Friday, February 10, 2012

I caved!

This morning I was determined to go to Curves before anything else could change my mind.  I had breakfast (fruit & coffee) with Mike and then was out the door at 8:30 am.  As luck would have it – I started having one of my BREAD cravings and if you know me… bread to me is like cigs are to a smoker.  I have had friends give me a $1 and tell me to go and buy a loaf of French bread if I am feel cranky.  Smile 

There is a donut shop right next door to CURVES – yes I said a donut shop.  I have resisted the urge over the years to pop in there for all kinds of goodness but this morning I was weak.  30 minutes, 3 piggy's and a pint of milk later I was walking into Curves for my workout.   On one hand .. bad Jenny for even going into the donut shop but on the other hand I did not have any donuts!  Note to self: Do not have milk before working out again.  It was not pleasant.

After Curves I went over to Hobby Lobby.  I had a couple items on my list that I really needed to pick up.  I was almost out of Colonial White DMC Floss (Ecru) and after reading my latest issue of PaperCrafts I wanted to try a masking stamp technique. 


I needed a new blade for my trimmer and I am always in need of Red Line adhesive.  The one item that was not on my list was the Hot Pink StazOn ink pad.  But I had a 40% off coupon so I used it on the stamp pad.  I am going to have fun using this stamp pad on the next Idea Books that I have to put my information on.   The post it notes and the drafting tape are for the Masking technique that I want to try. 

I have to take Kaela back this weekend for supplies for her Art Journal she is making for Art Class so I think that I will print another coupon and pick up one more of the Red Line Adhesive.   I have a whole scrap room of supplies so I am wondering what she needs for this journal that I do not have … guess I will have to wait for the list. Smile

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