Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ice, Elevation & Bonham, Texas

Sometimes just getting to work can be a challenge!  Sunday night was no problem – really.  Monday started out like any other day I was happy that everything I needed to get done before work was accomplished and was listening to my IPod while going into the ER department when BAM! 

I suddenly found myself on the floor!  Somehow my right foot dragged and I came crashing down without any way to catch myself.  I have a slight bruise on my face from hitting a doorframe and an ostrich egg just under my knee on my right leg. 

Nothing is broken just bad knee contusion but holy baloney it hurts!  So I find myself home for a couple of days until I can walk and press a gas pedal.   Add insult to injury… of course I did not to shave my legs before work and my toes are in dire need of a pedicure!  No there are no pictures! 

So while I try and get some movement back into my leg, the whole leg hurts I have been scrapping in between ice and elevation sessions. 

Ladies here is Bonham State Park – our favorite place to camp!

I was going to round the corners of the “bugs” phrases but got adhesive happy and forgot until it was too late.  Oh well!



I love our camper!  Mike built the shelf unit so that I could keep the coffee pot handy, a safe place to put the bread and other items we need frequently during the day. It all comes apart and folds up flat for transport!  Genius!


Mike and Radar taking one of their naps after a walk and Kaela coming out of her “room” on the other side of the camper.  Each side of the camper has a king size bed so we have room to spare.


Popcorn over an open fire after dinner.  Mike loves to cook when camping and his preferred method is with the camp Dutch oven.  We have had some very yummy meals.


I think this is the end of my playtime today.  It is time for more Advil, and ice.  I might squeeze another nap in there too.  Smile

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