Monday, June 1, 2015

Studio J - Fall Semester 12th Grade

Oh My Goodness!
Studio - J makes it is easy to stay caught up on school albums for the kiddo's.

I just placed my order for Kaela's fall  semester for 12th grade.  I can not do the spring just yet because we have a week left in school and I want to be able to add the graduation photos.  I am so happy that before the end of the summer I will have ALL 13 of her school albums done!

Fall Semester of 12th Grade: Not in any order...

(Click on photos to make larger)

I am feeling like I have accomplished so much in such a little time.  It took longer to gather the photos from Kaela's phone, facebook, the school website and other sites than it did not put the album together in Studio J.   

Now I am going to go and finish getting the Spring Semester organized so I can play with those layouts and send them to be printed with my July order.  

Who am I kidding?
You know I will make an extra order just to say I have finished her album.

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