Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sewing On Paper

Most of you know that I LOVE to sew on paper.  Sometimes I try not to sew on paper and loose the battle – it just adds a simple, cheap, touch to anything I make. I use Stitching Templates  100% of the time when I sew on paper – until tonight….

I was surfing the web looking for any new templates I could get my hands on with no luck.  Until I happened on a blog post from years ago with step by step instructions on how to sew on paper.  I have heard about doing this for years and it has been featured in scrapbooking magazines but the reason I never tried before was that I was afraid that I would not be able to get the hand poked holes looking good.

 1: Is to choose a font on your computer that you love.

(Use MS Word or Mac Pages)

2:  I found for me the font size needs to be set at 72

3:  Make it “bold”

4:  Print your phrase on vellum then let it DRY.

5: Grab your favorite pokey stick and start poking holes in just the Vellum.

6: Now add cardstock under your vellum and poke the holes again.

7: Use the smallest diameter needle you have and your favorite DMC floss and start stitching out your phrase. 

Be gentle this is paper and it will tear if you pull too hard.

That’s it!





I tried to get just a photo of the vellum phrase with the holes poked but my camera would not focus. I used the push pins to hold the vellum still during the first pass at hole poking.  It worked great!  I feel free – now that I no longer have to depend on my store bought templates to make what I want.

Time to go play again. Smile

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