Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

This was a strange Valentines Day this year.   I was scheduled to work so we did not make dinner plans or even family plans.  I bought Mike a card and a little treat box that I was going to sneak into his car when I came home Tuesday Morning before he left for work and I thought that  card would be left for me.  This is our typical “Jenny is working” holiday to each other.

We normally go small on Valentines – just for fun.

But since I injured my knee at work Monday I found out at work while still in the ER as a patient that Mike ordered flowers and they were going to be delivered Tuesday night!  Oh No…..

Mike offered to go to the hospital to pick them up before coming home so that I would still have my flowers.  There was a little confusion in the delivery schedule but he finally found them.  Here they are:



They are so pretty!  It is not often that I get flower so these are in my scrap room where I can enjoy them longer.  I love the size of the vase too so I am thinking that I might leave the vase in here and just buy some grocery store flowers every now and then to have pretty flowers in my room while I work.  This will become the gift that keeps on giving.

What did we do for dinner since I could not walk and we did not have reservations?  Chinese Take – Out!

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