Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gone Fishing?

Good morning or is it afternoon? It is daylight outside so it is something. Smile
I was on the phone with Mom this morning and enjoying a nice cup of coffee when she gave me the idea of making some outdoors kind of cards for the fishermen out where she lives.  So I pulled out my “camping” stamps and started taking a peek at what I have.
Then an idea struck using a card I did yesterday.
So I quickly got off the phone (sorry Mom) and started playing. After I inked up all of the panels I looked at my hands and started laughing.  One of the Unit Names in CTMH is “Inky Fingers” 
This was after washing my hands three times with comet powder!  I think I still might be mistaken for a team member of Inky Fingers.  Smile  so I am a messy stamper. 
Ready for the finished product?
I used various “tree” stamps that I have and one new stamp from the Spring / Summer Catalog. 

Catch You Later

Item Number: D1580
I like how they turned out if I do say so myself.

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