Saturday, January 25, 2014

It was a busy week

What a busy week this past week was but I finished everything on my list.  Want to see? 
Well it started out just goofing off making cards and ended with a completed job.  All of the cards that my Aunt needed made are done and ready to go into the mail on Monday.
Nothing like some help from CTMH and the card confidence books.
  Wishes came in very handy.
As you can see from the above photo.  The card confidence books are very easy to use for making cards in this case or scrapbook layouts.  I was having fun making one of the workshop sets of 6 x 6 cards.  Take a good look at the photos because you will see that the book is just a spring board for creativity.
This is where I stopped one night for a rest.  I had the colors picked out for the set and the papers cut but my fingers needed a break.
Anytime I am making multiple cuts for multiple cards I employ the baggie system.  Each card has one bag and all of the cuts for that card go into that bag.  This makes it very easy when you are getting ready for a crop or retreat and just want to get a little organized before leaving the house.
A couple of items that I love to use on cards and layouts is sparkles and thread.  Both are very cheap and add just that something extra that is not found on a store bought card or layout.  It is so easy to make a project yours.
Here are the cards that I created using the Wishes templates.
This one was the first of the batch that I made and it made me giddy with happiness.  So pretty.   I made two of each card so I have one set for myself.  Smile
On the card being sent to my Aunt I did not connect the frame stitching to the lines stitching.  I also wish I had heat embossed the sentiment but only thought of that AFTER I was finished making both copies of cards.   I would have taken a photo of the “perfect” card but it is already packaged for the mail.
I had to sleep on this card because I love the simple elegance but did not think I had a place to put the sentiment.  I ran out of bed the next morning because my first thought was tone on tone heat embossing!  LOVE IT because it does not shout but whispers that you are thinking of that person.
This one gave me just a hint of trouble.  I heat embossed the sentiment and tried to color the bird softly on my samples.  The colors just were not working for me so I just left the image as it came.  Once I put the card together after I finished overthinking it – I loved the whole look of it.
This is my least favorite but only because I think the flower heads need to be a bit bigger.  But these were the only flower heads I had left in the set so I made it work.   I think the longer I look at it the more it will grow on me.
This card made me giggle..  I was working right along and listening to a book on the iPod and it was only after I finished putting the whole card together that I realized I forgot to heat emboss the sentiment!  Opps!
Want to know a secret?
All of these cards are made with the Halloween paper pack Mischief (retired)  I just flipped the papers over for a whole new look!
Now on to the rest of the cards that I made for my Aunt.  As you recall she asked for Birthday and Thinking of You cards and what a challenge it was for me.  She needed kids, boys, girls and adults for her assortment of cards.  I was pulling out all of my card confidence books, old magazines, past workshops anything to get my brain going.  This set of cards really made me happy!
This is the only card that was made with non-CTMH papers.  I had to buy some grey and pinks for a hospital project and had some left over and thought what the heck.  I added some CTMH cardstock, embellies and sentiment and look how it turned out.
This card is from a pattern that CTMH used as a constant campaign many moons ago.  I just kept the instructions with the stamp set.  Sometimes I like to pull it out and play with new papers.  On the original card the lines are dry embossed and sanded  but I love to sew on paper so I added my touch to this card. 
For the next group of cards I pulled out my Victory Workshop on the Go kit.  I still had some papers and the instruction guide.  I was poking around the guide and found “bonus cards” SCORE!  Great “guy” papers that I could mold into what I needed. I love when a plan come together!
This is another card that I took the original artwork and reconstructed it to make it my own.  I also cut the sentiment stamp so that I could make it fit into the space that I needed.  Do not worry … the stamp still works perfect it is just no longer connected together.
Screams BOY!
Do not mind me – just digging around in my stash to find CTMH products from different workshops that go so well together.   There is that deconstructed stamp again.
This card is the only card of the bunch that looks the closest to the original artwork.  I sure had fun playing around with it but found that sometimes the original just looks good.
It is time to clear the decks and get started on making layouts again for Kaela and her 9th grade album. She has been so patient. Smile But I think I am in trouble if I am going to finish high school before she graduates….

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