Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kaela’s Art Journal Project

How come when Kaela has homework it costs me money?  I have scrap room chocked full of beautiful supplies and she wants to go to  Hobby Lobby for different supplies.  Alright… I guess I let the kid make her art journal out of supplies that are more to her taste but she had to twist my arm first.

Here is what she has done so far:


She is going to be camped out in the Crop room until this is done. 

What is the due date again?


Here is the FREE book that the school library gave her to alter. I am not sure what this book was doing in the library… it looks older than me.  Surely there is newer info out there on this subject.


She wanted to let her Manga books be her inspiration so we went to kinkos and made some copies so she could cover the outside of the book and use some on the inside.   I will have her put  a bibliography on the back inside cover to cover any copyright issues.  So her supplies are gathered and she has a general idea about what she wants to do.  Art and Manga’s are her world so I am pretty excited to see what she comes up with.

  Stay tuned.

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