Monday, June 1, 2015

CTMH Business Album

I have a couple of new Studio J layouts to add to my CTMH business album.  The business album is just what it says, it is an album that is filled with my memories of being a CTMH consultant and all of the fun that I have had because of my business.  

The pages that I am adding now are the ReDiscover event that was held in Dallas 2014 and the last Craft Fair from April in Carrollton.  

(click photo make it larger)

The album not only has my layouts in them but also my awards, education diplomas, and note from friends.   I have even started adding photos of my scraproom because I think it will be fun to look back at all of the changes. Some will make me giggle and some will make me reminisce but all will make me happy. 

Oh, and since starting this album I have also discovered that ... I am NOT photogenic.  I still look like I am about to fall over and sleep at any given moment. 

 Why is that? 

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