Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Graduations, Travel, & Teens

This is only the second week of June and I need a vacation!

We now have a high school graduate in our house.

Amy took this photo for me while I was trying to get shots of Kaela walking across the stage and Mike was getting the "wide angle".  Yep I had 3 camera's on this kid.

Good thing I did because I was shaking so hard and trying not to cry that the photos that I took are not the best in the world. 

(taken by the helicopter overhead)
(from the school website)

There were 1400 graduates in the 2015 class of Allen High School.  

After Graduation on Sunday we had a family Dinner at La Finca and all but one table was all FAMILY and FRIENDS.   We have been trying to spend time with the family that is in town so that alone has kept us busy.  I think the owner of La Finca had a feeling just how busy Kaela was going to be, because he gave her one day to work last week and she is working the weekend this week.  

Monday we finished all of the thank you notes for the grad gifts she received.  We did not want to wait to get them done and risk forgetting something or someone.  Tag Team to the rescue - I addressed the envelopes and she wrote the message inside.  Working together we were able to get organized very quickly and get the thank you's in the mail on the same day.

Then she is on a flight this coming  Monday to Paris, France for a school art trip.

I was finally able to get her to sit down last night and get packed. She wants to take our backpack luggage and I wanted to make sure all of her stuff would fit in the backpack or decide if we needed a rolling case.  It all fit (8 days of clothes) and I am amazed at how light the backpack is.  She will be able to carry it on the plane and not have to deal with baggage claim or lost luggage.   Mind you we are talking about Kaela size clothes - I have not tried to pack my size in the backpack yet.


Here is Kaela all packed up and at the airport ready to leave to Paris.

I love the "really Mom" look she is giving me.


Business note:

I do have artwork to post but I have not had time to take photos yet.  

The convention bug has hit all of us sister consultants and we are all in a tither about the up coming new products that we will learn about.  I am also stalking the Allen Staples store looking for the new 2016 Erin Condren planners that came out yesterday.  I know it is only June 2015 but I do have info and plans to make for the 2016 year and would like to stay as organized as possible.   During the convention we are on information overload so I want to get it down and planned out before my brain has a chance to fry. 

I try to get class and crop information posted to the blog ASAP so that you can plan your year and know in advance what months you can come and play.  I have a feeling I will be in a corning during session breaks planning my little heart out.

Time to get started on my day.

Happy Wednesday!

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