.

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