Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Idea Book Goes Live… Tomorrow!

I hope that by now everyone that has placed an order with me for the past year has gotten your Idea Book that I placed in the mail to you.


Tomorrow is the day that you can start placing your orders…. YEA!!!!!  I started off my new Idea Book by ordering Stella for myself.


And I am still making cards with it.  What a pretty pack of paper.

Here is what I am going to order in a couple of days when I get off work:


Pemberly is the next paper pack on my list and I am so ready to start playing with it.  Here is the rest of my list.


And I do not want to forget the Feb Stamp of the Month!


Mike is going to change the “Catalog” link in the morning for me so that you can see the online version.  I can do almost everything else on this blog by myself but the catalog link kicks my behind every time. Smile 

On a side note:

If you are placing an order online, please make sure your complete address in listed on the order.  I have one customer this week that the address was incomplete and I am not sure if it is a computer glitch but her package came to my house.  While I do not mind “home delivery” to her house she is having to wait an extra day for her goodies. 

I know how excited I get about a new box so she must be about to bust her buttons. Smile   If you are having trouble getting your address to stick let me know so that I can call CTMH Corp.


Now be off with you – go start making notes – and start having fun with a whole Idea Book of new goodies to play with!

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