Sunday, February 12, 2012

Confused Seasons

It is 29 degrees outside, my toes are cold, and I have been running around with a blanket all day. So what have I been scrapping?

Summer layouts!

You would think the sun on these layouts would at least me “feel” just a little warmer or is that just wishful thinking?



And here are those stitching techniques I love to do again.


Thank goodness I was doing laundry while working on this layout. There was so much sewing that if the dryer did not force me to take a break I would have gotten a cramp in my hands again. 

I had fun trying to get the ribbon attached to the letters last night.  The cat kept running off with my ribbon spool.  I finally convinced her that it was a good thing to let me play with my own supplies or she just got bored put when she finally left I was able to finish will all of the letters.

***BTW, yes that is me doing the belly flop on to the float****


It did not take long for all of the kids to get out of my way or get squished. Smile

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