Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crafter’s Block

Day before yesterday I was having some serious crafters block.  I have been working my little fingers to the bone and loving every minute of it to get this card order for my Aunt finished (half way there).
After each card is done I must clean my work area.  I like to have a clean slate when I start working on the next project but after I cleaned up my mess this time my mind went blank on what to make next. 
So I started to look about my room and saw a huge Paper Crafts book that I bought a couple of years ago before I really started making cards.  I thought that if I bought this book I would just be able to make what ever card was in there with no problems at all. Never mind building skill level – who needs that.  I found out that I was not ready to work out of that book back then.  What would happen this time when I pulled that book down?
The CTMH card confidence books have given me the training I needed to be able to look at a card and have the skills needed to make it with little instruction needed.
Talk about having confidence! 
I was able to finally look at the Paper Crafts Best of Card Creations book and “see” the patterns in my head to re-create most cards in the book.
So what did I create?
And  I have a list of 5 more cards I want to play with.
I think my Crafters Block is gone!

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