Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Need Ideas? Use Your Old Catalogs

Are you in a rut?
  Are you needing to jump start your creativity in the new year?
Me too. (honest)
One way I love to jump start the creative juices is to look back sometimes way back to our old CTMH catalogs.  What a wealth of ideas! 
We all grow in our strength and talent as we learn new scrapbooking and cardmaking techniques so why not go backwards to find some of your favorite artwork from the beautiful catalogs that you thought was “out of your league” at the time and try them.   
I was looking backwards this week and found a card that I loved in an older catalog but at the time I just knew there was no way I could pull it off.  I even wrote a note in the catalog that I wanted to scrap lift that card but never drummed up the courage. 
It seems like such a simple card right?  But back in the day it kicked my butt!
I am forever learning and growing in my scrapbooking / cardmaking  obsession so I am super happy that I kept my old catalogs so that I can test myself. 
I might just grow up to be a pretty good scrapper and card maker one day.  Smile

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