Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rock the Block for Addilynn

I took advantage of the Rock the Block specials that CTMH has going on and decided I needed to make my niece a gift just because. 


This is Addilynn Grace: other wise known as Additude!  She is a ball of blonde energy that just will now stop.  Her mom (my baby sister) is in nursing school and sometimes needs a new “distraction” she can use during study times.  Rock the Block fits the bill. Here is what I did.


First everything gets a coat of pink or in this case I used the Create a Shade paint (Z1039) with a couple of drops of Blush re- inker.  It came out to be the perfect shade of pink.


Just trying to show you the mess I made here Smile


Then I just took the photos and paper and put them where I wanted.  I can not show you a finished project because Bridge does not have it yet but I will as soon as possible. 

And just for fun here is another photo of Bridge and Additude!


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