Friday, February 17, 2012

Cleared for work–YEA!

I went into the hospital yesterday to visit with the Employee Health folks.  I needed to be cleared before I could report for duty this Sunday night.  Everyday my knee – leg is getting better.  Stairs are killer but the swelling is getting better and unless I am using the stairs there is no pain.   I am a Unit Secretary and sit down most of the shift so I should be ok to go back to work.

  As much I have loved being home… my sleep pattern is messed up and I need to get back on schedule.  I have been waking up around midnight and staying up until just before Mike gets home from work just playing in my scrap room.  Then as luck would have it … the minute Mike gets home my eyes will not stay open and I have to go to bed.  I have been home since Monday and the poor man has barely seen me.   This is not like me!  On the flip side I am getting all kinds of scrapbooking done!  Smile but I miss Mikey!

Here is what I have done since my last layout blog post:




The journal formatting about drove me crazy! My printer did not want to print this size but I finally won!






Are you wondering why you have seen some of these photos before?  Well you have but that  was in Kaela’s 7th grade album and this is for the Family 2009 album.  Kaela will take her school albums with her when she moves one day so the family album is an overview of the year.  Although I am using the same photos I try to make the layouts different.

I am glad that I am almost done with this album.  I have 3 “months” of photos and the Stryper concert to go and the album is getting full.  I might be able to get this one closed without Kaela sitting on it. Smile

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