Saturday, January 18, 2014

Paper Cutter

It is that time again.  If you are a scrapper for any length of time then every once in a while you have to replace your tools.  It is that time for me.

For years (like since before I was a CTMH Consultant) I have been using this kind of trimmer:


I loved my EK tools Rotary Paper Trimmer but it is getting harder to find replacement parts for it. So I started doing some research on the CTMH (Fiskars) trimmer.

In the way past when I had my first Fiskars trimmer it hurt my fingers to cut paper because the blade handle was just too small and the cutting base was narrow. 

I was at a unit meeting recently and was able to get my hands on the CTMH Fiskars Trimmer.

Surecut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

Item Number: Z1783


Widest base on the market, wire cut-line indicator, lightweight, swing-out arm for cuts over 15". Fiskars®.

I think I am in love! I now have one and let me tell you it is worth the money.  Fiskars has made the changes that I needed.

The Cutting Base is 6 inches

The Grid is very visible and easy to read

The Wire  Cut Line is spot on perfect for straight cuts

It cuts STRAIGHT!  No more slight off cut lines that make you think you are going crazy.

The blade housing is easy to grab and get a handle on.

No Slip feet on the bottom

If you are in the market for a new paper trimmer you may want to come over and take a peek at mine before you purchase.

You will be in love too!

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