Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Happy Compromise

I always have the same problem.  I get started working on scrapbook pages and then I want to stop and make cards for a while.  Then while I am making cards I feel guilty that I am not making scrapbook pages.

Last night was CROP NIGHT and I gathered all of the materials that I have been using to make a set of cards.  Towards the end of the night as we were all cleaning up – it hit me….

Just leave the card kit that I have been working on out here in the CROP ROOM and then I can make scrapbook pages in the SCRAPROOM.


I have 2 kits set up and ready to go here.  Each kit it on a paper tray all organized and ready for me to play. 

This will also solve the problem of carrying everything I am using to make an album to the crop area every month for crop.  Hopefully by doing it this way I can stay on track with the pages that I need to make and my need to make cards at the same time.

Also for me it is easier to carry on a conversation when I am making cards.  I get into a zone when making pages and I do not realize that I am not talking.

So it looks like I am all set and ready for CROP NIGHT next month.


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