Saturday, June 20, 2015

Can We Do Lunch? Oslo, Norway

I was excited to get out and have lunch on my own.  
I know it sounds weird but I am not one of those people that minds eating alone in public.  I love to people watch if in a new place or dig out a notebook and jot down thoughts for my next blog post or even plan scrapbooking events or layouts.  

Being in a new city I wanted to people watch and just get some thoughts down on paper before I forgot all of the little details that come in handy when scrapbooking any vacation.  Remember in the last post I said that many of the clerks and wait staff speak English in the tourist area's?  Well because of this I was not worried about venturing out.  

Until it was time to order lunch.....

I want to be brave, I want to eat somewhere local and experience things that I would not get at home BUT I was to hungry to risk another brown cheese incident or ordering fish on accident because it might look like chicken - so I went to the TGI Friday's that is attached to our hotel. 

I have not been to a Friday's in a long time because the one close to us kinda sucks but this place was packed at lunch so I took a chance.  

This is the order that I was trying to place:

Jack Daniels Chicken appetizer
side salad

By my calculations lunch should have been about $20 USD.  More expensive than I am used to spending for lunch but doable.  

Do to a language barrier here is what I really ordered:

Jack Daniels Chicken appetizer
Chicken Caesar Salad
drink = coke

This was way more food than I was expecting but I did not want to protest the order since I did order it.  So lunch came out to:
309.00 kr  or $40.00 USD

For ONE person!

A little advice I need to take from myself next time we travel out of country.  Just point to what you want on the menu - do not worry about looking stupid or assume that because they speak English that they understand as well as you do. 

Now because I stuffed myself silly at lunch I needed a nap.  My grand idea was to go back to the room to get a little nap.  In reality Kaela started texting me from Paris so I talked to her some then crashed.  Mike woke me up at 5:30 to tell me it was time to get ready for dinner.

Stay tuned to the next blog post for the amazing Shrimp Boat dinner tour...

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