Friday, January 20, 2012

The Idea Books are coming!

It is such a pretty day here in TEXAS that I am having a hard time staying indoors.  It is 76 degrees  and it is January, this is crazy. 

But I am taking advantage as much as possible.

I have all of the windows open while doing laundry so the house smells great on top of the nice breezes coming in and out.

I have all of the  Spring 2012 Idea Books processed and ready to go.

I plan to mail them out next week.

If you have placed an order during the past year – be on the look out. 

If you have not, well just place an order and I will get a bright and shiny new Idea Book to you too.  Smile

I have been working on a couple of layouts this week and for some reason the “fence” layout kicked my behind. The  first page is not my favorite but I did better on the second page.  Look closely there is a sneak peak of new papers used on these 3 layouts.

The photos are taken at an angle because the sun is coming in the windows and I was not getting good shots.  Bear with me.




The first layout just seems forced and not in my usual style but I seemed to relax on the other two.  If you can not tell these layouts are about when our fence went flying down the ally during a spring storm in 2009.   I tell the story in the journaling but did you notice what is behind the journal? 


There are just some photos that work out really well for this application.

Here are a couple more layouts using older papers.  I know the new catalog is almost here and that I should be showcasing new artwork but I tend to use papers that fit the photos and not just what is new and hot.




So now you are going to tell me that you have seen these photos already.  I know that, you saw them when I was working on one of Kaela’s school albums – this is the “family 2009” album and there are some photos that were used for both. 

Kaela will be taking her albums with her when she moves and I need my albums here so some photos get duplicated.

The fun part is not making the layouts the same.

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